The Godfather “Pancho Feo All” (71 years old)

Frank Hernandez

Quoting a mail from Matthew Mickey:

The Godfather is Frank Hernandez, a 71 year old rollerblader from Intuitionland.

He started rollerblading when he was 59. These tricks were filmed the morning of Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at the Delano, CA skatepark.

I am fortunate enough to skate with The Godfather from time to time, and I am sure you will agree that he is absolutely inspiring!

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53 Responses to “The Godfather “Pancho Feo All” (71 years old)”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Very nice! Completely agree, definitely inspiring!

  2. will Says:

    what!!! 71! damn i hope to be skating that good when im that old,….thats if i live that long. total prop to that guy!! hell yeah!!!!!!

  3. Zulfi Says:

    never left a reply here before, but had to on this one. Inspiring is the word. Pushing himself to his limits for the love.

  4. Shima Blows Says:

    Inspiring or not, he’s actually quite foolish to be skating. At that age, one bad fall could = a broken hip and put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He’s obviously weighed the risks, but it’s still cool to see someone that old doing what they love.

  5. jon r Says:

    skater of the year 2012

  6. someday Says:

    This makes me never want to care about skill level and just enjoy skating, because you never know when you won’t be able to do it anymore.

    I hope this makes you take a moment to appreciate that you are physically able to skate no matter who you are. Doesn’t matter if you think you suck, or who is better than you, all that matters is that you can do it.

  7. kenthulvedal Says:

    Respect! So inspiring, makes me smile!

  8. Simon Says:

    Props old man ! respect…

  9. Zack D Says:

    Where’s the hurricane top soul ?

  10. tiger blood Says:

    i just want to know how this dude got turned on to our sport in the first place, the guy had to be at least 55 when rollerblading was started

  11. hoax34 Says:

    I want to be him when I’m older. He is proof that age is no excuse to stop (fear of broken hip aside).

  12. badazz Says:

    Would you rather risk getting hurt doing what you love , or live a dull life with regrets of never trying? Just ask yourself that.

  13. Joe Says:

    Wow, I have no words….

    It’s really amazing, most people over 35 wouldn’t even consider getting on skates, and it would be cool enough just getting on the skates at that age. But dropping into a bowl and doing 360’s?? So inspiring!

    It’s not only the fact that he is doing it, but he have to skate a lot to be able to do what he did. And I would guess that’s pretty exhausting at that age.

    This really made my day! Big respect for this guy.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    best !! mad respect !!

  15. Josh Nielsen Says:

    So incredible to see this from someone his age.

  16. Terror Says:

    And I thought I was getting too old to skate when I was 21 and this guy is 71!!!!

    @Shima Blows : You fcking RETARD, “one bad fall= in a wheelchair for the rest of his life” for the rest of his life? as if he has tons of years left or something you idiot, he’s just enjoying whatever few years of life he has left in the tank. You comment is the only foolish thing in here.

    @Someday and badazz: nailed it.

  17. andrew conners Says:

    the fact that your name is shima blows already shows how dumb you are. could he not also get ina car accident, fall down the stairs or anything other type of random event. being 71 everything is almost a hazard. “the closer you are to danger, the further you are from harm” yeah i just quoted lotr

  18. TrU Says:

    respect + 10

    guy shows us how the old fogies should roll

  19. Shifty Says:


  20. DJ WREKSHOP Says:

    Wow this is truly amazing! I’m 30 and I couldn’t imagine how tough just rolling around at 60 could be much less 71! Having fun, thats what its all about, major props hope this guy continues to keep on rolling!

  21. beplus Says:

    This minimalistic bullshit is just too far, he didn’t even do one trick. The godfather sucks balls.
    Joke. Hes better than Kevin Yee. Sweet!

  22. Zargaa Says:

    Mad respect! I would love to be able to skate at that age!

  23. Shawn Says:

    I was lucky enough to skate with him at skatebarn when it was still open. Really awesome to see he’s still skating.

  24. Anthony Luna Remz~ Says:

    This is whats up!!! Keep Rolling.

  25. oscar Says:

    very inspiring video , i would love skating at his old age

  26. Anonymous Says:

    This guy SUCKS!!

  27. no-shun Says:

    @Shima Blows, so he just just sit on a park bench somewhere feeding the birds, fcuk that shit, if people worried about breaking stuff and didn’t try stuff where would we be? you could die everytime you get behind the wheel of a car

  28. Anonymous Says:

    rock fucking on!

  29. Valo Rider Says:

    shit style. get rid of helmet and pads and grab your tricks. find smaller obstacles. you’re making rollerblading look bad. almost as bad as French skaters.

  30. dyed red deshis Says:

    That’s awesome.i understand what shima blows is saying, however he’s lived a l long good life so let him enjoy. Crazy doing step up Makio on a own ledge. Nowi need to go to this park.

  31. donshishi Says:

    nice repect.

    Valo Rider : you make rollerblade looking nothing you just make yourself and almost american speaking french skater looking retarded fucking SoB. try to live til 71 YO and after that do something you like to do. and start to speak. of course if your hobby is saying shit on Forum and Paying 400 USD for a paar of Majestic so you can continue for long time.

  32. donshishi Says:

    valo rider : honestly You are making rollerblading look bad with your moonboots go back to the moon quickly it s the lone place for valo.

  33. pro boot Says:

    god bless the essence of boost…..

  34. Anonymous Says:

    LOL for the YEAR!!! Wack on so many levels, but i’m not hating this video at all. Respect to Pancho.

  35. Vetty Says:

    Pretty much one of the raddest, realest things I’ve ever seen in skating. Glad it was just raw footage too and so peaceful. This clip calms me so much. Thanks for putting it together Matt!

  36. Urbn^nja Says:

    Here I am thinking I was old! Thanks Godfather :)

  37. Jason Says:

    much respect. well done :)

  38. Jeranium44 Says:

    A lot of respect…Push your limit for the love of rolling!!!

  39. Yi YIiiiiii Says:

    You guys are retarded if you think Valo Rider is being serious. The guy is fucking making fun of the trolls on here. God damn, people are stupid.

  40. M. Says:

    That is AMAZING !!!!!!!!
    Wow RESPECT to the master Yoda of rollerblading.

  41. Rewind Says:

    hahaha that was fucking awesome. put such a big smile on my face.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Hey this is an awesome video. What skatepark was that???????

  43. Kaltik-Con Says:

    LEGEND !!hope I can roll if im around when im 71 : ))

  44. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    That is absolutely outstanding! I thought I was pushing it at 40 but this guy is a monster!

  45. punjab nightmare Says:

    hell yea!! i use to skate with him at skatebarn west all the time!!

  46. k2thiago Says:

    Keep rolling godfather! Do what you love. The truly skating is about limits breakup and you are doing this very well!
    You definitely have my respect and admiration.

  47. Not telling. Says:

    hoax34 Says:
    August 17th, 2012 at 6:43 pm
    “I want to be him when I’m older. He is proof that age is no excuse to stop (fear of broken hip aside).”

    HAHA, if he were rolling in his twenties and eating shit then he wouldn’t be rolling at 71.

    I’m 28 and my body is ruined.

  48. DA TROOF SUHN!!! Says:

    the illest to ever do it, cant wait to skate for 50 more years

  49. Pipo The Clown Says:

    respect for that….

  50. VALO BLOWS Says:

    This guy makes rollerblading look good. Many young kids will see this and try to rollerblade. valo riders on the other hand, make rollerblading look like a bunch of gay faggots. Many kids watching Valo edits will choose to become heterosexual instead.

    We need to get The Godfather at the next comp so he can get a standing ovation.

  51. lol Says:

    he does bigger tricks than the kelso’s.

  52. T B Says:

    Mad respect! “Still rollin’ at 71″

    I guess that’s all our plan for the future.. keep blading!

    I also happen to see an appr. 50-60+ year old skateboarder cruising the bowl in Hamburg every once in a while. He is just so fascinating… age, ability & old-school stylee speak for themselves. Plus he’s a really nice dude, too.

    Well, the open mind usually comes of age.. Good thing (usually) everybody grows up eventually. (T)roll on!

  53. blastfromPast Says:

    Sooo much respect! Gives me hope, 35 is nothing. :)