The Godfather “Pancho Feo All” (71 years old)

Frank Hernandez

Quoting a mail from Matthew Mickey:

The Godfather is Frank Hernandez, a 71 year old rollerblader from Intuitionland.

He started rollerblading when he was 59. These tricks were filmed the morning of Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at the Delano, CA skatepark.

I am fortunate enough to skate with The Godfather from time to time, and I am sure you will agree that he is absolutely inspiring!

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  • lol

    he does bigger tricks than the kelso’s.

  • T B

    Mad respect! “Still rollin’ at 71”

    I guess that’s all our plan for the future.. keep blading!

    I also happen to see an appr. 50-60+ year old skateboarder cruising the bowl in Hamburg every once in a while. He is just so fascinating… age, ability & old-school stylee speak for themselves. Plus he’s a really nice dude, too.

    Well, the open mind usually comes of age.. Good thing (usually) everybody grows up eventually. (T)roll on!

  • blastfromPast

    Sooo much respect! Gives me hope, 35 is nothing. :)