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K2 Fatty Pro 2011 + Louis Zamora Skating Clips (!)

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

K2 Fatty Pro 2011 Louis Zamora
Louis Zamora & the K2 Fatty Pro 2011, TRON Style.

The K2 Fatty Pro aggressive inline skate has been known as a classic for over a decade and still one of the best street / vert skates ever built.

All black in 2011, the K2 Fatty Pro is UFS compatible, has the perfect fit of K2’s patented Softboot construction and a backside plate that allows Royals that are smooth like butter.

Larger Picture of the skates |

Note: the skates in the video are not K2 Fatty Pro 2011 but recolored K2 Varsities (unedited video). Thanks Machtroua & Anthony Medina.

the fatty is back

The Fatty is back, by Koubis (sketch | shading wip).

K2 Fatty pro 2006 Skates

Thursday, December 15th, 2005

k2 fatty pro skates

Check the box from the K2 Fatty pro 2006 Skates, a nice ao (or ts?) Fishbrain in a sketchy style.

if you got some nice box artwork photos, feel free to send them !

You can see a bigger photo of the box here and the skates here

As you already know, like Roces for the Majestic 12, K2 decided to re-release the Fatty pro skates, with UFS support.

Photo of the K2 Fatty pro 2006 Skates :

K2 Fatty Pro 2006

Monday, November 7th, 2005

k2 fatty pro

K2 Introduces The 2006 Fatty Pro Skate,
All Black 2006 K2 Skate

Press Release :

There are a lot of old school skates making a comeback these days…
And if you remember old school you remember that there was one skate brought out the style in everyone’s skating. The UFS compatible Fatty Pro is that skate.

It is the lightest skate on the market and its backslide plate materials create the smoothest and most comfortable royales and backslides.

Once you lace these up you will understand the unmatched comfort of the Softboot® and the performance that only K2 delivers.

* Lightest skate on the market
* New Backslide Plate Material
* New all Black boot with New skate Material
* UFS Skate (koubis note : i don’t think that skate brands still release non-ufs skate, or ?)
* Abec 5 bearings

thanks Ryan | Discuss about it in the forums