Valo 4life Soundtrack

Valo 4life Soundtrack
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  1. Intro, Prologue, Narration by Free The Robots: Dear Diary
  2. Intro by Zion I: Coastin’
  3. Europe Intro by Free the Robots: Lonely Traveler
  4. Portugal by Neon Indian: Should Have Taken Acid with You
  5. Soichiro Kanashima by Amplive, Featuring Trackadamicks & Mr. Micro: Gary is a Robot
  6. Dean Coward and Ross Kuhn by Four on the Floor: Demon Cobra
  7. Montreal by Chip the Ripper: Like That
  8. Franco Cammayo by The Bangerz: Still Waters Run Deep
  9. Amsterdam, Australia by Free the Robots: Jazz Hole
  10. Brandon Smith by Jeff Stockwell: Pipeline
  11. Support by Bosco: Ragdoll
  12. Support by The Cool Kids: Flying Kites (Production Chuck Nguyen)
  13. Victor Arias by Why: A Sky for Shoeing Horses Under
  14. Montage by Geographer: Kites
  15. Cosimo Tassone by Free the Robots: Orion’s Belt Buckle
  16. Barcelona by Black bird Black bird: Pure
  17. Erik Bailey by Spindrift: Indian Run
  18. Alex Broskow PT. 1 by Dahga Bloom: Bemsha Swing
  19. Alex Broskow PT. 1 by Dahga Bloom: Dahga Bloom
  20. Jon Julio by Dirty Diamonds: Heaven’s Plate
  21. Encore by Sage Francis: Best of Times
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  • Anonymous

    What is the tune playing in the background on the Bonus menu?