Wake Schepman : Young Denial flow rider, edit

wake schepman

Check out this edit of Wake Schepman (quicktime mov, 13mb) a really young Denial flow rider.

via Knowrollerblading.

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71 Responses to “Wake Schepman : Young Denial flow rider, edit”

  1. angelo ferrer Says:

    camp woodward is way to big of SKATEPARK to be wasting 1,000 a week to skate rails i can skate around my way

  2. bayly Says:

    i hate the way america has such nice skateparks! AHHH

  3. twitch Says:

    i have learnt to be greatful for what i have to skate cosidering i live in south africa

  4. lucilor Says:

    is he 12-13? please, tell me his age..

  5. senatesk8r Says:

    thats good for his age at least

  6. gmoney Says:

    he is 9 years old

  7. andreas542 Says:

    ive seen kids that age bust out bigger stuff

    yeh he’s good, but i only saw like 6 different grinds (soul, unity, royale, unity, sunny day, unity, switch top acid, unity and switch top sunny)

  8. jeremy Says:

    I can do all of that and why cant I be on the flow team ?

    Oh yeah, im not 11.


  9. Korp Says:

    the kid seems kinda over hyped.

  10. stuart campbell Says:

    Korp, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  11. killgore Says:

    none of you know at all…its mostly beause he doesnt have a sickass attitude like ya’ll he doesnt down talk anyones shit.. hes mad nice to everyone and shows no hate. marketable skills humble…people hating means hes doin something right.


    do it up wake. props.

  12. krustkills Says:

    i forget hes either 9 or 10 but ive skated acouple of times with him just at diff parks neer me or at neglected truth box jams. the kid is just insane especially considering that some of the rails he can hit are above his waist even though they seem small to us and he can do tricks on them that are almost as hard.

  13. corsica Says:

    ok I can’t do unity …but let me skate one time this park please !He’s good but we’ve in france a lil’ guy named Julien that can land 540 kind grind on rails and 900 on boxes !

  14. spector Says:

    nice one
    if he keeps up that level Oo

  15. Vince Zywczak Says:

    hes 9 you guys
    I guarantee he deserves a sponsor more than any of you, especially that are bitching about him.
    The kids going to destroy shit by the time hes 5 feet tall.

  16. dean Says:

    hahah why are half of you fucking jellos of him face it hes probebly better than you,

  17. chicago Says:

    um song lol i like it

  18. Alex Says:

    killgore, he doesnt hate because he is 9, when most other people in the scene are like 15-25.


    I agree with korp that he is overhyped. Yeah he is good for his age but i see people say “SHUTUP HE WOULD OWN YOU IN SKATE” when he probably wouldnt. If he is even still skating in 10 years he will probably be really good though.

  19. Ian Says:

    have u ever seen this kid in person? This kid goes bigger and harder than most guys i know, or at least tries to. He also skates like its gonna be his last day on earth. I agree with Killgore on this one with the exception that yes, most of us can probably do those tricks and probably switch…but wake is nine, most of us weren’t even skating when we were nine, and at the level he’s progressing at he will probably become pro when he gets out of highschool or soon after. the reason hes on denial is because hes a sick individual whos kindhearted and respects other people’s shit. And if you’re hating on that then u should be ashamed of yourself.

  20. jared Says:

    y the fuck can he get sponserd and i cant ya i no hes a littel kid but that shouldent matter at all im like 5 times better then that kid that fucking sucks ass

  21. lyonsss Says:

    shut up jarad
    you suck ass

    that kid is sick as fuck for his age
    end of

  22. JE$$E JAME$ Says:

    you arent sponsored becuz , your a hating ass bitch .

  23. Ben Says:

    who gives a fuck.hes a rollerblader and hes prolly better then most of you thats why ur mad and cause hes soo young too. I think its cool shit. I give him mad props. Hes gonna be killin shit when hes older

  24. Andrew Nemiroski Says:

    Tell me…

    did you even know about skating when you were 9 years old?

    If you were 4 feet tall, would you hit rails that are neck high on you?

    No, exactly. Don’t be jealous that he’s better than you

  25. Ian Says:

    Woohoo that little guy is crazy.

  26. coopnasty Says:

    This one is to all the haters on Wake,

    I have skated with this kid ever since he started skating and weve been good buds ever since.He’s a 9 year old, he can do almost all of his tricks switch and isn’t afraid to try numerous amounts of other ones he knows he cant do!Wake has a lot of heart for this sport and is really good for his age too.How could you hate on a 9 year old, he’s the future of rollerblading whether you like it or not.Im glad Killgore gave wake a spot on the team, This kid is going to progress so much in the future that other teams are going to want him as well.Wake has a lot of guts and should be respected more by the low life idots with no sense.Keep it up wake!


  27. Ian Says:

    Why are people so jealous? Stop comparing each other and skate to have fun.

  28. coopnasty Says:

    Ian you are so correct

  29. allix Says:

    seriously, shut the fuck up..all of you!

  30. Tiff aka RemyDyz Says:

    Ian Says:
    November 13th, 2006 at 2:37 am
    Why are people so jealous? Stop comparing each other and skate to have fun.

    AMEN TO THAT!!! I’m not the greatest skater, and I don’t want to be…I love to skate, I got a job, so I sponsor myself, I skate with guys 13 to 40 years old, and all we care about is having fun! Props to the little dude, I wish I could be there skating too!

  31. DANIELSON Says:

    Well , I skate better than him. so, I’m gonna do what haters do best …hate! WHo cares if you skate better? the kid is still sick and I am sure he is better than all of you were at that age.( If you skated at that age).If I had a company, I would sponsor him in a New York minute. U know why? Because he is youth, He is the future, and getting younger kids into the sport is how we are suppossed to win back our respect and grow as a culture/industry . And if you think you are good enough to get sponsored, go to a contest AND WIN. SHITHEADS. wow I’m cool ,I just totally dissed a 9 year old.sweet.hella sweet.

  32. DANIELSON Says:

    Oh shit!! I think rollernews just found an edit of a 6 year old we can hate on next. YES!!

  33. angelo ferrer Says:

    i havent hated lol an this isnt hating but this goes for all the young bucks out there when u guys get to hit pubity and drugs women partys come around thas when the true test to this sport comes out an if u can pass that then ur gold as for the video i cant even see it it wont upload for me

  34. rl Says:

    wake is the nicest 9 year old kid i have ever met. most kids his age are spoiled, snot-nosed brats, but wake is completely different. his parents support his skating, which contributes to his skill, but it is also natural. this kid is amazing, he did the handrail at the street course at woodward, which not many kids dare to even touch. you can all talk your shit now, but when wake shepman has his picture on the cover of be-mag or ONE, ya’ll will have your mouths shut.

  35. ercaderk Says:

    wake is the mannn

  36. DANIELSON Says:

    Word, Angelo. That is the real test. You forgot to mention having kids though. That is what took alot of my boys outta the game. only the committed last more than a couple years. Everyone has excuses why they quit. None of them are good excuses. ” I don’t have time to skate.” Bullshit, when I worked a K-Mart I would skate at this little concrete park around the corner on my lunch break. My manager was always getting pissed because I would come back everyday with sweat& blood on my uniform. And what about the soldiers in Iraq that built homade rails and ramps to skate on. That my friends is commtitment.

  37. DANIELSON Says:

    Some friends with kids stayed in though. My boy David brings his little guy with us. Little man loves to watch. One of his favorite toys is my 8ft practice rail.( he does’nt know what to do with it but is always exploring it and rarely travels away when he sees it.) He just learned to walk a few months ago, and we are almost about to get his 1st pair of skates.( As soon as we choose between TRS juniors or Razors Genesis juniors.) Sorry to write down my whole life story but I’m boared, its raining outside. and nothing is on TV.peace

  38. alan Says:

    am i the only one that finds it hilarious how jealous everybody is of this 9 year old? i thought we were all trying to “save” rolling, not destroy the next generation before it even reaches puberty.

  39. Jon Says:

    its one thing to skate park, but if you can skate street where everything isnt made perfect like a park then your good

  40. DANIELSON Says:

    I said “commtitment”. I’m so dumb ha.

  41. DANIELSON Says:

    Jon, skating street is not that much harder in my eyes. I’m better at street actually. If I don’t go to the park at least once a month I get rusty quick. And not all obstacles at parks are made perfect. Maybe at woodward, but not around my parts.(cracked concrete ,dented up crooked ledges, garbage everywere..) Actually its closer to street than a park.Just with roll-ins, a half bowl And a buch of metal ledges that have to be rewaxed almost everyday.

  42. Truc3 '06 Says:

    can someone tell me the name of this song? ive heard it somewhere before…

  43. rasmus Says:

    rjd2 since we last spoke

  44. skatayann Says:

    j’espère qu’il fait ses devoirs à la maison tout de même.

  45. Korp Says:

    Okey. I didn’t have time to read all the replies after mine, just read a few. What I meant is that I don’t care about his age, if you’re sponsored and get loads of publicity on the Internet etc. you have to bring something unique, something different. All I’m saying is that I think he’s over hyped, and I’m basing that on this video. Seeing sloppy tricks, pornstars and 540’s.. I don’t think it’s cool nor creative.

    but if he keeps skating, and when he does that he will get a better, and also personal style.. by then he could post a sick video, and he will have my respect. It’s a fact, if you get publicity, sponsor and shit you have to Deliver something

  46. angelo ferrer Says:

    hahaha speaking of kids my daughter’s about his age and loves to skate aswell maybe one day if i make money i can send her to camp woodward because tha was my most favorite memory of rollerblading when i was young, flatspins at 12 in lot 8 , waken up everymorning to the sun kracking on the worlds best skate park, wake if ur ever in ny get in contact i know tons of dope spots ul like

  47. Roliing g5 Says:


  48. Tomas Clausen Says:

    whats the song in this edit called?

  49. Nunzio Says:

    this kid wake is nice for his age and size im not going to lie,i beat him ina mini ramp comp back in 2005 at underground skatepark…..i know a kid a year younger then him who skates nothing but street ….his names is james …on saturday james did a/o top porn down a ten step long and around a foot nd a half high ledge nd james is liek 3 foot sumthing…..ide like 2 see thsi kid wake do that !…also this kid wakes skates park only and has mad $$$$ 2 go 2 woodward liek everyday…if james was liek that he would be a fucking pro for denial….no lies here and no hate….just fact !…but still im wishing nothing but good luck 2 this kid wake!!….keep rollin lil man


  50. Andrew Nemiroski Says:

    I’m amazed at some of you. Seriously, quit bitching. Wake doesn’t go to Woodward everyday and he’s not “mad $$$$”, he goes for free.

  51. astrASS Says:

    he may not have all the tricks yet, but i’ll tell u one thing…this kid skates hard, not only does he skate everyday at his pimp lil’ training facility but he skates faster than 90% of the rats that release their terrible edits these days, i give him seriously two years tops till he’s shitting on everybody, bigger, faster, and smaller than most, wake is the future homies, dare i say rollerbladings nyjah houston

  52. Nunzio Says:

    ok he goes for free even better….and yea he probably has alot of money he even has like a small skatepark in his backyard !!…..james is from queens and has rails and ledges ! he got no “perfect” place to skate everyday liek wake does…..but still like i said i wish wake the best of luck …and yea he is the future….but liek angelo said wen yur a teenager u truly have to love skating to not get involved in that shit (girls r good tho haha)jsu not the rest…ima teen and i pass by ass that shit (except for the girls)….but skating is my #1 priority in life !

    think ppl

  53. blissskateteam Says:

    we honestly see kids day in and day out at landslide skatepark here in michigan, that are muuuch better then that. no offense, i give this kid props on being a 9 year old doing disasters lol…but i mean i’ve seen kids bust out some crazy shit compared to that!

  54. Bigbird Says:

    he is a dick and I think is a fat big prick and he should not be on this clothing companie

  55. killgore Says:

    well being i own that company.. i think hes amazing, kindhearted, loyal, openminded, curious, learning, adapting, and should be right where he deserves to be,…..ridin with denial.

    wake is the future.. so is this kid james u speak of..and the other kids u all speak of. why ruin it before it gets here? why talk down on them?

    bottom line is…everything happens for a reason..and people see kids skate and pass on the good words… i met wake…watched him progress and be determined…he didnt ask to be sponsered…it came to him

    make demos of yourselves and MAIL them out to companies. i dont look at youtube edits or shit like that for sponsership oppritnities..mostly comes from personal encounters and building as friends before family….denial is a family and we dont just add ANYONE…i dont care if your the best in the world…if ur not down and who we like…its not happenin.

    also wake was a very big supported from the doors…he had denial shirts and beanies…backpacks and wax so he rewarded him for his support as well.

    its not about his money….for woodward its about his parents dedication and willingness to put anything before themselves for their sons. im not sayin any of your parents dont love u that much or dont do that…but his parents got 4 kids and 3 younger boys then wake…..they do whatever they want to an extent and suport their children…even if they end up in debt. their kids are happy…..

    everyone is raised differently and familys are different..my parents were the same way..we didnt have mad dough but they made sure me and my brother and sister were doin what we liked and havin fun….even if it ment they didnt do SHIT but watch with NO LIVES….because when u got a child u dont have a life…u make their life 100% the best.

    sorry for all who dont got $ for parks or woodward… wake doesnt live in a city and cant skate street everyday like lil james and some others…. and wake is dedicated he finds ways to get his name out there without even trying…going to numerous contests…sessions…all that. wait until u meet the kid before u judge.

    like i said SKILL IS NOT EVEN CLOSE to why most people are sponsered. its ur attitude….marketablilty….relationship…connects…skills.

    dont hate because ur not sponsered…do something about it. make a tape…mail it out…make mad edits online to promote…..hype urself up…

    if u see me someday…say what up..introduce urselfs to industry heads…dont be nervous or scared…we gotta know who u are if you are one of the standouts…MAN UP. handle ur business and what is meant to be will be. if your meant to be sponsered it’ll happen…if not sorry.

    JUST REMEMBER…YOU STARTED FOR FUN. NOT FOR MONEY SPONSERSHIP OR FAME. keep it that way. remain humble and hungary… do you.


    wake, james, and every other lil roller…keep doin ur thang.


  56. killgore Says:

    i jus realized i wrote ALOT. sorry. if anyone feels any of that was hatin on anyone it wasnt…

    nothin but love to all them cats,

  57. Dillon Says:

    yoo Big bird your a big fag, Wake is mad cool and heed probably destroy u in a comp!!!
    Mad Props Wake, see u at woodward in 07!

  58. DANIELSON Says:

    Word up Killgore. I just hope you live up to your words. I am going to sending you an edit soon,and I know I probly wont get picked up. But I hope you at least watch it because I am putting so much effort into my home movie projects. peace

  59. killgore Says:

    ofcourse ill watch it. no gurantees tho. right now the team is as big as i can afford.

    but im always open to ideas and watchin the edits….

  60. mike Says:

    that kid is good as fuk

  61. krustkills Says:

    like i already said iv only met wake a couple of times but wenever iv seen him he skates as hard as he posibly can and kills everything he skates. hes also one of the coolest kids his age iv ever met. if any body on here is seriosly hating on him its just pathetic. wake eisily deservers a sponsership especialy because half the tricks he can do allot of u proboably couldent do until u were 12-14. so realy its pretty sad that ur getting all angry that he is sponsered and ur not. im not saying that hes beter then anyone here but im pretty shore that he will be beter then any of us will ever get

  62. Kay Kay Says:

    hahah.. i know wake.. the kid is def. amazing.
    by the way hes 9.. maybe just turned 10.
    absolutely adorable,… i know i know.
    when i skated with him.. i tr=hink he was tryin to 9 a spine lmao. shit

  63. Scott W Says:

    Way to go little man! . Thats pretty impressive for 9 years old. All haters just truly hate themselves. I’ve been rolling since 1991 and believe me I’ve seen the haters come and go. If you have the love, you will love others, and want them to roll their best. Keep on rockn and rolling Wake!

  64. xNick11 Says:

    Wake is real cool.He live 15 minutes from me and he has amazing stuff to skate at his house.I finally met wake at woodward this summer and the kid is amazing.Ive seen him do every trick switch.Once the weather here in PA gets warm im going to skate wth Wake alot and post edits.Wake is definitly the future of rollerblading.

  65. angelo ferrer Says:

    i could’t agree with kilgore any more very good points u brought up

  66. oldman Says:

    Killgore said it all! An important point he said is, skills are not the most important thing otherwise there would be much more sponsored rollers out there. I think the most important thing to be sponsored is that you represent rollin in a positive and individual way!!

  67. DarthRoller Says:

    He’s really really sick.

    Let’s hope he doesn’t peak too early-long term health problems with the knees etc.

    Would love to see what he’s lacing when he’s 18 or so…..hope he achieves his full potential and gets what he wants from rolling.

    Those of you who know him personally-keep your eyes on him, keep him real and all that.

  68. cruz Says:

    haha i woodward i read the bible with him

    wakes the man

  69. cruz Says:


  70. craig dinwoodie Says:

    ok nemo and coopnasty and i have known wake since he was like 6. and i have skated at wakes house and slept there all the time. wake has alot of heart for skating and thats why people love him. everytime we were skating he allways wanted to play skate to get better and better. everytime he asked to play i would. those times we played i made sure to do tricks that ive never seen him do. and he would do all of them. so dont hate man, hes puts out 100% effort eachtime he goes out there. probably some of you are better than him… so what, dont thrive on putting him down just give him props for being the kid that will clap for any laced trick.

  71. killgore Says:

    wake is my little homie. im definitly watchin him progress and ima make sure he stays real. his parents support and love rollerblading and will make sure hes level headed. dont hate on him for whats hes accomplished…just keep workin to get there yourelf if thats what you want….but dont forget you started to skate for fun and dont let sponsership ruin that.

    wake keep it up buddy your the best….DENIAL LOVES YOU KIDDDDD…and i got your back 100% lil homie.