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United Front by Jan Welch: Full Video Online

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

quoting Jan Welch:

United Front was the first video I made when coming to San Diego in 2000. At the time I was working for Daily Bread Magazine, so Angie Walton wanted to distribute United Front through their distribution. This was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. They sold nearly 5,000 copies of the video and I never saw one penny from it.

This is still one of my favorite videos. I was able to film one of the first Chris Haffey sections and get some amazing footage with Aaron Dizon, Dustin Jones and Brian Shima. This video also features the first of many sections from the boys from Santee. Not to mention Peru’s finest Sandro Timeteo.

Filmed and edited by Jan Welch. I hope you enjoy these sections.

United Front 2 is also fully availliable online, check this post.

All the sections:

United Front by Jan Welch: Two sections + Trailer

Sunday, July 9th, 2006
united front

I am releasing two sections from my video United Front (circa 2000). The first is the Stunt Seekers section featuring Dustin Jones, Aaron Dizon and Brian Shima, which leads into a two part Chris Haffey profile.

This is back from when I first met Chris Haffey and it is the first video section I did with him. Both Dustin Jones and Aaron Dizon parted their way from skating years ago, but nonetheless their sections are still impressive even to today’s standards.

This is also the first section I ever filmed of Brian Shima. Enjoy! More sections from my video archives will be posted in the future. – Jan Welch

United Front by Jan Welch: Trailer

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