USD Trip to Woodward East by Nick Pisciotta

Jeff Dalnas, Tim Phang, Brian Arnold, Dan Breuer, Mike Koliner, and I invaded Woodward taking over Bud’s Barn for days at a time to film for this project.

With filming coming to a close I received word that Montre Livingston was joining the USD team and Julien Cudot was coming from France to spend a week at Woodward.

USD Trip to Woodward East by Nick Pisciotta

We were able to take one more trip and get footage of the crew with Montre and Julien. Last summer’s Woodward project for USD didn’t work out as planned due to injuries, scheduling conflicts, and factors out of our control. This year we were able to accomplish what we set out to do. – Nick Pisciotta.

Featuring Montre Livingston, Jeff Dalnas, Julien Cudot, Brian Arnold, Tim Phang, Mike Koliner, Curtis Caudle, Blake Kelly, Chris Burns, Dan Breuer, Jimmy Hake, Austin Paz, , Mike Bennett, and Brandon Ford.

Songs: The Go Team – Huddle Formation, Electric Guest – This Head I Hold, Architecture in Helsinki – One Heavy February, The Visioneers – Apache(Battle Dub Remix).

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  • Diaz

    Soul 360 down to darkside top porn and Cudot’s line and Dalnas’ disaster three-pointer were off the hook. Basically any other trick in this edit was badass as well.

    One of the best thing I’ve seen in ages on this site, and I mean it.

    I am glad to see more and more fun in blading flicks recently, and if I had one negative point to give about this edit, WERE IS FRANKY ??? He definitely would have smashed these parks in half for that edit.

  • Alex

    that las line…

  • Clemounet

    Julien Cudot ! What a beast !

  • Linus

    paz on carbons.. what?

  • damn

    This song has already been used

  • Frances

    Julien Cudot es numero 1. PZA is on USD now?

  • Yooo

    Dalnas a pro in every sense. Montre try a different set up they look a bit wack mate.

  • db

    Montre!!!!!! best

  • Anonymous

    Julien Cudot is the best blader here on this world….

  • Pants

    Tre looks more solid in thrones. Ao makio 3 out was beyond perfect. Sick edit. Jeff Dalnas is a beast.

  • chest

    shit edit. montre’s skating is hella weak now. thrones are the worst boot mold ever.

  • NgR

    Cudot ! Beast !

  • Anonymous

    Cudot definitely stood out more than any other skater. Maybe he’ll go pro after winning Winterclash a 3rd time? lol

  • Anonymous

    Austin on USD and Franco with SSM. Why is Valo so shitty to East Coast skaters?

  • Anonymous

    Montre Livingston on USD = wrong

  • Anonymous

    That WAS line!!!


    austin in USD… perfect

  • Derek

    Noone is pumped about Mike Koliner blading again? I didn’t know about this? Fucking pumped. Montre looks dope on USD, along with everything else.

  • Joseph

    Montre so fucking cool, and if he likes USDs then who really gives a shit. He’s just doin his thing and havin fun.

  • Olivier Coquelin

    Julien cudot for usd pro. His park skating is probably best in the world right now

  • bryan f

    That was soo amazing!!!

  • Anonymous

    gay team. i miss adrian anne.

  • Anonymous

    Well that was some of the most boring generic skating I’ve seen in a minute. Thanks USD,

  • Anonymous

    Not really a way to complain..Just got to see a bunch of my favorite bladers shred at a super sick place and have fun. I enjoyed this edit more than a lot of edits coming out these days. These dudes seemed like they have a good time while skating. Thanks for giving us a sick edit USD/NP and crew!

  • a

    Adrian Anne’s edit > this !

    Should have just been a the Montre and Cudot show… Dalnas should stick to street skating :)

    Overall though every fun !!! SEXY TIME

  • Anonymous

    WTF !!! how come cudot isn’t pro already ! he’s killin’ shit ( not onely in this edit ) usd better take seriously oserwise seba will !

  • Anonymous

    un peu guezmere le son nan?

  • deee nutsssss

    adrian anne can suck a fuckin dick, dude sucks. how about grabbing a trick for once bro? and dalnas skated the park like it was street thats why his clips were the best. no one gives a shit about a fruitloop france twirl 900 only people that appreciate that are ones who dont rollerblade. this edit was fuckin spot on guys. and go fuck yourself france and adrian anne stop posting comments about yourself no one likes you and billy fucked your girl.

  • Oldskoolfool

    Parkrats are easy to recognize. Theyre usually the ones doing bigger airs and spins to coping grinds. Impresive, but when you put street skaters in parks, that is where the magic happends.

  • Anonymous

    cudot isn’t pro beacuse rollerblading continues to promote old washed up dinosaurs who haven’t done a big trick in a decade.

  • pro boot

    ooooo, let me get some free tickets dude….to woodward!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The cinematography in this video was crazy good. Most edits these days have crappy camera angles and crappier editing. The only that could of made this edit better would be better music .

  • k2thiago

    The abilities of Cudot are fucking amazing. Parkrat? Did you see his edit on wrs uploaded? Dalnas got some serious style too. This edit is very well made in all aspects. I really enjoy this kind of videos, and parks gives opportunities for skaters show some different tricks, see Shred till you’re dead…. If you are a high level skater, dont matter if is a park or the street, you will killin it.


    austin paz on usd!!!…. he was the illest in valos but everyone knows how franco ended up taking his place… hope he’s really on the team cause blading needs unique styles like that to stick around

  • TRUTH 2

    Cudot can skate park like a park rat with no style. He can also skate street worse than most flow riders. that is why he’s not Pro. He’s also not Pro because he went up to Oli Benet after winning a winterclash and said, “USD should pay me more now because I won winterclash.” After that, Oli claimed he would never allow Julien to be Pro. YUP! Julien told me himself.

  • TRUTH 2

    So yeah, if you really want to know the truth and not just some internet rumor, there it is. ^. No joke, no troll.

  • Anonymous

    We all saw Cudot’s WRS edit and KNOW he cannot hang with actual PROS on the street level. Probably why he’s not pro too.

  • yo

    OMG I know, his WRS edit was the fucking worst…actually, all the Euro’s WRS edits were fucking terrible and only show how behind they are in skating.

  • Bitches and niggas

    Shut up you lil american fags!! Cudot is a street killer, you don’t even know!
    Can’t wait to see his anonyme thing section

  • Anonymous

    america FUCK YEAH

  • Anonymous

    Montre and Mike killing the line!!! Very Dope!

    Funny how u idiots always make it America vs Europe, you guys are clearly not the ones that make it over the pond in either direction!
    Once you get off your ass, let go of your dick and get away from the screen you realize that everyone is pretty much cool with each other!