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Nobody Cares: Frsh Welcomes Jeremy Soderburg!

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

franco shade nobody cares

When the contest first started I wondered if we would actually get any good submissions, if people even cared to be part of a new video project I was doing. It has been so long since I’ve done something I wondered if I was even relevant enough to expect people to take this whole thing seriously. In the beginning we had some early submissions, some good but not really great. It was really crazy though that basically everyone who submitted was so much more advanced than the guys I would have featured in my videos just a few short years ago.

Rollerbladers have come a long way. Skateboarding is the norm these days, we are engulfed in an industry that is so oversaturated with people who want to latch onto skateboarding culture so bad, that they will even try and act like they themselves are skateboarders when the truth is they could care less about it. I guess that’s where I can see we truly are different. We don’t have the need to make a deck, or have a skate team just so that we can get into skate accounts. If people like our stuff then great, and if they realize our background and history began in rollerblading and they want to shun us because of it, then so be it.

The first guy who really blew us away was Jeremy, at that point I only planned on having one winner, and for a few weeks we were sure it would be him. He is from LA, so obviously we’re a little biased to guys from So Cal, but his home had nothing to do with his abilities and style. I am excited to have him become part of our team, and am sure he is going to be a great addition to the “FRSH” family.

Jeremy Soderburg

Thanks Satan.

Franco Shade: Nobody Cares!

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

nobody cares

The results are in! After pouring through countless youtube submissions we are proud to announce that instead of ONE winner there will be THREE!

The winners will be announced one at a time over the next three days.

The winners will join Rachard Johnson on the Franco Shade Team and will be featured in the highly anticipated new (skate related) video project from Joe Navran titled, “Nobody Cares.”

Thanks go out to everyone who entered. We were constantly amazed at the level of skating that is out there!


X Games Gold Medalist!


Thanks Satan.

Franco Shade, Nobody Cares: entries entries entries

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Alexandre “B-Nick” Cochennec (Frenchy Fries) Entry:

Here is the FRSH (nobody cares) edit of B-nick. I won’t go through lot of lines to describe the boy, fact is that you can learn more about him on the “montage” section. We filmed this edit in two days between the Rennes rain, and added few tricks you would have seen in other edits. We really made this edit for the fun of it, the video contest was a great idea, although i think you need to see skaters in action to really dig it…

Anyway the dude is currently in california with our great colleague Freddywhite, i guess he’s buying some cap or waxing some rails by now. Don’t be jealous, he ain’t eatin no great food there ! hope you still like hiphop. Enjoy !


Mason Richard Entry

Made by Josh “Gogo” Castillo. Thanks Million.

Jon Fromm Entry

Thanks Frommer.

Dan Barnes / Steve Bruning Entry

When we heard about Franco Shade hosting an edit submission contest we took it as our personal mission to submit the illest, and most proper edits possible.

I originally took on Dan Barnes as my subject, then after lots of successful shooting sessions, I decided to add on Steve Bruning. Both sections are fused together into one seamless edit, but for the contest I split these two sections up to meet the 90 second requirement.

Download: / via.

Nobody Cares: More & More Entries!

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Matthias St. John:

Matthias is Deity filmed and edited by GL Joe

Matthias St. John fashion photographer also skates. and most likely lives a cooler life than you do.

those weird effects at the end of the section are all organic. my VX started fucking up and that is what happens when CCD chips start going out.

Thanks Dleifeld.

Kevin Mc Gloughlin:

Irish roller Kevin Mc Gloughlin for the Franco Shade contest.

Thanks Kevin.

Nobody Cares: 2008-04-30 (last?) Entries

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

The Franco Shade Nobody Cares Contest is almost over! Here are some (last?) entries.

Tyler Reidy:

Thanks Proparolla.

Conor Manweiler:

Conor Manweiler, irish rollerblading, footage from 40 Shades of Green.

Song: Beck – cellulars dead. Thanks Proparolla.

Yair Viener:

Thanks D3sh1.

David Jones:

David Jones Franco Shade edit. Edited by Daniel Scarano Filmed by Daniel Scarano & Tanner Madix

Thanks Trsdavejones.

Franco Shade, Nobody Cares: Entries!

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

nobody cares

Tyler Hester Entry:

Tyler is 18 years old from Simi Valley, CA (So-Cal).
Edit by Aarin G (youtube version).

Quinn Feldman Entry:

Nobody Cares: Clement Boucau (Frenchy Fries) Entry

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Clement Boucau

Nobody Cares: Clement Boucau (Frenchy Fries) Entry.

I just dropped Clement Boucau at the airport this morning, and now I am supposed to write this little presentation for the short edit we made for the Franco Shade / Nobody Cares video contest…

Well, there’s not much to say about this funny little character. He’s actually really shy, and his english is not that good, so that could have made the 10 days he spent in San Diego kind of complicated. But the happy smile he carries on his face, and his “baboon on acid” gimmicks made his stay really easy, and his presence here well accepted.

He came to California with a busted knee, so we didn’t get to skate that much during his stay, but between all the burgers at Carl’s Jr, the chill sessions at the beach, and the touristic visits downtown, he still managed to skate Poway and Escondido’s parks, shot a few clips on real street spots, and competed at the AIL contest last week-end at Woodward West, getting props from legends like Jon Julio or Robert Guerrero for his skating. All this mixed with countless, endless laughs…

Well, these were good times after all, and these 10 days went by way too fast. Clement is somebody you really enjoy having around you. He’ll bring a smile on your face, and his stylish skating is certainly worth watching. Hope you enjoy this little section flimed and edited for you and the Franco Shade guys by Samuel “Bodchoy” Courdent !

Frenchy Fries.

Download the video.

Franco Shade: More -Nobody Cares- Entries

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Franco Shade: Nobody Cares

Morgan Lynch Entry:
Edited by Charles Neilson (Ireland, April 2008).

Chris Roberts Entry:

Chris Roberts

Nobody Cares, Video Contest: Kyle Nolte entry

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

kyle nolte

Nobody Cares Franco Shade contest edit starring Kyle Nolte.

filmed and edited by Nico Sotomayor.

Franco Shade: Nobody Cares, More Video Entries

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

franco shade

Scott Olsen Entry:

Jake Dotson Entry:

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