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George Holmquist: SoFlo Collective | Heatwave

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

Skating has always been my passion and has shaped the person I am today. It’s what has allowed me to do some amazing things over the years. My friendships, relationships, and even business ventures all are a direct result of skating.

George Holmquist: SoFlo Collective | Heatwave

The past three years have been tough to skate as much as I’d liked to because of my Career and Newly found passion for Jetski racing. However, I still managed to go out when I could and do what I love. Skating has taken me to many different countries around the world and countless other places throughout the US. I hope you enjoy.George Holmquist.

Footage From 2014 & 2015. Filmed by: Justin Finley. Additional Filmers: Rob Squire, Jon Fromm, Danny Mejia, Buck Wild. Music: Blonde Redhead – 23.


SoFlo Collective: Hola Tour 2014 (Barcelona)

Friday, September 12th, 2014

While SoFlo’s own Jon Fromm was out touring the world, Justin Finley & George Holmquist randomly got a call from Mr. Fromm that he would be in one location for more then a week. Just so happens the call came 3 days before Jon would be flying into Barcelona.

SoFlo Collective: Hola Tour 2014 (Barcelona)

This wouldn’t be a problem if both George & Justin had passports. Which is where the adventure started. If you didn’t know already getting a passport in 3 days can be a very difficult. We ended up having to have the passport delivered to the airport terminal 15 mins before our flight.

7 days, 3 clubs, 88 packy beers, 2 bottles of rum, 2 hotels, 3 sleepless nights, 2 sunsets, 5 beautiful Italian women, 22 kabobs and a Bouncer who wanted to beat up Jon Fromm for stating in a drunken slur that the US dollar is the greatest currency in the world. This is what we came up with.

We are not pro skaters nor do we try to be. We just love rollerblading and the adventures and friends it provides along the way. Hope you enjoy!

Rob Squire: Heatwave 2014 by Kenrick Chiocca

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Rob Squire: Heatwave 2014 by Kenrick Chiocca

Filmed by George Holmquist, Justin Finley, Safe Journey, Charles Dickingson & Danny Mejia.


Florida: Tampa Trippin with Soflo Collective

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Florida: Tampa Trippin with Soflo

A month ago we decided to buy a van for the crew and for Justin Finley after he blew up his truck, we knew right when we drove back home in the van a road trip was a must asap!

After a few weeks of planning the crew hit up Lydell Locket and Asian Brian and next thing you know we were packed in the van and on the way up to Tampa. We stayed the weekend, bladed, chilled and had a bunch of good times. This is what came from the trip!

Featuring Kenrick Chiocca, Justin Finley, and Robbie Squire.

Kenrick Chiocca (17): Heatwave 2013, SoFlo Roll Edit

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Original post: December 2013.
January 2014 update: added leftovers.

Introducing the second part of the Heatwave Series from SoFlo is Kenrick Chiocca. Edited by George Holmquist.

Kenrick Chiocca (17): Heatwave 2013, SoFlo Roll Edit

Without a doubt the youngest blader in the SoFlo Crew coming in at 17 years old, he still gets dropped off to go blade with the crew by his mom! However that isn’t any reason to doubt what technical tricks he has in his bag that he’ll pull out at any spot.

He’s certainly got some more years ahead of him to blade and if you see how much fun he’s having there’s no stopping him anytime soon. Filmed by George Holmquist, Justin Finley, Danny Mejia, Safe Journey, Jon Fromm, Robbie Squire, Matt Genna, and Buck Strauss.

Kenrick Chiocca: Burnt

Leftover clips that didn’t make the cut for 17 year old Kenrick Chiocca’s 2013 Heatwave (video above).

Welcome Back Jon Fromm: SoFlo Collective Edit

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Jon Fromm suffered a broken leg last June. Luckily, he managed to rest, recover and get healthy in a matter of 4 months. This is the first footage of him since being hurt.

Welcome Back Jon Fromm: SoFlo Collective Edit

We are glad to have Jon back up and shredding with the crew. Be on the look out for him in Barcelona, Spain where he is beginning to film for his next section as you read this.SoFlo Roll.

Filming: George Holmquist, Justin Finley, Kenrick Chiocca, Ryan “Buck” Strauss, Safe Journey, Danny Mejia and Rob Squire. Editing: Jon Fromm. Song: Atmosphere – My Notes.

Safe Journey (32): Heatwave 2013, SoFlo Roll Edit

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Safe Journey

Nick ‘Safe Journey’ Williams (Florida), 32 years old. Filmed by George Holmquist, Kenrick Chiocca, Justin Finley, Jon Fromm, Danny Mejia, Rob Squire, Matt Genna. Edited by George Holmquist.

Song: Knokz – Show em what you made of. Visit
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Jon Fromm: Sofloroll, Burnt (2012-2013)

Friday, May 10th, 2013

SoFloRoll’s new segment Burnt featuring leftovers, falls & raw footage of 2012-2013.

Jon Fromm: Burnt by Sofloroll

First up is Jon Fromm. Jon has made quite a name for himself this year with DVD releases in Razor’s Children of the Future, CFR’s Feel Good Feel, Alex Beaupre’s Hope Dies Last and his newest v3 Am section for Scribe.

This is all footage Jon did not use for his sections. We hope you enjoy our new segment.


SoFlo: Goodbye 2012, Edit by George Holmquist

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

SoFlo: Goodbye 2012, Edit by George Holmquist

Featuring Jon Fromm, George Holmquist, Matt Genna, Rob Squire, Safe Journey, Omar Rodriguez, Kenrick Chiocca & Justin Finley.

Additional Filmers: Frankie Terranova, Justin Finley, Kenrick Chiocca, Danny Mejia.