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Rolling Revival: Episode 63, Quit skipping

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Rolling Revival

On the cusp of a new year and with the holidays upon us, we bring you episode 63 of Rolling Revival. It’s a great Christmas to be a rollerblader! That’s if you’ve been nice enough to guarantee one of the plethora of new blades making their way to shops this season. Or maybe you’ve been naughty, smoked and drank more than you’d like to admit, but talented enough to get your blades on flow. It’s not easy being a rollerbum sans heath insurance… err I mean, “Pro” nowadays.

Just ask our favorite martyr Don Bambrick, now a USD pro and living the carbon fiber life. This week we also took a moment to try and discern if Valo may be set to release it’s all new boot mold for the alleged “Valo Light”. As is normally the case when we throw our pundit hats on, we debate WRS event rankings vs. historically awesome rollerblading events, now waining in attendance.

We’re pretty sure skaters are officially fed up at the notion of seeing rollerblading portrayed in a positive, professional light on TV. However the dream lives on in the most amazing forms, ready to wipe the skepticism right off your face. Notably, it’s hard to keep anything in our small culture a secret, but Daniel’s keeping the links and passwords close to his chest.

Do your best to keep following along, but you’ll have to hit that play button below to get the most out of these links.

Also be sure and check out this weeks POTW by Sam Cooper with a shot of Dan Ives doing a rocket fish.

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Podcast: Revival_Ep063.mp3 (Duration: 1:02:42, 50mb) | Website.

Episode 63 Show Notes

Rumors: New Valo Light | World Rolling Series.

Clothing, Softgoods: Valo Kyler Pack | Xsjado Pro Shoes.

Hardware, Product News: NIMH Shaman White | Razors Aragon IV | USD Carbon II.

Website, Internet: Balance 6, Online Magazine.

Edit, Video News: Mushroom Blading 3 & 4 | NIMH Team Video | USD Coup De Tat | Dmitriy Tipikin for USD | Daniel Jurzyna | Aaron Pyle | Brian Arnold | Mark Wojda 2 weeks in Barca | Mute Dvd Trailer + Website | Xsjado at the WRS Finals | Richie Eisler Pro Model 2011 in 3D | Fade Nation Green Trailer | Tyrone Balantine for Razors | Coco Sanchez @ Woodward.

Email us at rollingrevival[at]gmail[dot]com

Revival: Episode 62 – Intermittent as never

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

rolling revival

We started the show off by adding a new news category. The rumors section of the show featured some interesting happenings in the world of rollerblading. No reason to stick to strictly published news when we can pretty much do or say as we please. Our legitimacy is slightly questionable anyway.

That led us into a crazy debate about Casualty pulling a Franco Shade. Whatever that means!? Lot’s of awesome hardware news which is a treat and a rarity. And of course our signature internet news and video edit highlights.

As if that weren’t enough, we also fill you in on all of this months events happening around the U.S.

Check the show online | Download.
Duration: 1:08:53 — 58.6MB.

Revival: A Day in Our Lives Vol.1

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

We hope your 4th of July weekend was a blast!

It’s my pleasure to introduce the first in a series of half hour, documentary style skating videos distributed online and available for free, exclusively through the Rolling Revival podcast.

Our Video Producer Quinn Feldman has worked tirelessly capturing and editing the lives of five skaters. Each of which represents a unique kind of talent, diversity and style. Here’s what Quinn had to say about the feature.

A Day in Our Lives

Featuring full days from: Anthony Williams (CA), Sean Knight (Canada), Mikey Blair (MI), Andrew Scherf aka Beef (AZ) and Ryan Googins (MN).

The video also includes skating from: Iain and Colin McLeod, Ranier Piramide, Michael Obedoza, Brett Dasovic, Brett Hammond, Jake Moreau, Jeph Howard, Quinn Feldman, Ryan Santos, Brian Weiss, Ryan Roux, DP, Chris Farmer and many more.

More infos, Download Links on Revival.
Thanks Tim Parker.

Revival Vidcast 55: Behind the Scenes at Hedonskate

Monday, June 8th, 2009


We at Revival have always wanted to bring you truly global content featuring more than just the skating itself.

So we were excited when the guys at CanisLatransMedia asked to create a behind the scenes edit from Hedonskate!

Hedonskate is based in Poland and is not only a hub for rollerblading in Europe but also a world class store.

If you have been to a rollerblading event anywhere in the world you will have not only seen them supporting with sponsorship – but probably met the guys there too!

So here is a look at how things roll down at the store and after the store closes when the guys hit the local skatepark.

Rolling Revival Dedicated Post.
Thanks Basza & Tim Parker.

Revival – Vidcast 54 – Deshi Carboncast

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Deshi Carboncast

So there has been a LOT of hype over the new Deshi Carbon skates. So much in fact that I had to try some out for myself.

While doing so myself and Harry Reavley decided to film my first afternoon on the skates to give you an idea of how they roll. I could have happily rambled on in nerdy fashion about small details but instead we decided to make it more fun to watch and let the action do most of the talking.

Big shout out to Harry for coming up with a top level edit and getting it done in a day even if it took me a week to get it on the net! […]

Rolling Revival Post.

Rolling Revival Vidcast 53: Anthony Gallegos

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Anthony Gallegos

Known as Wiener to his friends, Anthony has been rolling steady, with his own style and flair that we have yet to see anyone touch.

As much as we love his skating, were even bigger fans of his humble and friendly persona. Its rare to encounter a guy incredibly focused and intent on landing a tough switch up, but ready to laugh at himself should he miss. […]

Check the full article & download the video on Rolling Revival.

Rolling Revival (Vidcast 52): GOSTCast

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

rolling revival

Arlo Eisenberg and Jess Dyrenforth are accomplished icon’s of our noble subculture. In their daily lives they may be no more recognized than you or I, but though their passion for art, design and ultimately sport, they conjure an established foundation of wisdom and culture in skating.

Their pioneering ways have set the bar in Street Skating, Logo Design, Photography, Marketing and Fashion. They are single handedly responsible for the portrayal and image of rolling from 1993-2000. Their collective influence continues today, albeit behind the scenes, as respective owners and marketers of street culture.

For this, Vidcast 52 we traveled to Santa Ana CA, home of Arlo and Jess to speak with them about Fifty-50, England Clothing and the new kid on the block, GOST Brand. The impromptu interview style didn’t seem to catch either of them off guard, ever professional, in every way.

Thanks to Quinn for chopping up this huge video and don’t forget to subscribe to us on iTunes for plenty more content to come!

Check the dedicated post on to download the video.
Thanks Tim.

Revival Vidcast 50: So-Cal Skatepark Sessions

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

The big Five Zero. It had to be a banger, Quinn has made sure of this. He took a great amount of time and effort to film and edit from a bunch of the So-Cal skateparks with all the local skaters.

We now present this 12 minute edit which includes: Monday @ Long Beach, Tuesday @ Arcadia, Wednesday @ Chino, Thursday @ Etnies and Friday @ Baldwin / Wesco.

This vidcast is dedicated to and in memory of Daniel Balandan who was tragically killed in Chino just a few weeks ago. Thanks to everyone who came out for Daniel and for the edit. Featuring skating from the likes of – Brandon Smith, Jon Julio, Jeremy Soderberg, Iain McLeod, Drew Bachrach, Winston Wardwell, Jeff, Russian Nick, Connor O’Brien and many many more. […]

More infos & Video Download.

Iain McLeod Interview + skating (by Revival)

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

ian mcleod

2009 really is the year of renewed optimism and possibility for Revival. As change rolls over America, an unassuming addition to our small collective has given this show a serious shot in the arm.

Quinn Feldman is as restless, as he is relentless about rolling. He’s skating better than ever, and yet, manages to seriously consider joining Revival as a new host and producer. We couldn’t be more exited to have him. When it came time for Quinn to consider what skaters he’d like to feature on Revival, one name came to mind, Iain McLeod. […]

More infos about the interview & video download (mp4).
Thanks Magico (forums).

Revival 47: The FRSHcast

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

franco shade

Video episode number 47 people! Thanks to the camera work of Quinn Feldman we managed to capture a little look behind the scenes at Franco Shade in Santa Ana.

Download the video (mp4) here.
Thanks Magico.

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