Wake Schepman (15): 2012 Edit by Cameron Card

Wake Schepman: Edit by Cameron Card



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  • Anonymous

    not very good at all.

  • slickis

    the skater is good but the edit was terribad

  • Swagblader

    Take the helmet off pussy…

  • Anonymous

    come back if you have style overated mofo!

  • Anonymous

    stole a good song from an amazing movie for this shit? holly crackhole it hurts!

  • http://www.myspace.com/djwrekshopmusic DJ WREKSHOP

    Nice to see some street clips of Wake. Can’t wait to see how much of a beast this kid is 5 years from now.

  • Anonymous

    Park Rat! That sucked ass.

  • wow

    looks lost without his backyard skatepark

  • Anonymous

    Bunch of haters ahahahaha. hes 15 and probably better than you

  • drew

    so sick the tricks on the downrail were sick

  • cool

    The edit was amazing. you can shut the fuck up swag blader hes probably 10 times better then you and ive had a really close friend die from not wearing his helmet. honestly for all the negativity on this kid come on now hes fucking 15 skating better then most of the pros. Anonymous you can shut the fuck up to theres nothing wrong with skating park. He has better style then a lot of people. I pretty much made this post to tell all the haters to fuck off i know theres a lot of pros out ther that dont want to make edits anymore because of all the negativity bullshit just FUCK OFF AND GET A LIFE DAMN!!!!!

  • cool

    I thought rollerblading was about having fun. So why hate???

  • cool

    He finally comes out with an edit with a bunch of street clips in it and you guys hate it makes no sense…

  • Erik Burrow

    Wake puts in the work he’s a boss

  • Anonymous

    he’s 16 and still cant skate street. move to france

  • Anonymous

    wake is amazing. savannahs and backslides on rails as well as the megaramp in one edit? so good

  • JAB

    rollerblading = fun, he is 15 and hes good! maybe its not my way of skating but that doesnt matter! he has fun and thats the point! cant understand the hating in this sport!

  • Anonymous

    For fuck sake, what a piece of shit, all because cameron card has to wear a lid because he cant land a small gap doesn’t mean this kid should, on the other note, horrible filming, bad music and ok skating, once again park rat steez is crap on street. and all because hes 15 fuck latimer, feinburg, shima were all a million times better at 15 about 15 years ago kid was just about being born which tells you skating has gotten a whole lot more immature and worse than it was

  • cool

    Once again hes probably better then you so shut the fuck up quit talking shit about rollerblading why do you talk shit it makes no sense. Just like JAB said rollerblading is about having fun so stop hating and do something better with your life

  • But i like it

    So many haters lol
    Free edit includes 1260 on a mega… Now thats what i call dedication!
    And if he wants to be skating for another 15 years its probably good he wears a helmet lol

  • cool

    Anonymous that gap was huge first off, second off the filming was good, the music was ok, fourth off the skating was good. There is nothing wrong with being a park rat, are you just saying that cause you cant skate period. They were really good but they pretty much had nothing but street to skate back then so your logic on that made no sense and its actually gotten better in my opinion. I hate when people like you think they know a bunch of stuff about rollerblading but they dont. Just like i said before in my first post A lot of pros dont want to make edits anymore because there a ton of people like you that have no life and just sit on the computer all day and hate

  • Anonymous

    trol lol lol lol lol your mum is a dirty cunt wheyyyyyy
    dont get too stressed man might burst a vein

  • Anonymous

    awww you dont want to hurt the little boys feeliongs

    here you go europe we have park rats too huck huck huck huck styleeeeeee

  • Anonymous

    it makes me laugh ppl who say park rat.. he’s good in park, so ?
    only ppl who doesn’t street thinks street is harder than park, it’s the same..
    i want to call u hate rats because all ur good at is hating.

  • skatin the streets

    skatin the streets is like starting all over for these little park rats how is he razors am?

  • Kevin Little

    I was happy to see some street footy from Wake. I think he has a bright future. Once he is well rounded he will be incredible. His park skills are amazing,once he gets street down its a wrap.

  • Anonymous

    if he lived in france youd call him a no style park rat but in america he is celebrity. he b average in france.

  • Nathanc

    dude ain’t a park rat, probably just hasn’t had the opportunity to get really gritty on the streets yet. few years, guy gets his own crib, starts doing his own thing. Could definitely see some cool stuff happening. Edit was fine, not really into that type of blading but its tight none the less.

  • flavor

    reed huston is better

  • Anonymous

    He probably has no style cuz Cool is weighing his dick down!