Through Our Eyes: Promotional Film

Through Our Eyes: Promotional Film

Through Our Eyes is a documentary project about rollerblading that will be released end 2012.

Here is the promotional film featuring Bastien Nicole, Claudio Bohli, Geoffroy Dubreuil, Gregory Polony, Nicolas Schopfer, Reto Burgin, Samuel Devantery, Stephan De Freitas & Stephane Ryter.

Podcasts will be released all along the way of its creation to keep you inform of where we went filming and who is joining the project.

Previously: Through Our Eyes, Trailer.
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11 Responses to “Through Our Eyes: Promotional Film”

  1. notanigggggger Says:

    Next time you should just write “featuring no one of any importance is participating in this film…”

  2. Anonymous Says:

    who deleted my post??? what a faggot.

  3. Alexander Says:

    Great!!! Some good camera work and a lot of sick tricks! loved it !

  4. soul2roll Says:

    Wow, loved this. Skating and filming was awesome.

  5. William Says:

    This was so good! I wish I could download it.

  6. krustyBurger Says:

    I enjoyed every part of it.
    I wonder what the full documentary will be.

  7. viceversa Says:

    Un bon job de fait! Ca promet.

  8. Cruz Says:

    That was pretty sweet but are you sure you showed each trick enough????

  9. lolo Says:

    What the last song please? ^^ thanks

  10. Diaz Says:

    SUBLIME. On en veut plus !

    And @notanigggggger, next time you should write “Don’t even bother reading my comments, you won’t give a shit anyway.” That would save huge amounts of precious time for a lot of people coming here..
    Who cares if you don’t know these people, the video is dope and they still skate way better than you do.

  11. Baloo Says:

    dope promo! Geoffroy did an amazing job… and my road dawg Stephane killed it! Le Beast!!! keepin it ratchet! lol