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Killin’ It by Andrew Nemiroski (2010): Full Video

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Killin It by Andrew Nemiroski

Starring: Cody Porche, Steve ALF Iacono, Andrew Nemiroski, David Sizemore & Jon Jon Bolino. Additional filming by David Sizemore and Dave Fitz.


Strange Creatures: Full Video

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Full Profiles on Keith Brierley, Dean Coward, Matt Langel, Alex Broskow, Matt Luda & Adam Brierley.

Filmed & edited by Amir Amadi ; additional filming by Adam Johnson, Alex Broskow & Matt Luda.

strange creatures

Strange Creatures: Trailers & More Media | Official Website.

John Bolino: Friends you can eat Section + Bonus

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Edited by Devan Stewart, Friends You Can Eat is featuring sections on Taylor Monnig, Xathan Stewart, Britt Myslikinski, Jonathan Rebert, Jon Bolino, Kenny Scherf, Devan Stewart and features other dudes like Luke Kimberly, Eric Gentile, Alec Gentile and other AZ bladers (via).

john bolino

[Bonus] Friends you can eat: Trailer + Full Video

About Rollerblading | DVD (2010), Full Video Online

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

about rollerblading

Intro First posted on February 5, 2010.

Hayden Watt

Task Around 2010: Full Video

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Task Around 2010

Task Around is an annual Canadian freestyle rolling tour presented by Shop-Task.

Every year we try to capture and promote different locations and freestyle rollers across Canada. This time we decided to tour the East coast of Canada.

Starting from Toronto and driving 7,000 km across Eastern Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Task Around 2010

Featuring skating by Leon Basin, AJ Delong, Danny Beer, Mathieu Ledoux and many guests.

Please join us this weekend to witness the priceless moments you can only get out of a skating roadtrip with good friends. Task Around 2010 is filled with enough creative skating, laughing, smiling, driving, and eating to make you feel very proud to be a freestyle roller after you are done watching this film. Enjoy fellow rollers!

Song: the morning benders – cold war.

Previously: Task Around, across Canada Tour 2007.

Footwork (Texas) by Kristian Payne: Full Video

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010


Footwork is an online rollerblading video by Kristian Payne (trailer) featuring skaters from all around north Texas (Release: Dec 2010).

Starring: Cody Sanders, Jaysin Williams, Galen Gallman, Brady Johnston, Zach Pavel and many other Texas bladers.

Brady Johnston

Cody Sanders

Life Plus: Disk #6 (Full Video)

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Filmed & edited by Drew Bachrach.

More Life Plus Media


Life Plus: Disk #5 (Full Video)

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

life plus

The Apple Fell Over The Lake: Full Video

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

The Apple Fell Over The Lake

As seen in “The Apple” Mr. Sea has finally decided its time to give up on the lifestyle known as rollerblading.

He decides to go live in England for a bit with his family in an attempt to start a new life for himself without blading.

However before he gives up completely he decides to have one last day of bloody murder. He is joined on this final session by legendary British ripper and childhood friend, Oli Short.

They attack the streets early in the morning and what had started out to be a pretty average skate day, turns not so average when Mr. Sea endures a nasty collision with a parked car. He is rendered unconcious from the collision and enters into a dream that would change his life forever. Some things last a long time. Some things last a LIFETIME.

Part 2, 3 & 4:

Somethin’ Ain’t Right: Full Video

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Somethin’ Ain’t Right: An Online Video by Stefan Brandow and Bruce Bales.

The idea for “Somethin’ Ain’t Right” is completely based around everything Pittsburgh. There are so many amazingly talented bladers and incredible spots in Pittsburgh, yet it is easily one of the most slept on cities / scenes in rollerblading.

We felt that something wasn’t right about this, and people needed to see the talent that the city created. Even the lingo for this video is pure Pittsburgh rollerblading. The term “Ain’t Right” is said by Pittsburgh veterans Ryan Parker and Brant Pickup, and has carried over into all of our vocabularies.

Starring: Stefan Brandow, Bruce Bales, Jason Snow, Vinnie Fox, Matt Plasencia & Shane Conn.

More Sections:

Pleasure in Motion (Germany): Full Video

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Pleasure in motion

A Rollerblading movie from Germany starring: Moritz Grenzdorfer (Cologne), Chris Piotrowicz (Leverkusen), Maik Lojewski (Borken), Johannes Zenk (Munster), Daniel Gourski (Cologne) & many more.

Main Camera by Daniel Gourski, Andrey Kachaev, Moritz Grenzdörfer ; Editing by Daniel Gourski.

Watch out for our new Online video Rollschuhlaufen (Coming spring 2011).

More Pleasure in Motion Media.

SWAG (Texas, 2010): Full Video by Anthony Medina

Thursday, September 9th, 2010


We filmed for this video for a little over 5 months. I wanted to put a deadline on filming for this video b/c I wanted the footage to be as fresh as possible upon release.

It was a little stressful at times but overall it was a good experience and a lot of great memories and friendships came from it. Thanks to every1 involved, whether you skated in the video or did behind the scenes work (especially this).

The video premiered May 1st. Hope you guys dig it. We worked hard and quick on this shit.

01. Intro + Michael Stein
Songs: Telephone Jim Jesus – A Mouth of Fingers ; Controller 7 – Unknown.

02. Logan Harlan
Song: The Black Keys – Stack Shot Billy.

03. Montage
Song: Primary 1 (Feat. Nina Persson) – The Blues.

04. Ian Freunscht
Song: Aceyalone – Too To The Max.

05. Rob Zbranek
Song: Sole – Battlefields.

06. Mason Richard
Song: Excision & DatsiK – Swagga.

07. Credits
Song: Atmosphere – Get Fly.


Welcome to Motherland (Russia, 2009): Full Video

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Starring: Dima Makrushin, Egor Loginov, Evgeniy Leonov, Andrey Kolganov and friends. Check a trailer of the video here.

Filmed and edited by Ares and Daniel Gourski ; locations: Moscow, St. Peterburg, Berlin, Hamburg, Dressden, Essen.

Bonus: Enjoy the Ride, Teaser

Featuring Dima Makrushin, Egor Loginov, Evgeniy Leonov, Andrey Zaycev, Dima Tipikin, Igor Nassonov, Nikolay Kreivis, Max Bobik, Max Molchanovskiy & more.

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