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Stefan Brandow: Scribe Industries Profile (2015)

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

After leaving Pittsburgh and Columbus in the spring to travel, and sustaining a concussion in the fall that left me with no sense of smell or taste, I didn’t get to skate a lot this year.

Blading has brought me a lot of joy and great friends over the years, as well as given me the opportunity to see places I never would have been otherwise.

While a serious injury makes you rethink a lot of things, I’ll always be appreciative of what rollerblading has given me.Stefan Brandow.

Filmed by Kurt Rose, Hawke Trackler, Josh Yarmesch & Sam DeAngelis. Edited by Stefan Brandow & Kurt Rose.

Eric Miller: Scribe Industries Profile (2015)

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Eric Miller: Scribe Industries Profile (2015)

Attentiooooon! At front. Eric Miller reported for duty again. You do not want to miss what Mr Miller has been up to between serving for his country, and working around the winter weather. Eric’s finesse and vocabulary is clearly depicted in his second Scribe installment.

Filmed by Sam DeAngelis. Edited by Eric Miller. Music: Robert Plant – Mighty Rearranger.

Kevin Lapierre: Scribe Pro Wheel (2015)

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

Kevin Lapierre: Scribe Pro Wheel (2015)

Adam Bazydlo: Scribe Industries (2014)

Monday, December 8th, 2014

Filmed by Doug Sharley, Chris Smith & Jamie Olmstead. Edited by Doug Sharley. Music: Nes Less – I am the South, The Black Keys – Run Right Back.

Previously: Adam Bazydlo (Chicago): 2013 Mixtape.

Corey Glanville: Scribe Industries, 2014 Edit

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

A born Wisconsinite to a welcomed Minnesotan, Corey Glanville has easily made himself stick out from the crowd.

With the overwhelming talent spewing from the Minnesota scene, Mr. Glanville moved in with great ambition and determination to become one of the top names and talents not only the Minnesota area, but the entire midwest.

With only being rooted in MN for nearly 3 years, Corey has won countless competitions including back to back placement at the Jeph Howard Summit Competition and back to back first place victories at the Street Fighter series.

Corey will make a lasting impression on anyone that watches him skate, and his personality and charisma show his true colors and professionally.

Filmed by Daniel Fabiano, Shane McClay, Blake Cohen. Edited by Daniel Fabiano. Additional Cameras: Sam DeAngelis, Dan Knapmiller, Jeph Howard. Music: Pink Floyd – Welcome to the Machine (get the song on

Tim Franken: Scribe Industries, 2014 Edit

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Tim Franken: Scribe Industries, 2014 Edit

Tim Franken is a beast, plain and simple. Where ever Tim lurks, people follow, and where ever Tim blades, people progress. He has become a new staple out in California, and a sheer force to reckon with in any contest or competition.

Filming by Sam DeAngelis & Daniel Fabiano, editing by Pigeoto Films.

Stefan Brandow: Scribe Park Edit by Hawke Trackler

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Stefan Brandow: Scribe Park Edit by Hawke Trackler

If you live in the midwest, scratch that. If you live in this Polar Vortex of the United States this year you are having issues street skating.

When you get stuck in this situation, you typically find yourself at any skatepark, indoor warehouse, parking garage, whatever you can find that has shelter, and gives you the ability to roll and blade.

Enjoy Stefan Brandow shredding some ramps during the tundras of the Winter solace. – Scribe Industries.

Song: Painted Ship – Frustration. Visit

Tim Franken: Scribe Pro Wheels (58mm / 90a)

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

There comes a time when enough is enough. In this case, it was time to put Mr. Franken on a different level. This much deserved first edition signature pro wheel comes in a great time when rollerblading needs both a new wave of upcoming professionals and quality products to go along with their names.

Tim Franken: Scribe Pro Wheels (58mm / 90a)

Tim Franken‘s wheel is a 58mm / 90a black tempered urethane. It is poured over a solid urethane high density shock resistant core that can withstand the greatest impacts in the inline market.

The urethane has a high rebound, and is developed to not chunk or split the urethane with significant wear timeline. This is a double-sided printed wheel. Same logo both sides, white

Larger pictures: 0102. Also featured on the picture: Scribe Grindstone 45mm.

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