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3d Printing by Claudio Antonelli

Sunday, March 27th, 2016

3d Printing by Claudio Antonelli

Besides his 3d printed Remedyz shells project, Claudio Antonelli is working on Salomon souplates on Cinema4d!

3d Printing by Claudio Antonelli

3d Printing by Claudio Antonelli

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Salomon: This is (2004) Full Video

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

November 2010 Repost.

Don Bambrick, Vinny Minton, Brandon Campbell, Chris Cheshire, Chance Dunstan, Rob Thompson and Chaz Sands.

salomon this is

Aaron Feinberg: Salomon, Focused Section (2000)

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

September 2012 Repost.
Salomon Tour Video. Directed by Dave Paine.

Aaron Feinberg

Music: Woodrow – My black soul.

Salomon Focused by Dave Paine: Full video

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

January 2009 Repost.

salomon focused

Featuring Aaron Feinberg, Matt Andrews, Jake Elliott, Chiaki Ito, Nick Riggle, Wilfred Rossingnol, Shayne Skower, Vinny Minton, Jochen Smuda, and Nicky Adams.

Soundtrack courtesy of Rollingvideos.

  • Aaron Feinberg: Woodrow – My Black Soul.
  • Vinny Minton: Swollen Members – Groudbreaking.
  • Nick Riggle: Anticon – Bottle of Humans.
  • Japan: Planet Asia – Place of Birth.
  • France 1: Saian Supa Crew – Intro.
  • France 2: Komado – ?.
  • Shane Skower: Swam – Grain of Sand.

Chaz Sands: Salomon: This is (2004) Section

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

2011 Repost.

chaz sands

Salomon, This is (2004): Full Video.

Starring Don Bambrick, Vinny Minton, Brandon Campbell, Chris Cheshire, Chance Dunstan, Rob Thompson and Chaz Sands.

Previously: Chaz Sands & Alex Burston at Backyard skatepark (2014).

Just another day in the hood: Pokemon x Blading

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

THEMxNIGGAS posted a crossover of Pokemon x Blading.

Just another day in the hood: Pokemon x Blading

Salomon ST90 x Symetrics Plate Custom

Friday, August 15th, 2014

Ivo from This Is Soul skateshop in Amsterdam bought some deadstock, mint condition Salomon ST90 2 from some seedy corner of the internet and since I used to own a couple of pairs of Salomons and remembered how comfortable they were, I needed to get my grubby paws in them quickly.

One thing I remembered as well was that the grinding was not my favourite part of skating them. The decision to use Adapt Symetrics Soulplates was easy, since Toe Bee had already done the research on several pairs of Salos himself, and was willing to share what little he knew.

Salomon ST90 x Symetrics Plate Custom

So off to Beer Hendrik’s workshop I went. Feeling guilty that he was doing most of the work I decided to film his bladecraftmansship. All I had was my Iphone 5S but it had to do.

Have a good look at how easy it it to modify the Symetrics plate to fit any skate with a flat bottom. Now time to destroy them on some rough terrain! – Remy Cadier.

Music: Giorgio Oehlers – No Heart Feelings.

Salomon Street Team Video (2003?) by Beau Cottington

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Salomon Street Team Video by Beau Cottington

Quoting Beau Cottington:

Salomon Team video I did in 2003 I think (?) It was used in a media kit separated into sections and never released in entirety. I produced the whole soundtrack myself which was a first for me.

Features Brandon Campbell, Rob Thompson, Billy Prislin, Brian Hamm, Chance Dustan, Jimmy Shuda, and others. This video is not the finished version, my master tapes are lost and this is from a tape Billy Prislin had stored away.

In this version Vinny Minton had not turned in his footage yet, but he has a section in the finished video. Also I had only done color correction on a few select clips, so this is like a 3/4 draft version.

Hopefully I will find the original master tape with the complete video soon. Big thanks to Billy Prislin for digging up the tape out of his archive for me. Thumbnail shot is B.Cam with an impossible 360 over a tall fence in Santa Barbara, CA.

Aaron Feinberg: Barnburner 2010 Clips + Bonus

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Gap to soul won best trick @ Barn Burner 10′.

aaron feinberg

Photo: Logun Mitchell.

Bonus: Aaron Feinberg, Focused Profile (Salomon Tour Video 2000)

Focused (Salomon Tour Video 2000)

aaron feinberg hyper wheels

Nick Riggle: Shock Interview & Salomon Profile

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Nick Riggle

Fill us in on what you have been up to since you declared your retirement from professional rollerblading in Daily Bread some years ago?

So, roughly, I was in a band, I went to college, and now I’m in graduate school getting a PhD in Philosophy. That’s the short story. The longer version: I think I was already taking classes at the Santa Rosa Junior College when I did that Daily Bread interview. When I decided to stop skating professionally I was already pretty excited about studying philosophy in college.

I dropped out of high school to be able to travel as much as I needed to, but I was a decent student and I actually really liked studying itself. So when I was traveling a lot I read tons of books. I eventually became very interested in philosophy and decided that I would go to college to study it.

I had become somewhat bored with the life of professional rollerblading (not with rollerblading itself), and I was getting to a point where I needed to find something else to do with my life. I thought seriously about starting a company under Peld, since it was practically already a brand, but I realized that I wasn’t a business person.

Check the Nick Riggle: Shock Interview.

Nick Riggle – FOCUSED – 2000 Salomon Team Video

Nick Riggle played an integral role in pioneering toe-rolls & heel-rolls, and pushing an unconventional style of skating, which he and fellow pioneers referred to as “mushroom blading.”

Today, mushroom blading exists in skaters like Charles Dunkle, Rory Melehan, Micah Yeager, the SOL dudes from Canada, Dustin Latimer and any skater that doesn’t limit his skating to traditional ledge or rail grinds.

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