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Jon Cooley: Cleancut 2013 Edit by Mikey Petrack

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Jon Cooley: Cleancut 2013 Edit by Mikey Petrack

Jon CooleyPanhandle Pow-Wow 2013 Heavyweight Champion (Results).
Previously: Jon Cooley, Remz Flow Edit by Jason Hampden. (Photo).

Mikey Petrack: The Warm up Section + Funny Or Die

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

The Warm Up, a Dvd by Stefan Brandow and David Dodge.

Mikey Petrack

Quoting Stefan Brandow:

Upon moving to Raleigh, NC I met up with the main crew of rollerbladers in the city that all lived or hung out at the infamous “Blue Ridge House”.

One of these bladers was Mikey Petrack. Mikey quickly became a good friend. He’s brash and sarcastic, but his skating is smooth and solid.

Mikey didn’t have much time to film for The Warm Up and got seriously hurt during the process. He still came through with awesome profile, and now that he’s all healed will be making more soon.

The Warm up Section Filmed by Stefan Brandow & Jason Hampden.

Heist Guys Finish Last
Featuring Mikey Petrack & blading friends

The show’s story follows a set of three foolish childhood friends as they attempt to acquire marijuana from a longtime drug dealer.

In doing so however, they fall victim to the hi-jinx of America’s criminal underworld. Eventually taking on the role of “The Heist Guys”, the friends find themselves in uninviting yet purely comical situations. Video on Funny Or Die.

Mikey Petrack: Roll Raleigh, Edit

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

Mikey Petrack