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Jim Jones Officially Launches DipSkate Team

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

For Immediate Release
April 16, 2007

Jim Jones Officially Launches DipSkate Team
Freestyle Rolling Documentary Slated For Release

New York, NY – In early 2006, Diplomat Records co-CEO Jim Jones announced his sponsorship venture with DipSkate, a Freestyle Rolling team headed by Calvin Sayles and Ramelle Knight. Jones has fulfilled a multitude of roles in his career, including recording artist, producer, executive, video director, entrepreneur and fashion icon with his new Nostic clothing line. Now Jim Jones and his Harlem-based crew The Diplomats are partnering with the newest phenomenon in the world of extreme sports, Freestyle Rolling, to create DipSkate, a Diplomat Records-sponsored skate team.

Commonly referred to as “aggressive skating” from its inception, Freestyle Rolling is the modern-day progression of inline skating, which blends skating, music, and fashion together. Several years ago, New York filmmakers The Brown Brothers (Chris and Courtney Brown) dove into the business of Freestyle Rolling with the same vigor as the skaters they were following on a daily basis. After several years of teaming with pro-skaters Ramelle Knight and Calvin Sayles on different ventures, including an international sponsorship with leading fashion company b.unique & co., the four men sought out new ways to elevate their collective success.

Jim Jones first approached The Brown Brothers after viewing their latest documentary film Know Difference, which received critical acclaim at several 2006 New York screenings. The powerful documentary is scheduled for international release in Fall 2007. “When I got the opportunity to see [The Brown Brothers’] tape, and they told me how the skaters feel when it comes to the Diplomats, I was honored,” explains Jones. “They feel like we’re the realest thing out there, and they love everything that we’re doing, so it was a beautiful opportunity.”

The viision that everyone shares in the DipSkate movement comes from an organic realm of shared professional and personal values. “Jim respects the hustle, the same as we do,” says Ramelle Knight. “He sees what we do is real, and we’re going to take it as far as we can, like he is with his projects. We’re all grinding out here. We are bringing music and skating together to build a union that will make an even stronger team. It is a revolution that will be much appreciated.”

Sadly, in March 2007, the team’s manager Joseph Miles III passed away. Joseph’s enthusiasm and dedication to the Freestyle Rolling movement was intoxicating, and his spirit will be carried on by the team. “This is a beautiful venture,” Joseph said upon his official involvement with DipSkate in 2006. “The biggest movement in Hip Hop teaming up with the biggest up-and-coming movement in the world of extreme sports. This is something most people haven’t experienced, and it’s going to change a lot of opinions out there.”

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Bunique On Jim Jones Mspace

Friday, February 16th, 2007

jim jones

Like his primary influences, P. Diddy and Damon Dash, Jones has broadened his appeal beyond the airwaves. His sizzling liquor, Sizzurp, has captured global attention in the liquor industry, and is juicing up VIP party scenes from coast to coast. A new clothing line in the works is certain to ignite the runways.

Most recently Jones has began a joint-venture with skate team BUnique & Co. one of the East Coast’s largest skate companies. B Unique has their own indoor park located in Brooklyn, NY and are currently finalizing a deal on a new “DipSkate” skate team. Jones is unquestionably a mogul in the making looking, to capitalize on the glamorous gangsta lifestyle and beyond.

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Jim Jones interview with The Source

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

jim jones

Put your biases aside and really read this interview. Maybe it’ll help some of y’all to understand what The Diplomats are really doing. It’s more than music, baby.

Check this transcription of the Jim Jones interview with The Source.

Jim Jones, who recently announced the creation of Dipskate, a rollerblading team. Don’t miss the comments at the bottom of the page!

[…] When it comes to Jim Jones, expect the unexpected. “Some people look at him and say he’s a criminal,” explains Hip-Hop mogul Damon Dash, who has known the artist since Jim was 7. “But he has an executive job, he directs his own videos. He can take care of his own destiny, and he’s always up in somebody’s school.” Some didn’t think he’d ever leave the ‘hood, but eight years ago Jim Jones became the co-founder of The Diplomats with Cam’ron.

Two years later, he started directing Dip Set videos, and in 2004, he unveiled his purple liquor “Sizzurp”, which came with its own mixtape, Sippin’ on Sizzurp Vol. I: Getting Drunk on Music. Jones released his own DVD, signed to Koch Records as a solo artist, put out two back-to-back albums (2004’s On My Way to Church and 2005’s Harlem… Diary of a Summer) and now a third, Hustler’s P.O.M.E.

Last year he founded a new label, Byrdgang Records, and also recently announced his sponsorship of his extreme sports team, affectionately called Dipskate. Next up in 2007 is a family line of clothing called Nostic.[…]

Jim Jones Announces Dipskate Skate Team

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

jim jones

By Houston Williams
Date: 10/23/2006 3:18 pm

Jim Jones is currently riding high with “We Fly,” but the Dipset executive is planning to enlist others to do the real aerodynamics for him.

Jones revealed to that he has started Dipskate, a Diplomat Records sponsored skate team.

The team is a union between the Harlem-based label and Courtney and Chris Brown of lifestyle-brand B. Unique.

B. Unique, coined the term “freestyle rolling,” which refers to the combination of aggressive skating, urban fashion and music.

The company approached Jones while filming a documentary titled Know Difference and the budding Dipset mogul said he was impressed at the lifestyle.

“When I got the opportunity to see their tape and they told me how the skaters and skateboarders feel when it comes to the Diplomats I was honored. They feel like we’re the realest thing out there and they love everything that we’re doing, so it was a beautiful opportunity,” Jones told in a statement.

Joseph Miles, Dipskate’s team manager, revealed that there are similarities with the fast rise of Hip-Hop and the rapid ascension of skating.

“Where I come from, growing up, extreme sports were always looked at as a form of escape,” Miles said. “I remember a quote from the intro to the first skateboarding video I ever watched, ‘they try so hard…they want to learn so much and ultimately they’re going to achieve their goals twice as fast as anyone else.'”

Ramelle Knight and Calvin Sayles are the two chief skaters in Dipskate.

B. Unique already sponsors over 10 professional in-line skaters in New York, Philly, Atlanta and parts of California.

Jones said an official launch event is scheduled for the spring of 2007.

Jim Jones’ “We Fly High” has garnered the Warner Music executive/Diplomats CEO the biggest hit of his recording career.

His album, Hustler’s POME hits stores on Nov. 7.

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