USD All Star Grey

USD All Star Grey

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22 Responses to “USD All Star Grey”

  1. donshishi Says:

    feinberg 03 ? Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    maybe they had left (;
    where are those rzrs haers, that scream for innovation…
    somebody has forgotten usd in the late 90s (and this is not meant in a good way ;) )..

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Well classic thrones stay classic thrones…
    And these look very nice !

  4. Dis Dick Says:

    They may lack innovation but it’s called a Cassic Throne for a reason. Either way, it’s a clean set-up. As usual, USD really needs to stop printing “classic” on the tumor plate. It looks tacky.

  5. Dis Dick Says:

    I meant *Classic… but I’m sure someone is going to say something about an obvious typo.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Remind me the Feinberg one. Good thing, for sure.

  7. Trollernews Says:

    Remind me the Feinberg one. Good thing for sure.

  8. henk Says:

    one of the best skate i have skated on, also one of the best looking skate!

  9. Fuck You Says:

    Dis Dick,
    Your constant retarded fucking posts are tacky. Don’t you ever think to yourself, maybe I should shut the fuck up? Fucking bell end

  10. Dis Dick Says:

    @ Fuck You – It’s unfortunate for me that we have the internet between us and truly fortunate for you that we do. That fact that I’m generally one of the most eloquent on this forum is a clear indication of the chip on your shoulder concerning your mental midgetry.

  11. lj fanti throne da throne connesseuior Says:

    It is tacky and cheapens the look plus it costs more money to have that shit printed on there im sure, making it all the more stupid!

  12. Derek C Says:

    Awesome skate great flex, doesnt need to innovate anything if its out lasted many other skates..don’t fix what isn’t broken…def copping these

  13. Anonymous Says:

    please people stop thinking the price depend of a printing or not. Please

  14. pro boot Says:

    the power is in the juice plates…how dose it do it!!

  15. SEANPQUINN Says:



  16. Trollernews Says:

    The power is in the STYLE but the only problem are the spoiler screws.

  17. Venom Says:

    I’m glad USD are still making both types of Thrones. You may say “old”, but they work perfectly well without the need to change. It would be like trying to re-invent the bicycle – there is no need.

  18. Dis Dick Says:

    @ Venom – Agreed. This design is not only tried and true, but also still sexy. Those lines around the toe box are just as emotive to me today as they were in the late 90’s and perhaps an odd caparison, but is actually reminiscent of the BMW 3series of today with their sharp crease lines (not sure what to call them) around the head lamps down the side of the car to the tail lamps. All the other hard boots on the market have very bulbous and dopey looking design… especially Razors.

  19. DarthRoller Says:

    I adore Classic Thrones.

    On the Coup De Tat anniversary Thrones still, 3 years later. Had to change soul and buckles a couple of times, but that’s it.

    The tiniest bits of constructive critique I’d give on the skate would be;

    1. The printing of “Classic” on the tumour plate of the newer models. Not a fan.

    2. The hardware. Replacing the soul kits on these bad boys or even tightening the souls can be a nightmare without the proper tools.

    If they could make the hardware for the soul kits with Allen key holes rather than screw holes, they’d be fucking dynamite.

    Also, the frame bolts in Classics come loose way easier than in any other skate and I’ve no idea why.

    3. The gap between the soul and tumour plates. Sometimes when I miss a trick I’ll catch in there and the falls can be a bit hard to predict.

    Other than that, the Classic Throne skates are basically perfect. Adore them. Supportive, immensely durable soul-kit, look damn sexy, souls slide at a high speed without feeling “icy”.

  20. Powerblading news Says:

    This is new and exciting…






  21. Art?rs I?ušins Says:

    Best skates i ever seen ! i will take this skates !!!!

  22. Jim Cornette Says:

    I laughed when the gentlemen above called himself eloquent but I doubt he would have called him a ‘bell end’ in real life.
    Well the Feinberg’s had that barcode on em’ remember. I like the Classic printed on these. But looks aren’t everything. Go on have yourself a good time.