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Videogroove VG23: Delegation of authority (2005)

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Profiling Ben Schwab, Kevin Yee, Connor O’Brien, Jeph Howard, Marcus Anzardo, Kevin Raser and Gonzo.

VG23: Delegation of authority (2005)

Soundtrack (courtesy of Rollingvideos)

  • Opener: The Hunns – Hunns Anthem.
  • Marcus Anzardo: Talent – Overcomplicating.
  • Midwest Spotcheck: Wale Oyejide – Theres a war going on (Ft. Jay).
  • Kevin Raser: Dj Spooky vs Scanner – Guanxi, Crystal Method – Can’t you trip like I do.
  • East Coast Scout Report: Outkast – Dracula’s Wedding.
  • Ben Schwab: Elliot Smith – Son of Sam.
  • Kevin Yee: Spoon – Take a walk.
  • Visual Aids: King Jacob – Ghee dad intro.
  • Jeph Howard: Mars Volta – Eunuch Provocateur.
  • Chris Olpin: Toys that Kill – Track 6.
  • Switch Ups: Binary Star – Slang Blade.
  • Connor O’Brien: Suicidal Tendencies – Possessed, Gundam Wing – Battle Theme.
  • Gonzo: Spanish Instrumental, Hieroglyphics – Lets Roll.
  • Credits: Atmosphere – God’s bathroom floor.
  • Bonus – 2nd Hand: Talent – Redneck Funk.
  • Bonus – Airbourne Tribute: Truby Trio – Make a move.
  • Bonus – Underexposed Eastcoast: Anthony Velez Original.
  • Bonus – Dallas: Mr Pookie & Mr. Luci – Interview.

VG 23: Kevin Yee Leftovers section

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Hey guys, this is a throwback edit of my VG 23 days. But all unused clips! – Kevin Yee.

Video Offline.

Late Spring cleaning found a pile of aged VG 23 footage. Along with all the used footage, there was a plethora of interesting grinds, body slides, kicks, wallrides, falling dominoe tricks that didn’t make the cut into VG.

Before dumping it all into the trash bin to clear room for the upcoming Shock Video footage I decided to make a throwback edit.

Watching this footage has helped me remap and integrate those shred forests of San Diego where Saven crew dwelt in the early 2000’s.

It was as true then as it is now that we are Saven by rollerblading, though, since I have learned that to stay Saven one has to remain Lost in Shred Forest (or in Tommyboy’s words, continue to ShOcK on the blades).

Video Groove 23, Brazilian Edit

Sunday, March 12th, 2006

Video Groove 23

Rodrigo Lagoa, the author of the brazilian part of VG 23 decided to put his edit online.

This video trailer was born when I received a e-mail from our friend Jason Hines, Latin X-games Qualifier organizer. At his e-mail he told me he was helping Dave Paine, get edits from all over the world for his VG23. I immediately called Carlos Hauck (scene director for NDS) and Fred Castro (Director from BDS) to help me out.

This composition was generated from images from my video “Nenhum Destes 5 Tour Pelas Capitais”.

We got together in my house and discussed the project. We had in hands footage from the best athletes and the best skate spots in the whole country, material captured during a year of trips to nine Brazilian capitals. After days of brainstorming we decided what each one would do on the editing platform. Carlos was responsible for directing the scenes, me main editing, and Fred for the after effects. Bruno Guerra from Recife was in my house and also helped a lot in all stages ; he has great memories for tricks and would always remind us of something being left behind.

It took us nine days to put the clip together, after that i did what every editor wants to do, exported it to a mini DV tape and send it to Dave Paine, Califuckingfornia.

I mailed it in Monday, it cost me 97,00 R$ but they assured me it was going to get there by Friday, the due date I received at Jason Hines e-mail. After words Paine would be in Hawaii filming a session.

Now you ask yourself why dint i see this in VG23, well the mail people dint keep up there promises, the material dint arrive by Friday and Brazil stayed out of the big project that is VG23.