Young Blood: Tony Hoggan (11), 2012 Park Edit

Song: Masters in France – Playing with my friends. Photo by Danny Hoggan | Picture.

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9 Responses to “Young Blood: Tony Hoggan (11), 2012 Park Edit”

  1. DarthRoller Says:

    Glasgow probably has the highest concentration of young rollerblading talent in the world.

  2. Jay Says:

    Nils eat you heart…lol j/k but this kid is dope

  3. Nick Shand Says:

    HAHA this is the kid who got caught kissing Jake Ricketts at NASS festival!

  4. Ben Shelbourne Says:

    Is that really the kid who Jake was kissing?

  5. D.Rowland Says:

    HAHA been busted there havnt u jake!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    so sick. enjoyed that a lot!

  7. iicents Says:

    nice edit. kid looks dedicated and is developing a solid base. when he’s older and his style naturally matures he’ll be a good blader. keep it up

  8. flowskate Says:

    Sick! Man you are getting crazy good keep it up! So much progression in such a short space of time !

  9. my name is naruto shitma Says:

    Who cares If he’s gay or not. He’s good. Lacks style but that congress with age and time perfecting the trick