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xion protective gear: stuntpadding Demo

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Flexible protective padding for stunts, extreme sports, police, military, etc. Based on d3o technology.

The fabric that carries the padding, is a lycra based stretchable fabric that comes in black with either grey or orange stitching (Skin colour fabric will be a future option as a specific feature to serve the stunt industry). Most padded areas are covered with an abrasion resistant cordura with Teflon finish for extensive usage.

The Xion products are designed to protect the bony and rigid parts of the body. Because the padding is flexible, it does not perform in the same way on “soft” parts of the body as rigid protection does.

D3o (the padding in our products) combined with a hard shell, performs a lot better than any other rigid impact protection out there today but looses flexibility and movability by adding rigidity. For the stunt business and most sports or professional applications this is a very important aspect of protection!

Rigid shell protectors do not give a person the desirable freedom of movement, even worse, these products are not worn as comfortable undergarments, just protection!

Our products offer the highest level of protection whilst offering freedom of movement and flexibility. Because the products are designed to wear as a second skin (undergarment), they need to be thin (max. 9 mm), comfortable and worn close to the body. The best part of d3o is, the harder you hit the padding, the better it works. […]

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D3o: new protective gear

Monday, April 14th, 2008

d3o protective gear

D3o: new protective gear. Link

D3o Lab Technology Makes Extreme Sports Safer

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

d3o products

D3o is a complex elastomeric compound discovered at the University of Hertfordshire. A shear thickening material, it is flexible when moved slowly, but when it is compresssed by an impact, its molecules lock together.

The material stiffens, spreading the impact over a greater area (source).

A lot of products have already been created for sports & extreme sports using this material (snowboard, soccer, motorbike racing, etc), and i’m sure that rollerbladers could use one of those gloves, helmets, knee protections: they are light and look pretty cool.

Sad recent events are there to remember us that we are not indestructibles: The accident of Josh Waggoner (RIP), the injury of Cameron Card, the death of Richard Taylor and much more.

Here are some videos on the subject:
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What is d3o?

An explanation of what d3o is given by Richard palmer, founder of d3o lab.

D3o on the Discovery Channel: