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One: 15 MINUTES with Mike Opalek

Monday, August 18th, 2008

mike opalek

I first met Mike Opalek in 1996 when he was in Ohio filming for the Senate video “Day of the Rope.”

I was hanging out at our mutual friend Steve’s place when Mike came by, bringing along then-16-year-old Eric Schrijn and Louie Zamora. I suppose as first meetings go, it went pretty well. Mike was insightful and funny, and different than I had imagined.

I liked his skating and I liked his writing in Box Magazine, and years later I’d learn that I wasn’t the only one he’d inspired.

I’d also learn about all the cool stuff he got to do through skating, like be on posters for Nike in Asia, do stunts in “Batman & Robin,” thrash Devil’s Backbone in “Airborne,” coach international blade teams, not to mention that his first pro wheel was the very first pro wheel, and its graphics said it all: American Dreams. Read this conversation between Mike and long-time friend Chris Mitchell to learn a lot about the history of rollerblading.—JE

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