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Robert Lievanos : naked!

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

usd robert lievanos

Hardcore photos of Robert Lievanos USD Skates.

More photos on The Conference or in this topic (Thanks Fufu).

usd robert lievanos

USD Robert Lievanos Pro-Skates

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

USD Robert Lievanos

When USD gave me the opportunity to design my own skate I was excited like anyone would be. This is my third Pro Skate, and I’m honored to have the experience to design my own skate.

I knew that this project would be a great experience for me because USD listens to the skaters. This skate is a new VII boot only. To begin the process of my design, I began brain storming and writing down some of my ideas. I knew that I wanted to use a similar material to snake skin since I have always liked the way snake skin looks on your feet. My ideas came together and I began to design.

I thought the design should be simple and clean. I didn’t want the skate to be too crazy in design because of the material I used. I decided to go with black and white, which are both my two favorite colors. After all of the designing, USD had some
samples to go over, we made some changes and now the skate is out.

I would like to thank USD for all their support in Rollerblading and for their support in myself. To all the Rollers out there, support the supporters.

usd robert lievanos


Equipped with the updated Psirus liner this skate comes stock with one of the best liners on the market, an extremely comfortable and uncomplicated liner with all the great features you should already know from the Psirus liners.


– strong and low cut cuff
– boot with reinforced toe area
– longlastig soulplate


– fast Soulplate with rough grind groove
– wide royale groove
– low cut soulplates with raised up grindlines for faster and smoother grinds

Technical Infos:

– Mounting: UFS
– groove width: 55mm
– Soulspace positive rear: 40mm
– Soulspace positive front: 40mm
– Soulspace negative rear: 34mm
– Soulspace negative front: 32mm
– Liner: relaunch Psirus

USD Grycon Lievanos

Saturday, November 19th, 2005

USD Grycon Lievanos
^USD Grycon Robert “Fade Hurricane” Lievanos (boot only)

Soon to be released ;) price in France 169 euros (about 170 Us $). Source:HawaiiSurf.