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Mindgame – Bang (2004) Soundtrack

Monday, March 6th, 2017

bang mindgame

Track Listing (courtesy of Rollingvideos).

  • Intro: Murder By Death – You Are the Last Dragon
  • Aaron Feinberg: Tv on the Radio – Staring at the Sun
  • Don Bambrick: Passage – Poem to The Hospital
  • Friends: Pinback – Syracuse
  • Dustin Latimer: Matthew Cooker – Thanks Eddie (Clean Version)
  • Crash Section: Earlimart – We’re So Happy (We Left The Piano In The Truck)
  • Brian Aragon: Deep Puddle Dynamics – Mothers of Invention
  • Chris Farmer: Midnight Movies – Just To Play
  • Credits: The Black Heart Procession – Waterfront (The Sinking Road)
  • Team Section: Sole – Salt On Everything

bang mindgame

Mindgame – Bang (2004) Full Video.

KCMO by Sean Kelso, Soundtrack: Stream + Listing

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

Update: added Andrew Nemiroski’s song. Thanks Anon.

  • Intro: asian cover of Connie Francis – Where The Boys Are (1961, Youtube).
  • Chris Farmer: Tommy Wright III – Runnin N Gunnin (1995, Youtube) + Pure Hell – No Rules (1977, Youtube).
  • Friends 1: Esprit – Untitled 2 (2013, Bandcamp).
  • Pat Doherty: Thin Lizzy – No One Told Him (1981, Youtube).
  • Friends 2: ?
  • Kc Roche: The Gun Club – Blue Monsoons (1994, Youtube).
  • Andrew Nemiroski: Antwon – Lap of Luxury (Youtube).
  • Colin Kelso: Ritchrd – Dust (Gta V Official Theme, Soundcloud) + Raekwon – Criminology (1995, Youtube).
  • Chris Cheshire: Bones – Boyband (Youtube).
  • Sean Kelso: Dean Blunt Tape 3 mix weds (The Narcissist II, Youtube).
  • Nick Labarre: Bones & Xavier Wolf – Fuck Fashion (Youtube).
  • Alex Broskow: Cold Shower – Alight (Youtube).
  • Credits: Childish Gambino – It May Be The Glamour Life ft. Ghostface Killah (Youtube).

KCMO, More Media: B-Roll and Extras | Trailer.
KCMO is available on for $9.99 | Visit

Thanks Kamaz (forums).

Roces, Face the music: Dirt Box Mixtape

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Roces, Face the music: Dirt Box Mixtape

Sam Currie (Dirt Box) posted a mixtape in homage to the soundtrack of the 2006 Roces Dvd, Face the music.

Tracklist courtesy of Rollingvideos.

  • Intro: Slaughter and the Dogs – We Don’t Care.
  • Mike Lilly: Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen In Love.
  • Oli Short Part 1: Kinks – Got My Feet On the Ground.
  • Oli Short Part 2: Motley Crue – Livewire.
  • Casey Bagozzi: Unknown.
  • Charles Dunkle: The Cramps – Garbageman.

Razors, Children of the Future (2012): Soundtrack

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013
  • Intro: Blood Ceremony – Children of the Future.
  • Alex Burston: Pretty lights – Hot Like Sauce.
  • Jon Fromm: Pusha T – Pies.
  • Howie Bennett: The Gories – Grace of God.
  • Jeph Howard: The Smiths – What difference does it make.
  • Yuri Botelho: DJ Khaled Feat Movado – Suicidal Thoughts.
  • Montage: School Boy Q – There He Go.
  • Josh Glowicki: Lucci Lou – No Problems.
  • Edwin Wieringh: Aesop Rock – Cycles to Gehenna.
  • Tyron Ballentine: Aesop Rock – Coffee.
  • Dre Powell: Unknown Instrumental.
  • Tom Coley: Rusko – Cali Love.
  • Winston Wardwell / Derek Henderson: Jimi Hendrix – Hey Baby.
  • Korey Waikiki: Wale – Work.
  • Fabio Enes: Boy Crisis – Dressed to Digress.
  • Iain Mcleod: 50 Cent – New Day.
  • Brian Aragon: Alt J – Fitzpleasure.
  • Outro: DJ Khaled – Hip Hop.

Thanks Erick Rodriguez.

Hyphy III: Soundtrack

Monday, March 19th, 2012
  • Intro: Zion I – The Bay Remix
  • B Mike: Hoodstarz – Grown Man On Remix
  • Sneak & Trever: Atmosphere – What Is the Meaning of life
  • Montage: Atmosphere – Smart Went Crazy
  • Ivan Narez: Common – Be (Intro)
  • Austin Paz, Gonzo, Vinny Minton: Fat Joe – Make It Rain
  • Jon Morciglio: Too $hort – Burn Rubber
  • Casey Bagozzi: ???
  • Sacremento Montage (Night): Zion I – Hit-Em
  • Victor Arias: Wolfmother – Joker and the Thief
  • Credits: Zion I – Roll On Out
  • Bonus Montage: Lil Wayne – Weezy’s Ambitions

Thanks Bander Saleh.

Pariah by Adam Johnson: Soundtrack

Thursday, March 1st, 2012
  • Intro: Mondo Boys: “Washed Out”
  • Nick LaBarre/ Dylan Davis: MC5: “Looking At You”
  • Brian Freeman: Curren$y: “Smash On O’leary”
  • Marc Moreno: Black Sabbath: “When I Came Down”
  • Ross Kuhn: Rodriguez: “Hate Street Dialogue”
  • Paul John: The Sonics: “Shot Down”
  • Montage: Reservoir Park: “The Dutchess and The Duke”
  • Michael Garlinghouse: The Drags: “Whose Got The Electricity”
  • Erik Stokley: Dust: “Learning To Die”
  • Montage: Rose Tattoo: “Remedy”
  • Chris Farmer: Death: “Keep On Knocking”
  • Montre Livingston: Jimi Hendrix: “Spanish Castle Magic”
  • Alex Broskow: Night Beats: “Shadows In The Night”
  • John Bolino: Sleep: “Aquarian”
  • Credits: The Rolling Stones: “2000 Man”

FLYGT by Jonas Hansson: Soundtrack

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012


Music: Spleen United – Heroin Unltd
From the album: “God Speed Into The Mainstream”


Music: Radiohead – Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
From the album: “In Rainbows”


Amon Tobin – Theme From Battery
From the album: “Chaos Theory”

The Chemical Brothers – Saturate
From the album: “We Are The Night”

Spleen United – My Tribe Part II
From the album: “Neanterthal”


The Notwist – Trashing Days
From the album: “All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone”


Blockhead – Triptych Pt.1
From the album: “Music By Cavelight”


Explosions In The Sky – Catastrophe And The Cure (Four Tet Mix)
From the album: “All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone”


Four Tet – Don’ts [David Shrigley]
From the album: “LateNightTales”


Spleen United – Gold Ring
From the album: “Godspeed Into The Mainstream”


Ladytron – CMYK
From the album: “Witching Hour”

Vine St (Australia) by Dom West: Soundtrack

Thursday, April 7th, 2011
  • Timelapse Intro: Bonobo – Prelude
  • Skating Intro: Blockhead – It’s raining clouds
  • Richie Intro: Three Dog Night – Mama told me not to come
  • Richie: Caribou – Melody day
  • Interlude: New Orleans funk compilation – Track 4
  • Dom & Jamie: Syl Johnson – Concrete reservation
  • James & Craig: RJD2 – 2 More Dead
  • Mass: Bahamadia – 3 Tha Hard Way
  • Tien: John Lennon – Watching the wheels
  • Friends: Electrelane – Tram 21
  • Interlude: Electrelane – Birds
  • Simon & Charlie: Crosby, Stills & Nash – Almost cut my hair
  • Bondi: Air – Femme D’argent
  • CJ Intro: Trentmoller – Take me into your skin
  • CJ: Vive la fete – Noir Desir
  • Rian Intro: Solar bears – Crystalline (Letherette Remix)
  • Rian: Fever ray – When I grow up
  • Outro: Arcade fire – Haiti

More Vine St Media.
Thanks Tadas Banuskevicius.

Valo 4life Soundtrack

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Valo 4life Soundtrack
HD Picture on

  1. Intro, Prologue, Narration by Free The Robots: Dear Diary
  2. Intro by Zion I: Coastin’
  3. Europe Intro by Free the Robots: Lonely Traveler
  4. Portugal by Neon Indian: Should Have Taken Acid with You
  5. Soichiro Kanashima by Amplive, Featuring Trackadamicks & Mr. Micro: Gary is a Robot
  6. Dean Coward and Ross Kuhn by Four on the Floor: Demon Cobra
  7. Montreal by Chip the Ripper: Like That
  8. Franco Cammayo by The Bangerz: Still Waters Run Deep
  9. Amsterdam, Australia by Free the Robots: Jazz Hole
  10. Brandon Smith by Jeff Stockwell: Pipeline
  11. Support by Bosco: Ragdoll
  12. Support by The Cool Kids: Flying Kites (Production Chuck Nguyen)
  13. Victor Arias by Why: A Sky for Shoeing Horses Under
  14. Montage by Geographer: Kites
  15. Cosimo Tassone by Free the Robots: Orion’s Belt Buckle
  16. Barcelona by Black bird Black bird: Pure
  17. Erik Bailey by Spindrift: Indian Run
  18. Alex Broskow PT. 1 by Dahga Bloom: Bemsha Swing
  19. Alex Broskow PT. 1 by Dahga Bloom: Dahga Bloom
  20. Jon Julio by Dirty Diamonds: Heaven’s Plate
  21. Encore by Sage Francis: Best of Times

Razors Game Theory: Soundtrack

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

razor game theory

  • Intro: Lupe Fiasco, Shining Down
  • Julian Bah: Julian Bah – Hate (original track) ; opening: Roscoe Dash and Soulja Boi – All the way turnt up (Heroes & Villains RMX – youtube, download)
  • Max Jubin, Roman Abrate, Mathias Silhan :———
  • Flow Section: Chairlift – Bruises
  • Eric Perkett, Ian Mcleod, … : ———
  • Dre Powell: Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed, Jakwob Remix
  • Brian Aragon, Song 1: Kanye West – Power
  • Brian Aragon, Song 2: Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye West – Run this Town (E.S Posthumus version).
  • Max Jubin: Bill Conti – gonna fly now.
  • Mathias Silhan: Telephone – ca c’est vraiment toi.
  • Stefan Horngacher: The Lambrettas – Living for Today.
  • Don Bambrick: Untitled.

Thanks Ash-RZR, jayztv2, Brandon_Andersen, rando, nekokrew, sequoia, venin (LOL), brightlight (forums).

Game Theory Track Listing – American Version
by Helton Brazilionaire.

Hans Zimmer – Half remembered Dreams ( Inception )
Hans Zimmer – Dream within a dream (Inception)
Lupe Fiasco – Shining Down
Roscoe dash ft. Soulja Boy – All The Way Turnt Up (Remix)
Julian Bah – Hate (Original Track)
Chairlift – Bruises
Adam And The Ants – Antmusic
The Roots ft. John Legend – The Fire
The Lambrettas – Living For Today (Beat Boys In The Jet Age)
Kid Cudi – Man On The Moon
Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Jakwob Remix)
Kanye West – Power
Jay-Z ft. Rihanna (Orchestra Remix) – Run This Town
Moby – Extreme Ways

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