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Sober (2016) by Jon Lee: Trailer | VOD is Out!

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

Sober (2016) by Jon Lee: Trailer | VOD is Out!

Sober, a 30 something minute blade piece with Elliot Stevens, Neil Ingall, James Bower, Umberto Toselli And mates (Sellfy).

In ode to Medium fucking Wheel Co go watch Medium’s team video, “Smell the Glove”.

Leon Humphries: Locoskates edit by Jon Lee

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

An unplanned slice of pie. I had a bunch of footage of Leon Humphries that had no end direction. Leon hit me up and asked to use it for a deal dedicated to one of his awesome sponsors, Loco skates skate shop.

Leon Humphries: Locoskates edit by Jon Lee

This is some of the last footage that Leon was riding for SSM. And also some of the new footage since riding a pair of Valo M12s. Consider this the calm before the storm. #SOBER is coming real soon.Jon Lee.

Thanks to Ian Gallais & Jake Eley for the titles. 2nd angle help by Alex Burston.

Alex Burston: Days & Nights in London (2015) VOD

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Alex Burston and myself spent 9-10 days/ nights in London working on a section together. During the day, it rained a shit load, so the majority of skating was filmed at night.Jon Lee.

Alex Burston: Days & Nights in London (2015) VOD

We donated just over £400 ($576) to the Centrepoint charity for the young homeless!

Alex Burston and I have decided to release this section online for free, although if you do fancy making a donation, head over to the Centrepoint website.

We Thank you all, and enjoy! Almost 10 minutes of goodness for your bleeding eyes, babycakes!Jon Lee.

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Alex Burston: Days & Nights in London (2015) B-Roll

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

The Booted posted the B-Roll of Alex Burston: Days & Nights in London (2015).

Back in August 2015 Alex Burston and Jon Lee teamed up to film an edit in London. With 10 days to film the pair weren’t going to let a little bit of inclimate weather dampen their spirits. After all, this is England.

Alex Burston: Days & Nights in London (2015) B-Roll

With Jon’s infamous attention to detail in the editing suite the section took a fair few months to come together. I think we saw at least 10 revisions of the edit along the way but the end result was well worth the wait.

Throughout the project the idea of making a VOD and donating a percentage of the money to charity was thrown around. Eventually it was decided that the charity would be Centrepoint, a London based charity that helps give homeless young people a future. A truly selfless and completely commendable act from Jon and Alex.

This 32 minutes of b-roll from the 10 days and nights also features Joe Atkinson as well as London residents Blake Bird, James Bower, Umberto Toselli engaging in antics across the city. Filmed and edited by Jon Lee.

If you haven’t seen the final video yet you buy Alex Burston: Days & Nights in London here.

Previously: Alex Burston: 7 Days in London by Jon Lee (2014).

Noodle Brain: Brussels Trip by Jon Lee (2015)

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Noodle Brain: Brussels Trip by Jon Lee (2015)

Blake Bird, David Wing, Jeremy Kesler, Joey Egan and Anthony Mackie hit three parks over a weekend in Belgium promoting the new Noodle Brain Apparel winter line. Bringing heat to the winter weather and handling business! Captured by Jon Lee.

The Booted: 10 Days in Barcelona by Jon Lee (2015)

Monday, July 20th, 2015

The Booted: 10 Days in Barcelona by Jon Lee (2015)

10 Days in Barcelona filmed and edited by Jon Lee. With additional filming by Oliver Baker. Starring Nick Lomax, James Bower, Connaire Skerritt, Carson Starnes & Sam Crofts.

Music: Howlin Wolf – Spoonful, Shy Glizzy – We Them Dudes, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Carry Me, Ice Man – Grinding My Whole Life, Troy Ave – Bang Bang, Willie Nelson – On the Road Again.


Dustin Werbeski x The Booted (2015)

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Dustin Werbeski x The Booted (2015)

Being a local of Barcelona, you get to experience a lot of cool people coming to your town to do what we all love most: film blading on the streets. Back some weeks ago, I don’t know, maybe over a month or so, obviously time flies when your having this much fun… Anyways, I heard that all these english folk were popping in for a week & would like the opportunity to film with me for their pieces to be. The main documenters end up being Jon Lee (the infamous Dirt-Box filmer) & Oliver Baker.

They came well equipped with cameras and lens of choice, VX1000 & 2100 with the mk1. It was so much fun to film with these men. Actually really easy too, even being that they were documenting everybody and everything from both angles, afar and inches away with that death lens. Jon’s the magic making man with that fisheye hand & these classic editing skills. All and all twas an honor to have spent most of those days, joining the crew and adventuring through the old and new hoods of Spain. – Dustin Werbeski.

Filmed by Jon Lee and Oliver Baker. Edited by Jon Lee.

Leon Humphries: London (2014) by Jon Lee

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Leon Humphries: London (2014) by Jon Lee

During the wettest January in history, long time friends Jon Lee and Leon Humphries set to work on a new edit filmed entirely on an old favourite, the Sony VX1000, all shot in the great city of London, England. – The Booted.

Behind the scenes: gallery photographed by Dom West.

A Dirt Box view of the Winterclash 2015 by Jon Lee

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Shit got buck, i got black drunk, and this is what i caught (luckily!).Jon Lee.

Winterclash 2015

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Dirt Box in London (2014): Edit by Jon Lee

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Dirt Box in London (2014): Edit by Jon Lee

Featuring Neil Ingall, Elliot Stevens, Umberto Toselli, Blake Bird, James Bower. With Dom West, Leon Humphries, Mike Pupava, Sam Crofts, Billy Doyle, Joe Atkinson and more. Second angles by Ben Woodcock, Dom West, Jamie Harris, Billy Doyle, Luke Thompson.

Jon Lee, Interview on

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