The ComeDown presents “Endless Summer” (2016)

This short blade flick documents the last of my days in Austin, TX and summer in my home town Tyler, TX with a quick little visit to ATL. Plenty of skating, fun and shenanigans to go around for everybody. Enjoy!Austin Bartels.

The ComeDown presents Endless Summer [Trailer]

Starring: Cody Sanders, Austin Bartels, Timona Kasue, Anthony Medina, Ryan Rassmussen, Brady Johnston, Keaton Newsom, Caroline Lux, Mick , asals, Andrew Broom, Heath Burley, Eddie Bravo, Brandon Bobadilla, Colin Mears, John Sullivan, Gino Gotelli, Wes Phelan, Ian Power, Blake Parrish, Rob Zbranek, Michael Braud, Dustin Spengler, Taylor Kobryn & Jarrod Banning.

Full Video

Trailer (september 2016)

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