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New Colours for Ground Control & Razors

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Ground Control: Welcoming | Soichoro Kanashima

Unmatched style meets ultimate function. We are proud to introduce the first frame for GC Pro Rider, Soichoro Kanashima.

Designed to match his current skate from Valo. Congrats on the new frame, it’s a privileged to have on the smoothest blader in the game representing The Frame Company.

ground control soichiro kanashima

Featherlite 2 Prime Venom Green – Silver – True Blue
Larger Pictures in the forums | Visit Thanks Patty.

ground control

New Razors Colours: Venom Green – Silver – Blue Turq

razors parts

GC Featherlite 2 turquoise: Brasil inline Promo Video

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Little Fred Castro session showcasing the Featherlite 2 blue turquoise frames.

Edited by Fred Castro, Skating by Fred Castro, Post production, guess who? Fred Castro.

Filmed by Debora andrade, Robson Thompson, Rodrigo lagoa.


Ground Control Featherlite Freestyle frame

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Ground Control Featherlite Freestyle frame

Based on GC popular Formula 1 frame Ground Control developed a solid 1-piece version of the freestyle frame. It comes with sickle shaped axle bolt heads which increase the material thickness in the crucial area below the axle holes and provides much longer lifetime of the frame.

The body was designed to minimize weight and maximize strength. With that in mind GC removed all unnecessary fat, increased the supporting areas and the result is a freestyle frame which is unmatched in stiffness, light weight, strength and durability.


Size 1: recommended boot size: 6-7
Size 2: recommended boot size: 8-12
Size 3: recommended boot size: 13-14

Price: FLT Freestyle – MSRP/MAP: $44.90.

Ground Control Featherlite 2 Carolina Blue

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Ground Control Featherlite 2 Carolina Blue

More Pictures of the Ground Control Featherlite 2 Carolina Blue.

Ground Control & Razors Bring More Colours

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Ground Control Featherlite 2 Frame PURPLE
up: Ground Control Featherlite 2 Frame PURPLE.

Larger Pictures.

Razor Cuffs
up: Razor Cuffs.

Thanks Tafiola. Via AM (1, 2).

Teal Razors Parts, Featherlites, White Nimh Soulplates

Friday, June 19th, 2009

teal skateparts

More infos about the Teal Parts here on the RN Forums.

teal skateparts

The new Nimh 2.0 White Soul Plates have arrived:

These are the bad boys everyone has been waiting for, the redesigned Nimh Soul Plates.

These feature and inner and outer pre-made groove. These soul plates have been streamlined to have a much more sleek and slender look.

The toe has been cut back as well as the heel and the height of the plates walls has come down as well.

Available in white, which means you can RIT dye them to match any color combination you want.

More infos on the Rat-Tail Website.

Ground Control: Stefan Horngacher Featherlite 2

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Ground Control: Stefan Horngacher Featherlite 2

Larger pictures of the frames.
Thanks Razor_dave (source: Revolution).

Ground Control: Stefan Horngacher Featherlite 2

GC Featherlite 2 frame: Press Release

Friday, August 8th, 2008

GC Featherlite 2 frame

Ground Control is proud to introduce a new line of pro frames for Brian Aragon (white), Franky Morales (black) and Eric Bailey (charcoal).

The new Featherlite 2 frames combine the best of the popular Featherlite and F1 frames and offer beveled edges and sichel axle bolts for 1-hand operation.

They incorporate a super strong design yet extreme light weight and a new, harder material for even faster grinding speeds.


– Extremely light weight
– Sturdy and durable
– Beveled edges
– sichel axel bolts
– 1 hand operation
– 3 sizes


Size 1 (recommended boot size: 6-7)
Size 2 (recommended boot size: 8-11)
Size 3 (recommended boot size: 12-14)

MSRP: 44.95

GC Murda Featherlite Frame : Press Release

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

Murda Featherlite Frame

Due to strong demand Ground Control decided to make a special edition frame for one of its most outstanding riders: Mike “Murda” Johnson.

It comes in Murda’s signature red color and features all the benefits that make the Featherlite ones of the best performing frames in the industry: Extreme stiffness, light weight and maximum strength.


Size 1 (recommended boot size: 6-7)
Size 2 (recommended boot size: 8-14)


MSRP: $44.90

Razors Vid : Ground Control Featherlite Presentation

Friday, July 20th, 2007

jon elliot
up : Jon Elliot

Introduction to ground control’s new featherlite frame.

Featuring jon elliot giving the technical details and a review by jason reyna with skating from stephan horngacher, geoff acers, matt morrison, brian shima,and jeff stockwell.

Download : Featherlite_31.m4v (55 mb) |

Jason Reyna
up : Jason Reyna

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Brian Shima
up : Brian Shima

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