Videogroove: VG22, Coast to Coast (Full Video)

At a time of change and influence, VG22 comes with another classic. There was over a year and a half of filming and traveling that went into the making of a very special issue entitled VG22, Coast to Coast.

VG22 features some of the best skating recently captured. The featured profiles include: Ben Weis (MN), Brian Aragon (CO) , Cameron Card (UT), and JC Rowe (MI).

The Skate Stop this issue is a visit out to the outlaw life at JB’s house in Arizona , where there is plenty of partying and amazing spots. This is also Dave Paine’s last issue as full time editor, so enjoy a Director’s last wack at all the favorite sections that made VG so infamous. There is plenty of B Role and Bonus sections in the DVD menu, so enjoy over 100 minutes of hotness.

videogroove vg22 coast to coast

Bonus Sections:

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  • DarthRoller

    Frequent 450 royales on rails.

    Ridiculously hard switch-ups.

    Fantastic editing.

    Filthy hammers.

    Drop kinks.

    A sense of “what can we possibly do next” on skates seemed to be floating around in that “time” within rollerblading. Felt like we were on the verge of going somewhere absolutely NUTS with our “sport” or whatever.

    Not sure we ever reached that place though. Perhaps the progression curve was steep there was no way we could keep it up, or rolling was getting too dangerous and injury-laden for the idol-like pros of that time to keep pushing their bodies in the same way.

    All that pondering aside, VG22 was siiiiiiiick.

    Brian Aragon shitting all over everyone’s life and reminding us just how much most of us suck at rolling compared to those at the very top of their game. His section is pure, un-adulterated, filthy awesomeness.

  • michal

    BEST rollerblading film ever made!!!!!!!!

  • bouette

    what happened to marthino that guy was coming up hard then he just disappeared

  • Lukas



  • CTroller

    I lost this video awhile ago when I moved. It’s good to see it again, its such a good video. Funny how different everyone’s pants are, haha

  • harry k

    one of my favorite vids, but vg 19 is unforgetable

  • smoke

    best thing about this video… no one wearing little girls pants. farmer and broskow were still thuggin it back then too.

  • baby

    this was so legit, no wonder people got scared away from rolling. they couldnt handle how intense it was getting. even compared to a lot of pros now, the stuff these dudes was doing was so much more risky and huge.

    i think style has progressed a lot since this, but it seems like people are just skating smaller things on average… i think rollerblading would appeal to more people if it had more of that hardcore adrenaline feel with tricks on things skateboards would never imagine skating.

  • rollerblading is gay

    rollerblading still has huge shit. its just that for most pros who are gettin older, they feel the toll that doing huge stunts took on their bodies. so gettin tech and toning back the stunts came along. styles have gotten cleaned up by the pros. but most of the kids now a days have no style at all. lookin all sketchy all the damn time and they think cause they pose when they land, they think that shit is alright. but fuck man that shit is so fuckin weak

  • Red

    When we all wore sweats and baggy pants.

  • Nice

    Wow, I forgot how insane rollerblading was getting. With all the park edits and what not these days and pros chilling a bit with street hammers this video is so refreshing. It was getting carried away though, all the hammers and crazy shit. Rollerblading was inevitably going to calm down a bit. What goes up must come down. Saying that its probably a good thing. People had some REAL bad injuries coming there way if they kept that shit up.

    Also, I know it a can of worms but look how much more swagger Broskow skated with in looser fitting clothes! He felt ‘thugged’ so he skated hardcore ‘THUGGED’, with attitude. I remember when rollerbladers didnt give a fuck about trendY fashion and we looked grimey.

    Oh well, I miss videos like these. On one hand I love resources like RN but on the other it killed the anticipation and longevity of videos like VG.

    bla bla bla Im just an old man….

  • Baas

    michal Says:
    April 29th, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    BEST rollerblading film ever made!!!!!!!!

    Seriously the BEST

  • Baas

    Haha Every single song in it is sick

  • Rob

    When was this actually released?!

    I love it and it makes me wanna get skating again!