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This is Scotland by Andy Mills: Montage

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

This is Scotland by Andy Mills

This is Scotland, a video by Andy Mills. Featuring sections of Scott Riddles, Gary Cullen & Alex Agnew. Trailer 01, 02.

Montage: some crazy tricks from some of Scotland’s finest: Brian Adams, Scott Riddles, Garry Cullen, Keir Lindsay, Chris Goldie, James Keyte, Cameron Mitchell & more. (via)

This is Scotland: Trailer II

Friday, September 10th, 2010


A year in the life of scottish rollerbladers with sections from west coast clash, footage of Glasgow, Aberdeen, Livi skate party.

Featuring sections of Scott Riddles, Gary Cullen & Alex Agnew. A video by Andy Mills.

Thanks Nauldatear.


This is Scotland: Dvd Trailer

Thursday, May 27th, 2010



This is my first dvd production exposing the high level of street skating that goes down week in week out in scotland.

My target is to put scotland back on the map for skating and dvd productions.

This dvd will include skating from Gary Cullen, Alex Agnew, Scott Riddles, Chris Goldie, Keir Lindsay, Craig Downie, Camron Mitchel and Russell Dineen ; just to name a few.

These guys are giving there all for your viewing pleasure, so enjoy!! I’m hoping to have this out by autumn this year, but you just never know with the unpredictable weather of scotland: sunny 1 day then snowing the next. But anyway hope u guys like it and ill keep you updated with the release date.