Trick Track Tour (Italy, 2015) With Nils Jansons, Josh Glowicki, Alex Burston & Friends

Trick Track Tour (Italy, 2015) With Nils Jansons, Josh Glowicki, Alex Burston & Friends

Featuring Nils Jansons, Josh Glowicki, Alex Burston, Scott Quinn, Aritz Ortega, Carson Starnes & more

Trick Track 2015 (Naples, Italy): More Media
Edit by Alex G. Iosub | Json Adriani | Teasers.

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  • Trollolololernews Troll

    No offense but this is part of the reason why blading is dying (it has been “dying”) but this past year significantly shrinking… these are supposed to be our current top pros and they make an edit and instead of actually blading they are trying to be like Haitian Mag and make something cool.

    5 mins in there is finally some blading and it is very mediocre.

    Summary: Don’t bother watching this

    • Mister 25

      totally agree, and also when we got a 2 or 3 min edit of an entire comp, only 3 clips of the winner.
      Not enough.

    • Kaig Thris

      Wow you got an interesting point. Never really thought about it that way.
      Edit is fine, but it really makes me miss the Imyta era, nowadays comps are mostly park comps and no one delivers at street events.

    • Louis V.

      You’re totally out of the point, it’s a roadtrip video. Nobody said there was a lot of blading clips in it.
      After watching the video, I just fucking want to travel abroad with my friends, and that’s the point of the video.
      Blading will die if people like you keep saying stupid thing.

    • people

      Oh, it is just one edit.

      There is a ton of good content being released today. Eugin’s last edit was fire. Eisler’s USD edit from a little while back was probably the best attention rollerblading has gotten in years or EVER. Obviously you can find any such edit to criticize and feel superior in your cave.

      Why not find something more useful to do with your life rather than posting on practically every edit with your generally arrogant or inflammatory opinion while hiding safe behind a computer screen.

  • Mike Way

    Blading is dead. It’s sad but true.

    • people


      • Adam ?urawiecki

        So nice. Loved to watch this!