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Andy Spary (Uk): Let it never end Section

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Let It Never End

quoting a mail from Ben Shelbourne:

In 2008 I called an injured Andy Spary who had recently, unknown to me, taken a bad fall onto his head and had spent 8 days in the hospital. I wanted him to film a part in my project Let It Never End.

Being the hardcore skater he is his immediate response was ‘Yeah man, ofcourse’. Then he told me about his latest injury and it seemed like it was an impossibility so far into the project for him to recover as well as finish an entire section.

Cutting a long story short, i received a call one day telling me he was better and wanted to start to film. After 6 months we had a double section filmed. Andy is a machine and he said that through making this section it brought his confidence back to normal and he was back on top of his game. I’ve loved Andys skating since the first time i met him and i hope that watching this you will understand why!

More L.I.N.E Media: Nick Lomax, Andrew Halls + Trailer.

Nick Lomax: Let It Never End

Friday, August 13th, 2010

In celebration of Nick’s Pro Classic Throne launch, i’ve released his profile we made from the 2006-2009 production ‘LINE’ during his boom into the spot light.

Nick has impressed everyone with his level of competition skating from winning IMYTA before anyone knew his name, to his technical ability, solid style and attitude on street. Sure to keep going places with his skating, this was Nick’s first video section release of hopefully many more to come.

New Nick Lomax full setup classic Throne released on the 12th August, 2010. Get your orders made sharpish like.

Let It Never End still available with Alex Burston, Mike Salt and Andy Spary sections. Discounted from £12 to £5.95 from our big cartel website.


Let It Never End: Andrew Halls (bonus section)

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Let It Never End

Here is the Andrew Halls bonus section from Let It Never End (DVD out soon).

Featuring full sections on: Nick Lomax, Andy Spary, Alex Burston & Mike Salt.

Filmed across the UK and in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Shot on the midget HV20. Filmed by Sim Warren and Dom West chopped by Sim.

Let It Never End: Trailer & Website

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Let It Never End

In association with Kingdom Magazine, a video by Ben Shelbourne…

Starring Nick Lomax, Mike Salt, Andy Spary and Alex Burston, ‘Let It Never End’, encompasses where rollerblading brings us, takes us and why we want it to carry on filling our lives with culture, youthfulness and the passion to keep evolving our way of life. Including mini views on Lee Devereux and Scott Hallows. Featuring skaters such as Frazer Watson, Andrew Hosker, Chaz Sands, Si Cox, Sim Warren, Leon Humphries, Blake Bird, Joey Egan, Matt Chilvers, Elliot Stevens and many more…

Sit back and enjoy this short teaser.

Thanks Ben Shelbourne.