Wake Schepman: World’s first 1620 (Woodward)

Wake Schepman: World's first 1620 (Woodward)

Wake Schepman landed a 1620 at Woodward.
Check the video clip on Instagram.

Wake Schepman: World's first 1620 (Woodward)

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  • Gang Green Poosy

    Yes he did, look it up dumb ass

  • Urbn^nja

    Why do people keep bringing up Chris Edwards landing this?? He never landed this trick! If he did, what did he do it on?

  • yup

    spin to win little wake. spin to win

  • Anonymous

    “When Tony Hawk landed a 900 his fellow skateboarders didn’t critique his style, they celebrated his success”

    To be fair, Tony Hawk grabbed his 900 ;)

    Just joking of course, very impressive what Wake has done here and there’s no reason to expect a grab on that trick.

    It’s great to see all the exposure he’s bringing to our sport! Wake will save rollerblading one day!

  • Gang Green Poosy

    He did land it!! Jesus, I can’t believe you guys don’t remember it :| noobs.

  • Crusty Cock Slobber

    Sorry guys he’s correct, Chris Edwards has landed it already a while back…

  • Graeme Wilson

    ^ those last 2 comments were clearly by the same guy. No he didn’t land a 1620, just doing a straight big air was celebrated back then. This mystical Chris Edwards 1620 is nowhere to be found on the internet. All that comes up is Wake’s video.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Edwards did this before indeed!

  • Anonymous

    I predict several other people will land it before the end of the year.

    That’s how these things work. Everyone feels like they’re “impossible” til one person does it. Then once people see it can be done more people do it. It’s a lot easier to be the 2nd person to do something than the 1st.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if someone like Roman is already thinking about it



  • damn

    um, I’ve been around since before grinding, and I never remember Chris Edwards landing this trick. His big trick on vert was the double ore ida, which was basically a 720 mctwist. I can’t even remember him ever landing a 900. Corey Miller was the guy who could land 900s over launch boxes way back in the day. On street course CE did huge airs over a high bar, even did front flips over the high bars, but he was never a major spinner, more of a powerhouse/big air skater/pioneer.

    If Chris had landed a 1620, then why was it such a big deal when Cesar Mora landed the first 1080 on vert? Or when Jason Stinsman landed a 1260 over a launch box? I think certain jaded people wanna believe that everything in blading has already been done but in fact there is much much more that could be done!! Roman, Cj and now Wake are proving that and I think it’s awesome to see!!

  • Anonymous

    been around since before grinding who are u zeus nigga cmon

  • GardenaMark

    Chicken Dinner Says:
    August 19th, 2013 at 11:59 am “Keep customizing your skates you posers”

    BHAHAHAHAHA! I almost lost it.

    Anyway. This is freaking dope. 1620! That’s 4.5 rotations! His eyeballs must have wanted to pop out from the centrifugal force.

    Re: All the ice skating comments that I see popping up. I knew somebody was gonna say some shit like that. The only correlation that the two have is the rotations, everything else is completely on a different planet. Yes, it’s amazing what those ice skaters do, but that doesn’t take anything away from the amount of balls or skill it took to pull this one off.

    Re: Grab-asses. I’d be the first to say that “if ya don’t grab, it don’t count”. In this case, I have to say, “get real guys”.

  • Chris Edwards

    Great job earthqwake. I never even tried a trick this big.

  • no shit

    chris edwards landed this trick in the secret bonus section of the Hoax. Its why they called it the Hoax. he did the trick on a secret mega ramp in Arlo’s back yard way before they ever had mega ramps. oh, and edwards grabbed it.

  • ^^^^^

    thats some funny shit right there. congrats wake. dont let these scumbags trash talk you. they are just jealous you showed up all their phony ass idol pros who lack the balls to even attempt your trick.

  • Anonymous



  • funny shit

    Chris never did that trick. You mind can just ask him on Facebook. Wake is sick. Deserves to be pro when he was 14. There is secret bonus section on vhs. Your speaking Easter egg and that’s not what they did. I have the video and its on bit torrent online. TOO BAD YOU DUMB fucks are whining about this rather than uniting over it. The boarders won. We act like crabs in a barrel. When one is breaking free, a thousand more are trying to pull him down.

  • Anonymous

    his hand touched the ground… doesn’t count.

  • super sick

    but wakes to fucking old to be wearing a helmet everyday of his life. cmon kid.

  • ^^^^^

    you don’t grab 1620’s, you pray while spinning that you won’t die. grabbing is for you mere mortals who tap curbs and shit.

    just wondering, why hasn’t a Valo pro done a 1620?

  • Fact

    let’s put this in perspective….what do the following rollerbladers have in common? Chris Edwards, Arlo Eisenberg, Fabiola, Jon Julio, Rachard Johnson, Brian Shima, Brian Aragon, Chris Haffey, Eric Bailey, Aaron Feinberg, Dustin Latimer, Franky Morales, Takeshi Yasutoko, Ramelle Knight, Coco Sanchez, and the entire fucking country of France.

    None of them ever landed a 1620.

  • funny shit

    Truer words have never been spoken. 1620 4.5 rotations is higher than even the 1440 4 rotations front flip I found on YouTube

  • Helmet ftw

    super sick Says:
    August 20th, 2013 at 12:44 am
    but wakes to fucking old to be wearing a helmet everyday of his life. cmon kid.

    When you do 1620’s on mega ramps he’s probably smart to wear a helmet. You curb tappers don’t need helmets because all you do is jump a foot off the ground and maybe stub your toe occasionally. Grow a pair of balls first before you start talking about helmets.

  • Manny

    these comments are hilarious. kid lands a 1620 on a fucking mega ramp and all the small skaters rush in here to tear him down. seriously??? you’re all a bunch of tight pant wearing faggots with no balls doing little tricks on little obstacles that no one cares about. this kid is putting rollerblading back in the spotlight where it belongs. keep practicing your “grabbed” 360’s over a garbage can faggots – no one cares.

  • Ronnie James Dickinson

    Jesus fucking Christ. This kid is pushing the limits and he’s not hit his prime yet.

  • rando

    So I have no knowledge about skating but doing something no human on planet earth has done is a good thing regardless if he ‘grabs’ or not. Maybe I’m wrong here but I as a non skater sure as fuck wouldn’t be watching this if it was a trick that had been done before.

  • Anonymous

    Thx Rando , we always need the point of view from the non-blader community. See how it goes , lil curb tappers ?

  • funny shit

    Thank you rando. Guys like wake, Lang, abrate, etc. These are our new trend setters and leaders. The future looks far more complicated for the likes of grind artists only. Yeah you for balance, Yeah you for switch ups, you even got a fan base. But can you move a crowd of non-bladers Too stand up and go wow. To make them want to learn how to skate.

  • Crusty Cock Slobber Etc

    Edwards did this years ago, was definately on a secret Hoax section

  • Randy Spizerss

    Yeah arlo and chris smashed it up back in the day … any remember double back flip to soul grind 180 out? Hoax 2 at the end in the secret section

  • Anonymous


  • Crusty Cock Slobber Tiddies Etc

    Didn’t Billy Doyle land this in day of the toke?

  • Anonymous

    oh im so glad i got a history lesson out of an instagram video.
    rollerbladers are so awesome.

    can we please talk about who does and doesn’t deserve a pro skate now?

  • Ripley

    I looked at the footage in slo mo and his hand did not touch the ground, he touched his skate. It counts. It’s in the record books.

    Now you can all try and convince him he should be tapping 3-stair rails instead of spinning over a mega ramp cause we all know tapping little obstacles is what rollerblading is all about, that and wearing spandex and disco skating.

  • Anonymous

    bahahaha…this kid is exposing the “pros” for the pussies they are. It takes a big pair of balls just to attempt a trick like that much less land it. pros lack balls today.

  • Anonymous

    Not even 100 comments for the worlds first 1620? Sad to see how much rollerblading has declined.