Vibralux On Top: Intro (2008)

January 2009 Repost.

Vibralux On Top

Vibralux Denim presents ‘On Top’ its first team video from 2008.

Featuring profiles on Chris Farmer, Alex Broskow, Chris Haffey, Don Bambrick, Michael Collins, Michael Garlinghouse, and Brenton Wheeler.

On Top: Trailer | Full Video (Rough Cut) | Alex Broskow Section.

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  • Andrew

    michael collins is back nigguh.

  • Andrew

    Gay. very, very, Gay.

  • phebe

    Nicely done! Creative. Song?

  • joystarr

    all i can say is AWESOME! really cool seeing a rolling film thats got sum sort of concept and not just random skating and then its done. Nice one Adam!

  • monkey shoes

    nice finally a video with more vreative input than just smashing a song together with some clips.

  • Felipe César

    yeah, creative !!

    It’s good to see Fabiola among these awesome skaters.


  • Neary

    I think that was brilliant. x’

  • morgan lynch

    sick.. sick sick… good to see the videos/edits/companys maturing….when i watched the edit i get the feeling its their life now.. even though i knew it always was.., now its just more apparent.. and gives security to the scene.. loads is happening to rolling lately.. and its great to see… oh and just to add.. after 12 years skating and begging our local council….. finaly got a park in my city.. thank fucking god!

  • trent

    congrats on the skatepark morgan. i def glad to see a thought out AJ concept that doesnt involve hard drugs. I guess he’s over that stage in his life

  • Groopy LoVe O.G

    ON TOP!

    same as morgan, skatepark in sligo right?

  • ADR

    ON TOP… What Else

  • jay

    really really niceeee vibe in this edit

  • 3m3m

    dame… so good intro!

  • kuntaciacho

    yeah, truly an art

  • mr. spring

    on of the best intros i´ve ever seen!!!
    love it!

  • Keep on rollin

    on of the best roller dvds of the year!! among 4x4s Drip drop … i think they do have best rollerblading film of the year in the ONE mag awards?? no? then i think it ll be a good to have that and recognise the photographers and cinematographers and also we do have best section but like i said the creaters should be recognised and parised for the effort depicting rolling how it can be and is.


  • adam johnson

    thanks guys, lulz at trent ;) funny stuff.

  • juan from nor cal

    im pissed off i wasted my money on the 4×4 video i should have got this…. next time around im copping this.

  • Wrekshop Ryan

    Pretty cool to see how and where the shirts are made. Good stuff

  • Smashing Dumplings

    has anyone seen this dvd, 4×4 drip drop and Viscous Sleaze, im trying to decide which one to buy out of all 3 of them??

  • yo

    Give me a break, we call this creative because it doesnt show much skating in it.

    Sure there is some work done here, some “ideas” *cough cough* but am I the only one who noticed the absolute lack of hammers in this intro (even atempted hammers, which is a classic for a intro)? I’m really worried that despite a lot of work in the making, the skating will just be damn poor.

  • Gaggio

    It seems like a modern evolution of Hoax II or III: not just skating, but skating lifestyle!

  • MikeA

    Gaggio^^ Thats exactly what I was thinking. Rollerblading use to be a lifestyle thing and it was catalogued that way in vids like Hoax and VG. From europe it seems the Canadian bunch have been doing this for years still. Cirque do So Eh? was a perfect example. Good to see the west coast getting that vibe back.

  • Smashing Dumplings


    I do agree that hammers really make the show stoppers in a DVD but I think you have to appreciate that hammers are not something that occur in every skate session by every pro, most sections would have 2 to 3 major hammers max, most have 1, so to throw all the hammers into the intro would then make the rest of the DVD feel like a let down, so there has to be a balance between the intro and the main filler.

    I appreciate nice lines and creative new tricks equally as much as hammers so regardless of death defying tricks, I want to know if it contains new things that ive not already seen on all these clips I see daily on rollernews.

    Back in the day (96 to 99 in my rolling life) the internet was not a such a video tool at all, and getting a video was always a total pleasure and the debate of hammers was never even considered because it was simply a case of buying a DVD to see new footage or not buying it and watching your old videos.

    Since the internet has become the main source of video media, getting a new DVD is just not as exciting and not as necessary because I can watch loads of clips fro free online, therefore I hardly ever buy new DVD’s anymore, as the excitement has dropped out and I know that if I spend my money on a DVD I will end up saying the same things as you have just said about there being a lack of differentiation between the free clips and the expensive DVD.

    Modern videographers know this fact and as a result they have to win the audience through being creative and stepping away from the actual skating a bit to create something that is salable by the way in which it is delivered.

    Im not a videographer and don’t know any so im just speaking from the point of view of someone who has skated fro around 11+ years.

  • sam davison

    fucking hell fire that was amazing!!! loved ever minit of it. sent a shiver down my back!!!!

  • ShAdY

    C’est du reve cette vidéo :D

  • wtf

    dear Mr.Johnson, you`re really not famous for being a creative filmer… but on top was proper work! it`s amazing

  • http://rollernews niko.976

    song please????

  • http://rollernews niko.976

    je sais PARA ONE РFINALE pour ceux que ca int̩resse??

  • Oskars

    “sick.. sick sick… good to see the videos/edits/companys maturing….when i watched the edit i get the feeling its their life now.. even though i knew it always was.., now its just more apparent..”

    so true

  • :No-Frost:

    Loved the intro… Pretty original I think…

    Broskow, Haffey, Da Silva, Farmer… Damn!!!!…

    I would had to see this…

  • adam johnson

    Yo, there are lots of “hammers” in the video. They are in their parts. Song isn’t a “hammer” song. It sets up a mood and tempo different then other intro sections.

    Nothing worse then seeing a bunch of sick tricks in the intro and then being let down for the rest of the video. Same with trailers for skate videos that show all this ill shit and then that is basically the only good thing in the entire video.

  • Ian Hutcho

    “has anyone seen this dvd, 4×4 drip drop and Viscous Sleaze, im trying to decide which one to buy out of all 3 of them??”

    I own all three and On Top is the best. Undoubtedly Video of the Year.

  • Paul

    that was so fuckin intense! i loved it. and the first part of the intro, mannn that sync, pretty hard to achieve. really hawt

  • michael0rose

    Awesome intro, very nice Adam. The song was perfect, clips perfect, everything. Just watched drip drop the other day, that was fucking awesome too.

    I’m tryin to get one of those shirts in the beginning, hook it up.

  • michael0rose

    oh, and to Andrew up at the top: the Rollerblading world would be a lot better place if we had less people like you around.

  • mason

    mike Gnar is the shit! cant wait till he gets crazy good and comes out with a skate

  • Roman

    nice sweat shop you got there

  • TRUTH 2

    best skate dvd for along time

  • Joe

    The thing I love about the Vibralux guys and AJ is that they are so dedicated to skating, and it really shows.. AJ has given us so much for free, and they have spent so much time on the road.

    I don’t have anything against Razors or Game Theory, but personally I really get a feeling that they just go out and film hammers because they are told to.

    When I see Vibralux, Valo or The Truth films, I know they have been out on the road and in the streets traveling and working hard to find the best spots.

    Not just any big plaza rail..


  • Hater

    Why the fuck all these reposts rollernews?? Put something new on!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah WTF is up with that? 50 percent of the posts of the last time are old. It’s called rollerNEWS!

  • saa

    Such a good intro!

    One of the greatest in this era.

    Really creative!