USD X IRollNY Session: Edit by Craig Benabu

Before the second annual NYC Invitational went down, the USD pro team and I Roll NY teamed up to throw a session with the pros for the local New York City bladers at Pier 62 skatepark.

Featuring Jeff Dalnas, Demetrios George and Nick Lomax.

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    Oh sh*t !!!!! Dem topsoul, like WTF? Fu**in’ good edit!!

  • Jermaine

    Nicks levelling at the moment…..

  • James perez

    Great job craig! and the usd team killed it!
    Irollny did it again!!
    much love homie and peace!

  • Graeme Wilson

    Lomax destroyed that ledge. Great song too.

  • Steeze Police

    Lomax is a machine. Such a cool guy too. Fakie 5 top soul on a down ledge. What else ?

  • Anonymous

    Great to see usd making good edits of their pros.they all killed it in their own way.mix of youth and ogs good balance .lets see a battle my boot brand comp usd vs razor vs valo vs xsjado vs remz and so on .vote for the best team.GET IT ON

  • Anonymous

    Why was Dem throwin’ bows at the beginning?