Winterclash 2011: EDtv, Nomades Edits + Results Edit

Featuring Diede Hoekstra on the mic & Hannelore Struijs (Camera, regie). Music by



1. Dominik Wagner
2. Roman Abrate
3. Brian Aragon

1. Anthony Pottier
2. Guillaume Le Gentil
3. Nils Jansons

1. Chihiro Azuma
2. Fallon Heffernan
3. Mery Munoz

Ucon Most Creative Trick: Nils Jansons.

Winterclash 2011: Nomades Pre-session

By Anthony Finocchiaro & Sophie Planque (thursday evening footage). Tricks: Warren Digne.

warren digne

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  • Jezza

    WE WANT MOOOOORE! can’t wait for all the edits to pop up!!

  • Rob Dobbie

    What were they smoking when they made these?

  • gayswaggers

    really!? you want girl that looks like russian ho!?`and films upsidedown!? wtf fuck was that shit..making rollerblading look like some 90’s shit again!!

  • rol247

    woow superb filming and editing skilllllllz ftw

  • tru

    sick edit, super montage

  • AHAH

    aha dominik wagner in the bottom edit!!! “i m gonna buy 10 big beers and we’ll see what happens!” and then he wins??? way to go!!!

  • Fred Castro

    OH! o jonas picas dando entrevista rapá! HUEAUHEHUAHUEAHUEAHUEAHUEHUEAHUEAHUEAHU doidemais!

  • Anonymous

    That park is horrible.

  • Technics

    Really bad filming!

  • lol

    WTF! was that first edit a piss take? it look like it was made in 1992.

  • AnthonyMedina

    1st edit was terrible. 2nd edit….Glowicki!

  • Anonymous

    Aragon get 3th place :o What haha so fucking shocked :D

  • the curious case of rollerblading

    well wonder if anybody heard or seen SHIMA and ELLIOT discuss or if anyone knows any more news on that, I´m pretty curious! hHAHHAHAHAHA!

  • Anonymous

    WHAT A FUCKING DISSAPOINTMENT. Why the fuck do they think we wanna see some shitty tricks filmed upside down and Andre Powell looking drunk as shit. What a tease.

  • Somebody said

    “I can feel the apocalypse of rollerblading coming” Yo bro, I would say “from 2012 to 2030 a lot of crazy shit is gonna happen over the whole world”

    I hope it´s all trips…

  • bander

    its embaressing to see something this bad on rollernews and TV!!! ???

  • Anonymous

    never give that girl a camera ever again

  • shiftyroyalethatsahardtrick

    i saw better shots in hoax 1 u dum cunty

  • Anonymous

    ok whoever thinks this edit is even remotly decent is easily ther dumbest person in the world. i dont wanna see a bunch of buzzed european make themselves look like jackasses for 5 minutes.i swear to god, 2 girls 1 cup had better filming and editing.all euros need to suck thier own uncircumsized dicks and fuck the hell one wants you in rollerblading.when are people gonna realize that being able to do 1080s and double backflips at huge indoor parks means nothing to rollerblading.rollerblading is from the rather watch alex broskow skate a godamn curb for 5 minutes than this bullshit. and im not sucking alexs dick either but hes the best representation of what rollerbladers need to be in order to evolve as a sport. dont sweat the technique.

  • Anonymous

    That was officially the worst edit I’ve ever seen for winter clash, the first time she did that stupid camera spin I thought my iPad was messing up.

  • Edd

    oh dear, oh dear

  • The M

    Oh dear, that was easy the worst editing and filming on this platform so far.
    What is going on?????
    I saw that woman/girl, she was so misplaced and has no idea of anything.
    That stuff goes out on tv??? Are you kidding me?

    My crazy theory;-)
    They were hired by skateboarders to make a stupid video about a pretty huge event in Rollerblading in order to make us look stupid…just like Trasher (was it?) did it with Arlo back then!!

    By the way: “Anonymous has a point yes,
    but overshot his comment waaay too far.

    A modest advice from my side:

    I’m not a big fan of double backflips and monkey skating either.
    I don’t mind spin to grind and everything, it just has to be in proportion and balanced. Aragon did it pretty nicely I think.
    Broskow could have done at least some tricks, he did nothing, he had the chance to present a counterweight to the “euro-french spinning fest”.
    Rob did…Wagner did…many others did!
    Now it’s out of proportion and you have found yourself something to hate on…yes, I use the word hate, because you just made a racist hate speech!
    Fell free to disagree Mr. Anonymous!

  • Charles

    I wish I’ve been there to skate those red ledges !!!

  • Anonymous

    how the fuck could wagner win this comp ?
    i was there and he should have not even made it to the finals

  • broll

    i was there as well and aragon ,abrate ,sven and so many other ppl just fuckin killed it but not wagner hell nooooooooooooo

    dunno how he allways wins with doin the worst tricks

  • Anonymous

    so true ,no clue how he could win while 90 per cent of the ppl attending to comp where better and also did skate better than him

  • Jojo

    real winner = Roman Abrate !

  • Anonymous

    fuch yeah roman is the real winner .
    its still fuckin ridicoulous that wagner even made it to the finals he could barely royale things where other ppl would do huge hammers on

  • franck

    its so sad that nobody ever speacks up when shit like this happens .
    everybodys just cool desaster hurri top soul from this and that guy but i mean
    doms sketchy royal wasnt bad either

  • arlo

    1 roman
    2 aragon
    3 ………
    89 dominic wagner

  • Vini

    fuck the frenchies

  • Anonymous

    fuck the nazi and fuck rollernews

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    wagner blew – the comp was fixed. roman will kick everyone ass at bitter cold

  • what about this one?

    wc 2011 eindhoven:

  • deubeul

    j’avoue qu’entre ça et l’affaire shima/elliot, le roller c’est bien moche depuis deux jours.

  • [10]

    I hope bittercold isn’t like this.

  • Anonymous

    whats so wierd about fixing competitions…they do it all the time

  • french

    People wondering why the best skater does not take first place: judges put the sponsors under competition, bids are placed, and whoever bribes the most gets first place.

  • Anonymous

    why do you put the third guy in pro and third guy in am but don’t you write down who was the third girl classified?

  • Riviera

    1 roman
    2 aragon
    3 ………
    89 dominic wagner