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Ben Poling: Cruisin 4A Bruisin, Section (2014)

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Final section of Cruisin 4A Bruisin and it’s my good friend Ben Poling. Ben is a interesting person to hang out and film clips with.

I have known him since he was a young teenager and over the years have seen him go through many changes and transitions in life as we all tend to do. The good thing about Ben is he doesn’t forget what its like to struggle with something and has always been a supportive friend to others and a amazing rollerblader at the same time.

Ben Poling: Cruisin 4A Bruisin, Section (2014)

I always enjoy filming Ben because he is the type of guy to not really beat around the bush when it comes to filming and if he thinks he can do something he can probably do it so he will just try. Its not careless but I feel its confidence and the way he blades shows that.

He has good work ethic, usually has a positive vibe and I have gained alot of respect for Ben over the years. He continues to impress me on and off the skates and I am happy to have been able to make another section of him.Hawke Trackler.

Kyle Wood: Cruisin 4A Bruisin, Section (2014)

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Kyle Wood: Cruisin 4A Bruisin, Section (2014)

Kyle Wood is 25 years old from Columbus Ohio. I have been filming, traveling, blading and become great friends with this guy. He is smart and is very talented at skating.

I have talked to Kyle about this before randomly at times but if youre any kind of person who has filmed for as long as I have then you just wonder about amount of time spent looking through a lens and whats the most common occurrence ive caught on film? It would hands down be my homie Kyle Wood, I have sure filmed that dude do the most clips haha.

We have always found creating sections and profiles was and still is such a fun hobby and also has become a pretty big part of our lives. He has been skating basically the same amount as me and has lived in the same city as me ever since we were younger and pretty much ever since I met kyle I have documented him doing some amazing tricks, laying down stunts, creative switch ups, etc.

I have made probably about 10 different full videos in my life and I am about 95% sure Kyle has had a full section in every single video. I can be honest when I say in pretty much every single section most of the tricks he did for the videos he had probably never done before ever because he always was progressing.

I mean if youre a fan of this dude’s blading then look on my Vimeo or Youtube account because there is enough footage of him to watch until your computer crashes haha. This section is sweet and I have already added it to my favorites list. – Hawke Trackler.

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Greg Preston: Cruisin 4A Bruisin Section (2014)

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

Greg Preston is 25 from Bowling Green Kentucky. He is a great guy, smart and also very dedicated to blading. He knows a lot about skating as whole but also is very good at skating himself.

Greg Preston: Cruisin 4A Bruisin Section (2014)

Living in a place where the scene isn’t thriving like in other places makes its a bit more difficult to get yourself to go out and skate but every time I talk to him he is always trying to go skate. Even after long days at work this guy puts in effort at the skatepark or where ever he is able too.

I always enjoy filming Greg and respect his dedication. He is “hoss the boss” and a good friend of mine. Check out Greggers do his thing in this Cruisin 4A Bruisin section we made.Hawke Trackler.

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Stefan Brandow: Cruisin 4A Bruisin Section (2014)

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Stefan Brandow laced some hammer clips for this one. Awhile I met Stefan at my first day of college orientation randomly and we became roommates a couple days later.

He is a great friend of mine and is very creative in skating and also graphic design. He always tries hard and pushes himself to achieve new things.

Stefan Brandow: Cruisin 4A Bruisin Section (2014)

I have filmed a ton of different edits, sections and clips of this guy and we always manage to have a good time when its all said and done.

I am happy to be making another section of this guy and am thankful to call him my homie. This is the kinda shit you put “dont try this at home” on some of these clips haha but he pulled off some crazy stuff for this video. so check it out and enjoy.Hawke Trackler.

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Cruisin 4A Bruisin: Matt Lyon Section (2014)

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Matt Lyon is 20 from Columbus Ohio. This young s.o.b used to skateboard around my neighborhood where I used to live and grew up and then one day he saw us skating the practice rail in the street and stopped by to check it out.

We asked him if he wanted to try to grind the rail and he said “yes” and then after a few attempts he ended up lacing the frontside haha. It was tight to see because he had never really rollerbladed before but you could tell he was instantly hooked (I believe he was like 14 years old at that time).

Cruisin 4A Bruisin: Matt Lyon (2014)

Since that day I have filmed matt lace some crazy clips, learn life lessons, be strange to people make us laugh, take bad falls, make alot friends, make a few mistakes in life but also have had ALOT of fun along the way haha.

Matt is hilarious, very friendly, street smart and is a great friend of mine, always has been…so now with that being said check out Mac Fryin gettin on da reg haha. – Hawke Trackler.

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Cruisin 4A Bruisin: Hawke Trackler Section (2014)

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

I figured age before beauty on this one guys haha so I am going to go first in the order of sections I will be releasing. I am Hawke Trackler, 27 years old from Columbus Ohio.

I have been filming and street skating for over a decade now. I have been fortune enough to be able to experience alot of great things from blading and its lead me to some really fun and interesting times with all sorts of different people.

Cruisin 4A Bruisin: Hawke Trackler Section (2014)

I always admired the crazier individuals that rollerbladed when growing up. Mostly because I have always liked a stunt or big trick to get done and as time went by I actually was able to meet most of these awesome people along the way who I once and still look up to at certain times.

I traveled the US as much as I was able too wether it be for road trips, tours, filming contests, or just trying to get out of the house to experience something new and over time have been able to become homies with some of the top ams & pros from around the world.

I have usually focused on the filming aspect of skating so I have personally never been too amazing but have always tried pushing myself to see what I can do. It’s actually a really fun sport even tho there are some gnarly consequences when you don’t land haha but overall has a pretty chill open minded community and always welcoming new bladers and even old bladers because its all about what makes ya happy.

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Cruisin 4A Bruisin by Hawke Trackler (2014): Intro

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Cruisin 4A Bruisin by Hawke Trackler: Intro

An Online Blade Vid by Hawke Trackler. Intro Features Stefan Brandow, Jimmy Spetz, Ben Poling, Grant Hazelton, Julian Mire, Cody Reffner, Ryan Parker, Brandon Ballog, Jeff Kolada, Theo Partin, Jesse Soda, Bradley Wilson, Matt Lyon and Kyle Wood.

Cruisin 4A Bruisin: Trailer | Teaser + Bonus.

Cruisin 4 A Bruisin by Hawke Trackler: Trailer

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Cruisin 4 A Bruisin by Hawke Trackler: Trailer

Cruisin 4 A Bruisin is a new online rollerblade video I have been filming for with the homies.Hawke Trackler.

Featuring Sections on Kyle Wood, Ben Poling, Stefan Brandow, Jimmy Spetz, Matt Lyon, Jesse Soda, Hawke Trackler, Greg Preston, Cody Reffner & Bradley Wilson.

Cruisin For A Bruisin: Teaser + Bonus

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Cruisin For A Bruisin is a Hawke Trackler Film coming soon.

Cruisin For A Bruisin

Bonus: Klondike Ball Toss (no blading)

Filmed & Produced by Hawke Trackler & Kyle Wood.

Klondike Ball Toss