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History Lesson: Robert Lievanos | Uncloned (2001)

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

History Lesson: Robert Lievanos | Uncloned (2001)

Razors Team Videos: Un.Cloned (2001, by Beau Cottington), Steal this video (2002, by Jan Welch), Closer (2003, by Beau Cottington), Ego (2005, by Adam Johnson), Icons (2007, by Adam Johnson), Game Theory (2010, by Brazillionaire), Children of the future (2012, by Erick Rodriguez).

Robert Lievanos: lost video segment from “Respect”

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Robert Lievanos: lost video segment from Respect

Quoting Beau Cottington:

Robert Lievanos section never made it in the final Dvd (2004), a costly and stupid oversight that still bothers me to this day!

Previously: Respect (2004) by Beau Cottington (Full Video).

Hedonskate Tee by Robert Lievanos

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Fade Hurricane (Robert Lievanos) designed a tee for Hedonskate.

Hedonskate Tee by Robert Lievanos

About Robert C. Lievanos

Robert C Lievanos grew up in the action sports industry as a pro skater in the 90’s. His love for creating and skating was formed at a early age.

After college, Robert worked as an editor and motion graphic artist. He soon realized that this was not the direction for him. In 2007, he started up his own studio, Fade Hurricane Design and has been working for himself ever since.

Robert’s travels, experiences, hard work and dedication molded him into the versatile designer he is today.

Brian Aragon, Brent Hicks, Robert Lievanos, Eric Schrijn @ SDSF by Iphoneblading

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010


Mondays are done right at SDSF. Brian Aragon came through and straight raped the park without leaving his phone number.

Brent Hicks was wrecking as were all the Monday Night locals. We had a special guest from France come through as well, farewell Mr. Diaz, I hope you enjoyed yourself in America.

C-Ledge Saturday with the Escozoo OG’s and up and comers

C-Ledge Saturday is the name of this edit. Robert Lievanos & Eric Schrijn showed up for a little sesh and some of the locals got in on the game.

This is Escozoo roots and the up and comers who will keep it going.


New JUG apparel designed by Fadehurricane

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

New JUG apparel designed by Fadehurricane (Robert Lievanos).

jug clothing

Robert Lievanos (Fade Hurricane): Artwork & Website

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Robert Lievanos (Fade Hurricane): Artwork

Check for some Artwork by Robert Lievanos

Artworks created for Able, Jug, Franco Shade, M1, WRS, Heat, BCSD, Eulogy, BHC and more (Garments, Logotypes, Products).

Robert Lievanos (Fade Hurricane): Artwork

Robert Lievanos (Fade Hurricane), Artwork: Jug
Via Wakeup.

UN.CLONED: Robert Lievanos & Jon Elliot Sections

Monday, May 18th, 2009


2001 razors team video.

Eulogy Sept 08 Edit: Eric Schrijn & Robert Lievanos

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008


SDSF team riders Schrijn and Lievanos doing their thing at the SDSF Escondido Skate

Tee Designs by Robert Lievanos

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

usd tee designs

USD, Denial, Jug and more Tee designs by Robert Lievanos. Link

Not sure if those designs will be published, since those are only photoshops, but some look really nice!

Thanks Ryan Loewy!

denial tee designs

heat tee designs

USD : Dyed Lievanos Proskate

Thursday, March 1st, 2007

dyed lievanos usd

Seven lievanos promodel, dyed skin, SL 310 sifika liner, Kizer black laces, black deshi buckle, Billy Oneil Kizer fluid frame, undercover Team wheels, Mindgame anti-rockers, Kizer bearings.

via The Conference.

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