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Tim Adams: Knowing Mach Tim – Round Two (2014)

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

When a company approaches a graphic designer and says: “I want you to create us a logo that we can still use in 50 years, something timeless”. That’s Tim Adams skating. A timeless representation of rollerblading. – Brian Weis.

Tim Adams: Knowing Mach Tim - Round Two (2014)

Edited by Mike Torres. Main camera: Kris Troyer, Mike Torres. Additional camera: Kurt Rose, Connor Kenrick, Nate Hall, Cody Lampman & Al Dolega.

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On Holiday by Mike Torres: Los Gringos Tour

Friday, July 11th, 2014

Filmed in Puerto Rico. Report of the Tour on

On Holiday by Mike Torres: Los Gringos Tour

When you’re renting a high rise apartment with marble floors, touring bad ass restaurants more than you’re touring street spots, carving out time for a beach session every day, spending a day in a rainforest sliding down waterfalls, and the poker dice are rolling more than your wheels, you gotta stop and ask yourself, is this a skate trip, or am I just on holiday?Mike Torres.

Main cameras: Mike Torres, David Dodge, Austin Paz. Additional cameras: Alex Karayannis, Nate Hall, Thomas Martin, Steve Bruning. Music: Tunes, Matthew Dear, Quantic, Menahan Street Band, Rotary Connection, LCD Soundsystem.

Jeremy Lister: Gone Crabbin’ by Mike Torres

Friday, July 4th, 2014

Jeremy Lister: Gone Crabbin by Mike Torres

I met Jeremy Lister back in 2009 while passing through Greenville, SC. I always remembered him as “the hippie dude who was freakishly good at crab-rolls”. Well, I got one of those right. He’s no hippie, but the man can crab.Mike Torres.

Gary Murphy: Twin Towers Edit by Mike Torres

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Gary Murphy blading Twin Towers in Greenville, SC.

Gary Murphy: Twin Towers Edit by Mike Torres

One drunken night during a weekend of worshipping The Blade Gods, I convinced Gary Murphy to abandon his itinerary back to cold ass Michigan, and come live with me for a couple weeks in Greenville, South Carolina.

Unfortunately I had to work my ass off for the entirety of his stay, but we managed to sneak a few blade sessions in here and there. This was one of those sessions.Mike Torres.

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Mike Torres: Blading in 2013

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

An action-packed compilation of Mike Torres greatest hits from 2013. This video features such favorites as Front Torque the Big Box Thing, 180 The Big Mountain Thing and everyone’s favorite: Frontside Across The Yellow Loading Dock.

Mike Torres Blading in 2013

This section will make you laugh, cry and bleed. So sit back, grab a glass of chardonnay and relax yourself to the sweet, sweet visuals of the Blade God known as Mike Torres.

Filmed by David Dodge ( Additional camera: Tim Adams, Mike Welland, Al Dolega, Justin Brasco, Kyle Kusche, Nate Hall, Jeremy Lister, Johnny Ray, Kenny Owens, Garrett Slobey & James Johnson. Locations: Greenville, Charlotte, Boone, Phoenix, London & Barcelona.

Arsenio Patterson: 2012 Edit by Mike Torres

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Arsenio Patterson and I have been working together on blade video projects since 2005. The blader/filmer relationship is always important when working together on a project, especially when you have someone as talented and as trusting as Arsenio.

Arsenio Patterson: 2012 Edit by Mike Torres

At the beginning of this project we had many conversations about what we wanted to accomplish, and what we wanted this to look like. Ultimately the original project we were working on got scrapped due to a change of skate sponsor.

This is a compilation of the footage we gathered during this period. Arsenio Patterson now represents Oso Boots, and has been skating better than ever, while maintaining his responsibilities as a proud father.Mike Torres.

Additional camera by David Dodge and Nate Hall. Music by EL-P.
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Grant Hazelton: Lost Footage (2010) by Mike Torres

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Grant Hazelton: Lost Footage (2010) by Mike Torres

Salvaged broken harddrive = new Grant Hazelton edit (world, you’re welcome).Mike Torres.

Previously: Grant Hazelton, Red Handed (2012) Edit by Kris Troyer.

Barcelona: First go by Mike Torres

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

Barcelona: First go by Mike Torres

After five unanswered visits to The States, it was about time we returned the favor to Dan and Mike. Here’s the long winded story of a few Americans traveling overseas to pay our friends a visit, and to do a little blading in the street skating capital of the world: Barcelona. Graphics: Orlando Asson.

Mike Torres: 2012 Blade Profile

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

In the past couple of years, when I wasn’t nursing a dislocated shoulder, working my ass off, recovering from a sprained ankle, rehabbing a pulled ACL, uprooting my life to the dirty south, working my ass off even more, pretending that my wrist wasn’t broken, nursing a dislocated shoulder (again), and totally doing it with every girl ever… I was rollerblading.Mike Torres.

Filmed by Gabe Holm, Nate Hall, David Dodge, Jason Reyna, Tim Adams, Mike Torres, Eric Torres, Grant Hazelton. Edited by Mike Torres. Song: Jan Davis – Snow Surfin’ Matador.

2009 Stretch Tour Highlights by Mike Torres

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

2009 Stretch Tour Highlights by Mike Torres

This is an edit I made just a few days after the tour ended back in 2009, on my friend Connor O’Brien’s computer, while I was still stuck out in California (which ended up being for just over a month).

The Stretch Tour Video was always something I had a strong desire to make, but never felt the full story was truly captured on camera.

Perhaps one day I will release all of this footage in some form, but until then, enjoy this four and a half minute recap of me, and some of the best friends a dude could ask for traveling across the United States in our 1989 Lincoln Towncar Stretch Limousine.

Justin Brasco: USD, 2012 Roundup by Mike Torres

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Justin Brasco: USD, 2012 Roundup by Mike Torres

Justin Brasco represents NYC, USD, and Undercover Wheels. Here’s a compilation of him killing it in 2012.

Filmed by Sam DeAngelis, David Dodge, Jason Reyna, Joey Scanella, Grif Kerry, Austin Paz, Dan Fabiano, Alex Ryerson, Matthew Watkinson, Christian Delfino & Mike Torres.

Song: Doldrums – Space Oddity.


Tim Adams: USD 2013, Edit by Mike Torres

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Tim Adams: USD 2013, Edit by Mike Torres

Tim Adams skates UFS Thrones and skates to jungle rock.

Filmed by Jason Reyna, John Jenkins, David Dodge, Austin Paz, Gabe Holm, Gary Murphy, Dan Hughes & Mike Torres in Rochester (NY), Phoenix (AZ), Montreal (QC) & Greenville (SC).

Song: Ganimian & His Orientals – Come With Me to the Casbah.

Grant Hazelton Blades in AZ (2011): Moustache Squad, Edit by Mike Torres

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Grant Hazelton

Quoting Mike Torres:

He’s not my brother. He is also not my twin. He is the better looking, more responsible, more technical, more stylish, version of myself. He is my upgrade.

Perhaps he was sent here from the future to kill the young John Connor, and it is my job to save him regardless of the fact that I am a technically inferior model… I digress.

Grant is one of my best friends, and probably my favorite person to skate with. And boy can he pull off a mustache.

Filmed by Mike Torres & Gabe Holm.

Song: James Murphy – Gente.
Previously: Gary Murphy, Blading in AZ (Edit by Mike Torres).

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