The Everywhere Experiment (2008): The remix

The Everywhere Experiment, a Dvd produced by Adam Killgore and edited by Brett Dasovic.

The Everywhere Experiment (2008): The remix

A completely re-cut version of the very first blade video I ever made.Brett Dasovic.

Featuring blading from Tim Phang (3:30), Jacob Juul (9:40), Mark Wojda (11:40), Jon Jon Bolino (10:54), Brett Dasovic (12:40), Erik Stokley (21:30), Steve Iacono, Sean Kelso, Franky Morales and tons more.

The Everywhere Experiment: Trailer 01 | Trailer 02.

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7 Responses to “The Everywhere Experiment (2008): The remix”

  1. Tim Taydams Says:

    Either Tim Adams came to Greenville six years ago without anyone knowing, decided to grind for once, and just happened learn kindgrinds both ways, orrrrrr that’s supposed to say Tim Taylor.

  2. Bellow Says:

    I love how brett gives himself a 10 mins section and everyone else a 2 minute one.

    I also love that fucking gay dog tag your wearing Brett.

  3. ^^^^^^^ Says:

    fuck off an die homo x

  4. DK Says:

    Thanks! Like it a lot!

  5. kboos Says:

    Some serious tricks in there !

  6. Anonymous Says:

    good video. level of tricks was refreshing

  7. Anonymous Says:

    The crap experiment