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Riot by Kenneth Dedeu: Full Video

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Riot by Kenneth Dedeu

Profiling Oli Benet, Jefferson Santana & Cyril Daniel & featuring montages with Chris Haffey, Rachard Johnson, JC rowe, Robin Ackermann, Jefferson Santana (Rosca),Yuri Botelho, Daniel Prell, Xevi Ferro, Paco Rey, Martina Svobodova, Jason Adriani, Roman Mooisenkov, Ivan Garcia, Kenneth Dedeu, Daniel Gomez, Marc Moreno, Joni Prados, Hector Castillo, Arly Edroso.

Filmed by Kenneth Dedeu, Oli Benet & Kiku Comino.
Riot Media: Oli Benet | Jefferson Santana | Cyril Daniel | Trailer 01, 02.
Dvd still available at Thanks Robbbin.

Oli Benet: RIOT Dvd Profile

Saturday, August 29th, 2009


Thanks Oli Benet.

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Cyril Daniel (France): Riot Dvd Profile

Monday, May 25th, 2009

riot dvd

This is Cyril Daniel’s profile for the RIOT dvd remixed.
Filmed and edited by the Kal Crew.

riot dvd

Jefferson Santana “Rosca”: RIOT dvd profile

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Thanks Oli Benet.

Riot Dvd: Trailer

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Riot Dvd
Thanks Kenneth.

RIOT Official trailer

Friday, July 25th, 2008

January 2006: the Barcelona authorities declared and passed the new law of “Civil Order”.

This law was created to make illegal all activities that were not in harmony with the system.

Now skating was only permitted in the poorly built and maintained
skateparks, and any skating on the streets was liable for a fine of between 750 and 1500 Euros, with the power to also confiscate the skates.

November 2006: the authorities disbanded and destroyed the Makabra, the only indoor skatepark in the city, constructed and maintained for free by the skaters themselves.

2008: Welcome to Barcelona.

full sections of Cyril Daniel, Oli Benet and Jefferson Santana

Also the best spanish riders: Daniel Gomez Chino, Marc Moreno Enanoh, Robin Ackerman, Ivan Garcia , Paco Rey, Yuri Bothelo, Joni Prados Gitano, Xevi Ferro, Martin Benza,…

And the best from Europe and US: Daniel Prell, Martina Svobodova, Demetrios George, Rachard Johnson, Stefan deFreitas, Jason Adrianni, Roman Abrate, Adi Wallace, Ben Schwab, Jeff Stockwell, Jc Rowe, Chris Haffey, Jason Adriani, Bruno Willermark, Adrien Anne, Avichai Wechsler, and so much more!

The full DVD will be available very soon in Europe!

For more info check Theconference and with a gallery with tons of pictures from the filming of RIOT.

Riot Dvd

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Full Flyer

RIOT is the new European film by Kenneth Dedeu.

It documents the rollerblading scene in the context of the law against skating in Barcelona. Barcelona city was famous by its dreamed spots and the original architecture, the nice weather, the parties, … knew as the Euro capital of skating now became the leader in the fight against rollerblading and other “anti civic” activities…

RIOT features the finest riders of the word as: Chris Haffey, Rachard Johnson, Demetrios George, Jeff Stockwell, Jc Rowe, Matt Moya, Ben Schwap,… euro heads as Daniel Prell, Benny Harmanus, Jason Adriani, Adi Wallace, Martina Svobodova, Roman Moiseenkov, Stefan deFreitas, Patrick Smith, Kirill Gorbunov, Avichai Weschler, Bruno Willermark,Dominic Wagner, Roman Abrate, Adrien Ane, … and obviously the best from Barcelona and Spain as: Paco Rey, Yuri Botelho, Enanoh, Martin Benza, Daniel Gomez CHINO, Ivan Garcia, Xevi Ferro, Robin Ackerman, Cristina Bonilla, Jonatan Prados, …

With full profiles filmed in Barcelona of: OLI BENET (from UK), CYRIL DANIEL (from France) and JEFFERSON SANATAN ROSCA (from Brazil).
Thanks Kenneth for the mail