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Rotterdam Invitational 2014: Edit by Thijs Tel

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

On Saturday the 15th of February, Skateland Rotterdam was the scene of the biggest blading competition of Rotterdam: the Rotterdam Invitational.

Rotterdam Invitational 2014

All the big riders were there: Montre Livingston, Nick Lomax, Richie Eisler, Rik van Huik, Julian Bah and many more. Enjoy this edit featuring the best tricks of the day!

Pro Results

  1. Rik van Huik
  2. Nick Lomax
  3. Montre Livingston


  1. Sam Croft
  2. Luca Gobo
  3. Julien Lemoine


  1. Jacky Schrooten
  2. Janna Scheerlinck
  3. Olga Bouwhuis


  1. Levi van Rijn
  2. Randy Zoller
  3. August van der Velden

Rotterdam Invitational 2014, More Media:
Montre Livingston (Best Trick) | Nick Lomax.

Adapt & friends at X-mas Jam 2013: Edit by Thijs Tel

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Adapt and friends at X-mas Jam 2013

Adapt X-mas Jam 2013 Trip featuring Adapt riders and friends: Rik van Huik (killing kinkrails at 0 degrees Celsius in the dark!), Levi van Rijn, Pieter Wijnant, Olga Bouwhuis, Jelle Briggeman, Assia Zaharieva & Marco Sichau. Filmed and edited by Thijs Tel.

Thisissoul at the Dutch Championships 2013

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

The Thisissoul team killed it at the Dutch Championships 2013 in World Skate Center Den Bosch, with Rik van Huik taking the first place at the seniors and Levi van Rijn coming in first at the juniors.

Thisissoul at the Dutch Championships 2013

Jelle Briggeman ended right after Rik on a second place and August van der Velden took the third place at the juniors.

Edited by Thijs Tel.
Previously: Dutch Park Inlineskate Championships (2013) Edit.

Thisissoul: 2013 Team Edit by Thijs Tel

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Another year has gone by and all Thisissoul team members have been killing it on the streets of the Netherlands.

Thisissoul: 2013 Team Edit by Thijs Tel

Enjoy team riders Pascal Tan, Edwin Wieringh, Tyron Ballantine, Rik van Huik, Levi van Rijn, August van der Velden, Tasheed Zaalman and some guests clips of Ryan Claus and Bartosz Beller, long time Thisissoul supporters!

Filmed & edited by Thijs Tel. Additional camera: Giorgio Oehlers & all the team riders.

Nitro Circus Live in Amsterdam (December 2013): Chris Haffey and Wake Schepman clips by Thijs Tel

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Nitro Circus Live

Previously: Chris Haffey – fakie dub rodeo 1080 (first try).

Levi van Rijn (15): 2013 Summer, Razors Profile

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Levi van Rijn

Levi van Rijn spent his summer on skating, and the result speaks for itself. Tricks on spots all over the Netherlands, from his hometown Katwijk to Groningen in the north.

Filmed by Thijs Tel. Song: Love – A House Is Not A Motel.


MTV Voices (Amsterdam): Skate This City

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

The MTV EMA touches down this weekend in Amsterdam and from the buzz in the city, there’s no doubt it’s going to be an out of this world party.

MTV Voices (Amsterdam): Skate This City

You might know it as a city of culture, canals, coffee houses, and chill – and home to MTV Voices first ever Pop-Up but what’s it really like to live in the “Jamaica of Europe”?

Four Amsterdammers show us their city, from the blades and ramps that make it their home. If you don’t like big falls, from big heights, probably don’t watch… Article on

Featuring August van der Velden, Levi van Rijn, Pascal Tan and Thijs Tel. Visit

Holland at Shred Cologne 2013: Edit by Thijs Tel

Friday, September 13th, 2013

During the Shred Cologne 2013 weekend I shot footage of all the Dutch bladers and bladies and made this edit of all the material.

Holland had a good day at the competition with riders in all 3 categories ending up in the top 3s (full results).Thijs Tel.

August van der Velden (15): 2013 Profile by Thijs Tel

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

August van der Velden is killing the streets of the Netherlands in his latest street profile, lacing tricks on steep rails as if they are some random practice rails. He’s known for his clean style, and came in second at the Summerclash 2013 miniramp finals.

August van der Velden (15): 2013 Profile

Filmed & edited by Thijs Tel. Song: Kanye West – Champion. Photo.
Previously: Young Blood, August van der Velden & Dominic Bruce.

Summerclash 2013: Pro Clips by Thijs Tel

Monday, June 24th, 2013

The Summerclash 2013 passed by way too fast. What started with a thunderstorm, broken trees and heavy rain on Thursday night, turned into a 72 hour rush, packed with the best street and miniramp blading Europe has seen in a long time, wild camping parties, nonstop sunshine and a best vibe one can hope for.

700 bladers and friends gathered from 30 different nations and turned the Mellowpark into an official blading festival.

Summerclash 2013

As you can see, the results look different to what you’re used to. We decided to split the first place between four people. Its not because the judges were too lazy to decide, its simply because the Summerclash and blading in general shouldn’t be about egos, rankings or pretending we are something that we simply are not.

The finals turned into the craziest thing happening in blading for a long long time. Everyone sessioned and pushed the other to go bigger and better. It wasn’t about the biggest spin at the biggest ramp, it was about 5 guys ripping a real-street-trash park.

Clips featuring Montre Livingston, Nils Jansons, David Sizemore, Nick Lomax and Anthony Pottier. Music by Daan Hegt (

Five guys that showed how cool and mature blading can look like. Not just a best trick comp at one big obstacle.

Everyone in the finals skated different sections of the park and picked their favorite obstacle. A bunch of people that love blading all skated at the same level while being surrounded by another 700 people that were screaming and celebrating blading.

Having a 4-person tie was just the right thing to do in that moment.

Summerclash 2013: Full Results | Montre Livinston Clip.

Levi van Rijn (15): Early 2013 Profile by Thijs Tel

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

It’s been 7 months since Levi van Rijn’s first street profile was released, and in that time he’s been picked up by Razors and Thisissoul.

Levi van Rijn (15): Early 2013 Profile by Thijs Tel

Meanwhile we’ve been working hard to get new footage, skating whenever it wasn’t raining. Enjoy this profile shot in the first months of 2013!Thijs Tel.

Additional footage: August van der Velden, Jack van der Plas.
Song: Turbo Fruits – Mama’s mad cause I fried my brain.

Previously: Levi van Rijn (14), 2012 Street Profile by Thijs Tel.

Tyron Ballantine: 2012 Street Clips by Thijs Tel

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

Tyron Ballantine

Tyron Ballantine is a name that doesn’t really need an introduction. This dutch skater has been killing street ever since he started blading, and it doesn’t look like he will stop doing so anytime soon.

All footage was shot for Children of the Future and part of it was used, but not all clips!

Levi van Rijn (14): 2012 Street Profile by Thijs Tel

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

14 Year old Levi van Rijn is one of the young upcoming skaters from the Netherlands, based in the small city of Katwijk.

He is starting to make a name for himself in the Dutch scene, and skated his first international competition earlier this month at Shred Cologne, Germany.

We’ve been filming over the span of the late summer, resulting in his first street profile. Keep your eyes on him.Thijs Tel.

Secondary Cameras: Jack van der Plas, Rik van Huik, Koen van Rijn.
Song: The Who – My Generation (Original Mono). Thanks Survivor (forums).

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