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Rollernews Picture & Clip of the Week (2006-10-01)

Sunday, October 1st, 2006

rollernews picture of the week

Picture of the week & Best Style, Results :

1. pHo3 (photo above)
2. Extrem2007
3. Perris

Check the photos here

Clip of the week, Results :

1. Ohh snap (clip above)
2. Azrider-with 11 votes
3. Rollertoad

Watch the clips here

Thanks to Azrider & Urban_assualt.

Rollernews COW & POW (2006-09-19)

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006


The Rollernews Clip of the Week & Pic of the Week restarted recently, thanks to Azrider & Urban_assualt !


Congratulations to Tomm for winning the POW, Week 2 (photo above). You can check the top 4 here. The POW Week 3 just started, feel free to post your entries here.


Congratulations to Gadei Aron ! Rollertoad takes the second place and Cool_Guy_Mcgee is 3rd (check their clips here). You can watch all the entries in this topic.

Watch the COW top 3 online :

Rollernews COW : Week 5, Results

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

Rollernews Clip of the Week

Here are the results for the Week 5 of the RN Clip of the Week :
Click on the names to watch the clips !

1. Tomez
2. Juju power
3. Azrider

Discuss about it in the forums
. The Week 6 has started, you can post your entries in this topic ! (Thanks Azrider for the help !)