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Daily Bread: No One’s Children (2002) by Jan Welch

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Daily Bread: No One's Children (2002) by Jan Welch

This video is the fifth and last Daily Bread Magazine video. Profiles on Nick Wood, Lyle Shivak, Nick Mantz, Damien Wilson and Robert Guerrero.

USD Tour DVD by Joe Navran (2002): Full Video

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Update: Part 4 added.

USD Tour DVD by Joe Navran (2002)

Featuring Josh Petty, Dustin Latimer, Aaron Feinberg, Abiel Colberg, Kevin Gillan, Jon Julio, Dominic Sagona, Richard Johnson, Jeff Frederick, Jayson Reduta, Andy Kruse & Austin touring / destroying the US in 2002.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

High Density (VHS, 2001): Full Video

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

High Density (VHS, 2001): Full Video featuring Mike Murda Johnson

Filmed and Edited By Angel Bajana 2001 Smoothy Productions. Profiles on Mike Johnson and Dustin Halleran.

Starring Dustin Halleran, Jesus Medina, Ariel Surun, Franco Cammayo, Jimmy Shuda, Carly Sanchez, Danny Salizar, Mike Johnson, Billy O’Neill, Omar Morsey, AJ Paredes, Alex Nunez, Calvin Sayles, Steve Cortez, Sam Grimm, Jason Cooper, Nick bratka, Thomas LiPani, Colin Kelso, Adam Killgore, Rob Tompson, Mike Elias, Bryant Browne, Chris Majette, Mark Kaiser, Sean Kelso, Joey Hinds, Justin Brasco, Jonathan Roldan, Abdul Kano, Pedro Jimenez, Boschi Pope, Angel Bajana, Chris Esposito, Peter Ortiz, Edison Tomala, Dave Perez, Christian Batista, Joe Dedentro, Dre Powell, Chris Saunders, Courtney Brown, Brandon Gutierrez & more.

Thanks Tom LiPani.

Super Mossels by Marnix Haak (2007): Full Movie

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Super Mossels by Marnix Haak

A dutch inline skatemovie by Marnix Haak with all the top riders from 2006-2007.

It contains profiles on Eric van Boven, Vivien Butot and Nawal Talhaoui from the infamous DSA crew. With Vivien, Joery van der Pol, Bojd Vredevoogd and Timmy van Rixtel we did a roadtrip to Germany.

Besides upcomers there are also big names like Tyron Ballantine, Daan Hegt, Adil Farnhouni, Edwin Wieringh, UH44, 035 and many more.

Sit back, get a cup of tea and enjoy the madness!

List of all the homies: Adil Farhouni, Tyron Ballantine, Daan Hegt, Edwin Wieringh, Marnix Haak, Vivien Butot, Timmy van Rixtel, Timmy Vanilli, Ruud de Wijs, Rudie Goldstrike, Bojd Vredevoogd, Joery van der Pol, Nawal Talhaoui, DSA, 035, Cavin Brinkman, Remy Cadier, Eric van Boven, Hans Hardonk, Ruben Hozee, Paul Pelle, Donny Straube, Donny Pelleboer, Dennis Evers, Jort van der Laan, Polle Hopmans, Martijn Oppedijk, Bas Berghuis, Martin DSA, Arvid Wiegerinck, Birdy, Steven Tonnon, Amnon Klein, Tim Haars, Pascal Tan, Gijs Piss, Gijs Peetsold, Ephraim Feves, Martin van Drunen, Dennis Kokkie, Wiboud de Boorder, Ivo Janssen & Derk Aalbers.

Previously: Super Mossels, 4 Trailers.
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Lost Cities (1998): Oldschool, Full Video

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Interested by a video featuring Pat Lennen, Matthieu Ledoux & Taig Kris, you got it!

Lost Cities (1998): Oldschool, Full Video

A film by Neil Moreno released in 1998 for Blizzard Production.

With skating from all around the world: New York, Miami, Chicago, California, Germany, London, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, France, Canada, Dominican Republic, Japan, Belgium, Peru, Columbia, Puerto Rico.

Featuring Ray Mendez, Jonathan Ortiz, Danny Webster, Chris Edwards, Rafael Sandoz, Matt Lindenmuth, Paul O’Tool,Toto Ghali, Anthony Makie, Adam Corbett, Edward Chaplin, David Turner, Dallas Carlin, Tom Ahlquist, Ben Jagger, Dean Jagger, Ben Fursten, Michael Morralas, Jordan Mikael, Patrick Schmuck, Tobi Petry, Udo Kahlert, Sven Shilings, Eric Urbank, Kevin Quintin, Julien Lafarge, Garry Harris, Sam Fogarty, Issam Tolba, Gauthier Piret, Rene Hulgreen, Caroline Gluth, Mickey Burgunder, Bo Elsbol, Franck Rudolfo, Mathieu Amoyel, Patrice Ganjaps, Yann Delque, Jiel Delque, Dominik Sass, Rafael Cruz, Max Figallo, Nick Adams, Ben Lescarbeau, Marc Patterson, Ryan Swift, Andrew Speraw, Mattew Ledoux, Simon Ferragne, Manuel Duarte, Stefan Schenkeiberg, Matteo Attanasio, Sven Gottschlich, Orville Small, Brian Konoske, Santiago Azpurua, Jon Abina, Pat Lennen, Cesar Mora, Taig Kris, Christian Rodriguez, Abdiel Colberg, Carlos Payan, Harry Disla, Jose Disla, Robert Disla, Remy Cadier, Ozzie Tejada, Nene Tejada, Tito Cardoza, Guillerma Torres, Aleyonda Teon, Juan Carlos Jean, Esteban Jamie, Jasmine Perez, Mike Budnick, Eitan Kramer, Ricardo Hurtado & more.

Thanks Laguigne.

Freeway by Andrey Borzenko (Russia): Full Video

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Freeway by Andrey Borzenko (Russia): Full Video

PS (France): Full Video, Featuring Matthieu Heinemann, Momo Sylla & More

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

May 2010 Repost.

Matthieu Heinemann, Momo Sylla

Matthieu Heinemann
Song: Everydayz – poursuite à Hong Kong.

Mohamed Syllah
Song: Army of Pharaohs – Battle Cry.

More Sections on Vimeo.

Walt Austin: Underestimated Section (2002)

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Walt Austin: Underestimated Section (2002)

Denial Underestimated, Full Video.

Feet by Lonnie Gallegos: Full Video

Monday, April 9th, 2012

December 2009 Repost.


Feet – Directed by Lonnie Gallegos.

Starring Chris Farmer, Dustin Latimer, JC Rowe, Robert Guerrero, Matt Moya, John Sullivan.

Feet is a creative collection of clips and footage compiled in an artistic way to make you want to use your feet.

Salomon: This is (2004) Full Video

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

November 2010 Repost.

salomon this is

Don Bambrick, Vinny Minton, Brandon Campbell, Chris Cheshire, Chance Dunstan, Rob Thompson and Chaz Sands.


Underestimated, Denial First Team Video (2002)

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

July 2009 Repost.


Underestimated was Denial’s first team video. It was released in 2002.

It features profiles on: Jimmy Shuda, Mike Elias, Adam Killgore, Tim Taylor, Dustin Halleran, Walt Austin, Sean Kelso, Colin Kelso, Will Gordon, Chris Cheshire & Chris Farmer.


Fun Facts:

  1. The majority of this video was filmed in under 2 weeks touring. Philly to Michigan to NYC and back.
  2. It was edited on Ulead Media Studio in 2 weeks. HAAAA!

Full Video

Untitled (2004): Full video

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

May 2009 Repost.

untitled dvd by Cuauhtzin Gutierrez

Rollerblading DVD from summer 2004. California skating from Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Cuauhtzin Gutierrez.

Hyphy III (2006-2007): Full Video

Monday, March 19th, 2012

April 2009 Repost.

hyphy 3

Vinny Minton and Ivan Narez bring to you once again the most anticipated skate video of 2006-07.

Consisting of a mixture of pros and the hottest amateurs that making the pro’s have to step their game up.

Starring Vinny Minton, Gonzo, Victor Arias, Jon Morciglio, Montre Livingston, Casey Bagozzi, Brian Aragon, Ivan Narez, Austin Paz, Sneaky, Trevor Tylosky, Josiah Blee, Sacramento Spot Check, and introducing Black Mike.

More Hyphy Media | Hyphy 3 Soundtrack.

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