The Everywhere Experiment (2008): Dvd Trailer

This is the trailer for a new Dvd titled The Everywhere Experiment. It was produced by Adam Killgore and edited by Brett Dasovic.

The Everywhere Experiment will feature Tim Phang (dc), Erik Stokley (nj) and Brett Dasovic (mn) as well as Jacob Juul, Adam McManus, Jeremy Soderburg, Franco Cammayo and JonJon Bolino.

We hope to make this the first in a series of DVD’s showcasing everyone from all over, as well as helping videographers to get their work seen by a wider audience.

Download: EE_trailer1.m4v.
Thanks Adam Killgore.

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  • The Dude

    Looks sick dudes!!

  • Danijel

    very very good

  • scott.

    hot !

  • J82A


  • Lukas

    I´m so getting this!!!

  • Catalin

    Adam Killgore and Brett Dasovic excellent team !

  • tom fish

    looks really good the song is the black keys – i got mine

  • blahdy blah ninja9

    dang looks ill. like blue steel

  • mriachi82

    looks sick

  • Smashin Dumplins’

    Brett and Stokely yep im sold

  • Joe

    was that jacob juul in there!?!?

    nice trailer!!

  • wowz

    top mis both ways?!

  • Urbn^nja

    I re-wound that like 3 times!

  • look

    gotta check the juul section.. hes a beast.

  • longinus

    “the everywhere experiment”? not really… more like “the truth’s spots experiment”…

  • nilinds

    tim phang…up and coming, just watch

  • andreas

    jacob juul is the shit.. :P

  • Fred Castri

    Really good shit! Great skating and editing! congrats!



  • DOH!

    ROLL DC!

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