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Remy Meister: Forgotten Nimh Clips by Oli Short

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

Remy Meister: Forgotten Nimh Clips by Oli Short

Flashback: Old Remy Meister‘s footage in London, Shot by Oli Short for Nimh. Under the rain until he get hurt.

Remy Master (Belgium): le labyrinthe du monde *

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

Rainy day session in Bruxelles (Belgium, 2016).

Remy Master (Belgium): le labyrinthe du monde

* World’s maze. Remy Meister: More Media.

B4WC 2016 (Bruxelles, Belgium) by Mihai Bivol

Friday, April 15th, 2016

B4 Winterclash 2016 @ Planet Park, Bruxelles (Belgium).

B4WC 2016 (Bruxelles, Belgium) by Mihai Bivol

Featuring James Convent, Mathieu Hennebert, Jeremy Suarez, Anthony Pottier, Amir Zemmour, Jeremy Kesler, Joe Atkinson, Mihai Bivol, Francis Ali, Antoine Erimian, Adrien Anne, Ignacio Laurenty, Stephane Mosselmans, Daniel Aladjidi, Joey Egan & Remy Meister.

Previously: Planet Park (Belgium): B4WC (2016) by Quentin Lagache.

Remy Meister (France): Grain de folie* (200x)

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

Remy Meister (France): Grain de folie* (200x)

* grain of madness.

Remy Meister: Underground (Brussels, 2013)

Saturday, March 5th, 2016

Following the “Guillaume le Gentil skating the Paris Metro stations” post, here is Remy Meister, skating underground (2014 repost).

Remy Meister: Underground (Brussels, 2013)

2013 winter session in Belgium. Edit by Quentin Lagache.

Remy Meister: More Media. Music: Ghosts. Photo.

Remy Meister: 100MM @ Planet Park (Belgium)

Monday, January 4th, 2016

Filmed by Quentin Lagache.

Remy Meister: 100MM @ Planet Park (Belgium)

Remy Meister, Conor Manweiler, Craig O’Hara & Robbie O’Donnell: Ireland (2015) by The Moss Lad

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Filmed in Glasgow, Dublin, near Carrick on Shannon and Sligo. Hardware: Nikon D610 using FCPX. Music & visuals: MMoths – Summer.

Remy Meister, Conor Manweiler, Craig O'Hara & Robbie O'Donnell: Ireland (2015) by The Moss Lad

Some of the footage in this was used for Remy Meister’s Kaltik Vandal Squad Promo, some of its leftovers that Zima didn’t use, had great Craic filming all this, may do it again soon! The rails and shit are en route to Sligo in a Gaa grounds near Carrick On Shannon. – The Moss Lad.

Thanks Mossie045 (forums).


Arpentage Hors Piste | Retrospective: Full Video

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

Arpentage Hors Piste | Retrospective: Teaser

The two first steps were made in November 2013. First of all, along with Guillaume Chaboud and Davai production, we released a small film that was broadcasted during the festival.

Over 40.000 people have been exposed to this video: its aim was to explain to an unsuspecting audience the way rollerbladers alternatively look upon the city.

Moreover, we also did three shows in different places in the little neighbourhood where the festival took place. More precisely, 5 skaters (Remy Meister, Mathieu Heinemann, Hadrien Bastouil, Charlie Ruckly and Arsene Jurman) tried to skate, while Johan Berthonneau explained to the public what street skating actually is (for example, how we choose a spot, what’s our lifestyle like, etc).

Several urban planners worked on this project too, and explained both to the public and ourselves how urban space is conceived and built. The whole project is basically a meeting between an unsuspecting public, urban planners, and a bunch of street skaters interviews.

The last step of a project is always the hardest one… But it is now certain that a retrospective documentary on this original event will be broadcasted worldwide soon. It is edited by Arsene Jurman and ARTSN production. Not only will you get to see original tricks but also interviews of skaters, urban planners, and the artistic director as well.

In the next few days I will be working on the diffusion. I have already met some institutions, festivals, and websites outside of blading that are interested. We will see where that road leads us.

Remy Meister: BCNSTERFLASH (2015) by Jey Mcfly

Monday, September 7th, 2015

3 days with Gin Remy Meister tonic in Barcelona by Jey Mcfly.

Remy Meister: BCNSTERFLASH (2015)

Started in a bar in MTP and 3 days in Barcelona with Remy Meister and Edwige. Beers and gin tonic, no sleep, fitness and yoga. Another mcfly videofART.

Previously: Hangover with Remy Meister & Jey Mcfly (2015) RAW.
Filmed after the Roskilde Festival 2015 by Quentin Lagache.

Dudelange on Wheels 2015 (Luxembourg): Edit

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Dudelange on Wheels 2015 (Luxembourg): Edit

18th edition of the urban festival Dudelange On Wheels (D.O.W) with Anthony Pottier, Remy Meister, Adrien Anne, Jelle Briggeman, Sem Croft, Rik Huik, Levi Van Rijn, Alexandre Serra, Neveu Cyril, Michael Custin, Harley Miguel, Sampio Alexandre, Martins Jimmy, Franz Lauer, Cuttitta Julien alias Tchit, Damien Gerard, Barbelin Florian & Jon Matter.

Best trick: Wesley Nigel Haan – double frontflip 180 (video).

Thanks Walesa Alexis (forums). Visit
Music: M.A.S Effekt – histoires de cul bidons.

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