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Create Originals: This update is devastating…

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Create Originals, CRS Frames

After going through all of the stainless steel spacer sliders and rigid spacers one by one for quality and removing the bad ones we thought we were all set.

However, Hakeem then found a catastrophic error. Almost all of the axles are slightly too thick and although they will fit through the spacers they will not fit through the bearings. This could be from either the electroplating being too thick or a problem with the steel axle itself.

Either way, it is a huge set-back that stops us from delivering the frames at this time. We are extremely upset about it.

I can’t express in words to you how devastated we are by this. We have obviously contacted the manufacturer and this is the returned message:


Create Originals: CRS Frames Update

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Create Originals, CRS Frames

Wow. I have wanted to write this message for a VERY long time. The CRS frames are at Boston Logan Airport.

We have now received word that they have cleared customs and are awaiting pick up. What happens now… We are going to need to get a truck and then head down to a warehouse near the airport (door to door shipping would have been an extra $700). Then we will have to settle up with all of the customs fees and what ever other bullshit fees they throw at us. Then load them all up.


Sean Kelso: Originals – Section (2011)

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

Sean Kelso, Create Originals Pro Rider. Filmed primarily in Boston, Philadelphia and Kansas City Missouri. Nov 2011 Repost.

sean kelso

Music: Unkle – Natural Selection (featuring The Black Angels).

Create Originals: November 2014 Update

Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

Create Originals: November 2014 Update

Thread on Facebook.

Create Originals: Soon

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Create Originals: Soon

Confirmed by Billy O’neill. Larger picture. Photo: Hedonskate.

Create Originals, CRS Frames: Project Update

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Create Originals, CRS Frames

First off we’d like to apologize for the lateness of this new update. We have been diligently coordinating with our factory to get the last few details of the latest parts we received worked out. […]

As you can see we have received the latest samples for the CRS frame chassis, urethane spacers, stainless steel spacer sliders, rigid spacers, and axles (photos). These new parts have taken longer than we had hoped to arrive so unfortunately there has been additional time added to our completion estimation. […]

One of the new delay factors is that we will have to wait until the Chinese New Years vacation is over to proceed, as our factory and all its workers will be on break for the next 3 weeks. This is the only time off they get during the entire year so we are waiting patiently till they get back to continue with the process of getting our project under wraps. We expect the factory workers to be back by the middle of February so we expect production to begin by the end of that month. This will push the completion and ship date of the frames till late Spring. […] – The CRS Development Team.

Read the full update on

Originals, Part V: Montre Livingston

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Originals, Part V: Montre Livingston

Create Originals presents an online team video series, Originals. The fifth edition in the series showcases Create pro team rider Montre Livingston, who is from the city of Charlotte North Carolina. Filmed during the Fall of 2013 in Boston MA & Charlotte NC.

Part IV: Alex Broskow, Part III: Austin Paz, Part II: John Bolino, Part I: Sean Kelso | Visit

Create Originals, CRS Frames: Project Update

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

New CRS Spacer Samples & Updated Delivery Date.

Create Originals, CRS Frames

Hello all our loyal backers and friends alike. We have just received the latest versions of the metal and urethane spacers. These are upgraded as the metal spacer is stronger and the urethane is a more durable formula.

We’ll be testing them out with the final frames samples, we received previously, to assure they are good to go. We have noticed some QC (quality control) issues that we have to address with these latest samples.

That being the finish of the metal spacers not being as smooth as we’d like. This may or may not effect the long term wear of the metal spacers and corresponding frame spacer slot.

Create Originals, CRS Frames

As you can see in these new images the metal spacers and urethane spacers are now separate from each other. The main reason for this change is that it dramatically decreases the replacement costs for the user when deciding to upgrade their spacers. Which, as all parts we use when blading, will need to be replaced from time to time.

Most importantly the user wont have to pay for additional metal when they simply want to try a different hardness urethane. It facilitates the ability to try out different CRS setups and allows us to economically produce more options that much more readily. This cost savings is applied to the metal spacer parts also, as we plan to introduce color plated versions in the future.

We are finalizing the attachment methods for the urethane to the metal spacer so that the replacement/ upgrading process is as simple as possible. We are unfortunately still waiting for the final axle samples to arrive.

This setback along with the metal spacer QC issue will now postpone our new approximate delivery date of the end of this year. It is not what we were hoping for and we understand that it is disappointing. Our new estimation will be for February 2014. This will be just under 1 year since our project started.

We sincerely apologize for not meeting our time frame, we expected these samples to be the last before production. We are undoubtably thankful and lucky that our backers truly want this project to succeed. We plan on adding some extra goodies in the packages to make sure those who pledged will have something for their wait.

Once we get what should be the final sample round of metal parts we’ll be able to push the button and get your frames produced. That process will take 30 days. We will then expedite the shipping to us so we can get them to you as soon as possible.

Those who selected clothing rewards will still receive them before the Holidays. Anyone who has not submitted their backer surveys, please do so. If you have changed your address or the reward options you’d like please email us the info so we can update our files.

Thank you for your support. – The Create Development Team.

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