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Timona Kasue & Cody Sanders: The Come Down

Sunday, December 13th, 2015

2 years and 4 cameras later I present to you, The ComeDown. This is my take on the lighter side of the scene here in Austin, TX (2014).Austin Bartels.

The Come Down by Austin Bartels (Texas, 2014)

The homies holding it down in my home town; Tyler, TX. Featuring Timona Kasue, Cody Sanders, Colin Mears, Ian Power, Cameron Chambley, Clayton Chambley, and Brett Cross.

Timona Kasue: Waterloo Section by Anthony Medina

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Waterloo is an Austin, Texas based video featuring Andrew Broom, Mick Casals, Timona Kasue and Mason Richard.

Waterloo by Anthony Medina

Timona Kasue busted his ass filming for this section. For real tho… He broke his foot and wrist. TK is a beast and most of the shit he does could be considered an ender because it’s so fucked up…. And that’s also why he was always getting hurt haha.Anthony Medina.

Song: Ray Charles – I Don’t Need No Doctor.