Wake Schepman: Ryan D’Souza Edit

Wake Schepman

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18 Responses to “Wake Schepman: Ryan D’Souza Edit”

  1. Right Says:

    Kids amazing! That park looks cool as its in the middle of nowhere you could camp out, skate drink beers and have a BBQ.

  2. www.myspace.com/djwrekshopmusic Says:

    I was waiting for someone to use that song in an edit! Love the vibe going on here. Nice skating, good music, and such a fun looking park. Keep it coming Wake!

  3. Rolling DUDE Says:

    whats the name of this song???

  4. MadSe Says:

    it is metric with “gold guns girls”
    man this park look pretty nice, but in some way “self-made”
    anyway, this kid rocks shit

  5. mp Says:

    Yep ! Cool edit and amazing skatepark.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    nice to see he is getting better and better;)by the way is this a privat skate park?

  7. darin Says:

    this kid can skate!

  8. danny Says:

    nice wake! youre killing it man!

  9. Naz Says:

    is that park at some camp, or is it private property. Sick skating btw the kid is going to be the next big thing.

  10. Dom Seven Says:

    Yeah nice Bro xD

  11. Jamie Says:

    Sick Wake!

    I believe that park is at his house.

  12. Jordan baez Says:

    Yea thats in his backyard built by his dad.
    Wakes the best

  13. Notorious Tom Says:

    If a had a park in my backyard I wouldn’t even get a job lol
    Just skate that crazy thing all day and then open it up to the public now and agian if needed the cash ;) lol

  14. Diogo Atadini Says:

    Kiddo… U got it!!!

  15. wally Says:

    why is this news?

  16. josh Says:

    if he keeps getting the support he needs wake is going to be a machine, he is already soooo much better than me and i have been skating aggressive like 9 years at least

  17. Jay Cottrell Says:

    way to rape your yard wake

  18. bobert Says:

    dude keep it up kid that was some good shit!