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Arlo Eisenberg’s Rant (2005) Black Market Dvd

Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

Mushroom blading uploaded the interview on their Youtube channel.

Arlo Eisenberg's Rant (2005) Black Market Dvd

Arlo Eisenberg: The greatest rollerblading rant of all time? From the Black Market Dvd from 2005.

Brian Aragon: Black Market + Winterclash 2012 Slam

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Brian Aragon: Black Market Profile

Brian Aragon: Black Market Profile

Produced by the Up Think Lab, shared by Freestyle Culture.

Brian Aragon, Fall at the Winterclash 2012

brian aragon fall at the winterclash 2012

Brian Aragon seems to be ok after his fall at the Winterclash 2012. (Pictures: Instagram).

Some skaters commentated about the fact that Brian Aragon wasn’t wearing a helmet. A helmet might have protected Brian, we can’t really be sure about this but note that a lot of kids are influenced by their favourite pros.

brian aragon fall at the winterclash 2012

Montre Livingston: Black Market Profile

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Montre Livingston: Black Market Profile

Visit Photo.

Black Market (ATL Water Park Tour) Video featured on College Humor

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

The Black Market ATL Waterpark Tour Video was featured on College Humor. The video seems to be pretty popular, it was previously posted two times on Yahoo Tv in 2006. Time for a repost.

black market

Best Use of a Waterpark : Rolling on Yahoo Tv (the 9)

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

yahoo tv the 9

Black Market was featured again on the 9, a yahoo video broadcast (last time was in July, 2006).

Vote 4 for Doug Urquhart, the ATL WaterPark Tour 2 (from Black Market) is ranked 2nd with 17% at the moment.

ATL WaterPark Tour 2 (Black Market)

Black Market featured on the 9 (yahoo broadcast)

Monday, December 4th, 2006

the 9

On the 20th of July 2006, Black Market was featured on The 9, an online broadcast by Yahoo (as the entry 8 : Sink or Skate).

The Atl Waterpark section was linked and got about 10% of the votes (you can still vote for it by the way). The youtube video got more than 230.000 view, check it below. Thanks Matt.

atl waterpark black market

source : RR

Black Market II : Barely Dead, HD Photos

Thursday, April 20th, 2006

Chris Haffey

quoting Doug Urquhart :

I have been shooting for Black Market II : Barely Dead for a little over a month so far. This new flick is a documentary about the history of skating. Featuring interviews with Arlo, Mike Opalek, Jess Dyrenforth, Jon Elliot, Brian Shima, Chris Haffey, Shane Coburn, + more!

All the skating content is shot on super16mm motion picture film. Below are a few still frames from my recent California trip. These are freeze frames from the film transfer to HDCAM 1920×1080 10-bit uncompressed files… I have cut the file size to 50% of those dimensions so that they will be visable on your monitors.

Just remember… still frames don’t do much justice for how smooth & organic the film looks in motion! Also, all these shots were filmed at 48fps… so they are all true slow-motion…

Get ready for a full-blown trailer being released during Super Hick 2006 (first weekend of May)

Brian Shima

Chris Haffey

Chris Haffey

Michael Braud

Black Market DVD Review

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

Black Market did a Review of Blck Mrkt

‘When people say it’s cool to be underground…I say fuck that!’ – Arlo Eisenberg

The first thing that struck me when I saw Black Market for the very first time was that Doud Urquhart (Masters of Delusion, Hashassins etc) had put a lot of effort into this film. All tricks and scenery are shoot with real professionalism. The editing, and the skaters of course, is what makes this film so damn good. Doug used HDTV-camera technology when he shot Black M and this is why the quality is so nice and smooth. He also used a lot of different music for all of the sections to really tie the knot.

Read the Full Black Market DVD Review

Black Market Story: Roll 2 Soul Article

Saturday, February 25th, 2006

black market

Misled Medias Doug Urquhart

Black Market was one of the few video released in the past year that gained a lot of attention in the rollerblading scene and beyond.

We want to let Doug Urquhart give you a little insight of his work on Black Market and his upcoming releases

Read the full Story
| german version


Monday, January 23rd, 2006

black market


With the current dominance of the larger Freesports like Skateboarding, Mountain Biking and Snowboarding, it may come as a surprise to learn that having watched over 30 films across 15 different Freesports the judges have decided to present the Bluebird for Best Freesports Film 2004-5 to an Inline Skating film.

Inline Skating is not as popular as it was but often when things go underground some of the most creative work gets done. So it is with Black Market, Misled Media film with an international perspective, showing rollerblading around the world.

Doug Urquart traveled for 4 months across 8 European countries as well as coast to coast in the USA to give Black Market variety with profiles on Pro rollerbladers Brian Aragon, Julian Bah and Will Gordon; mini views of rollerbladers like Brent Hicks and Montre Livingston; and interviews with rollerblading pioneers like Arlo, TJ Webber, Chris Edwards, B-Love.

Not only is this the first High Definition rollerblading film ever made, it comes with a second DVD with the best profiles and footage from Masters of Delusions, Hashassins as well as AVM, a new Puerto Rico spot check and plenty of Bonus footage. The twin pack offers approximately 4 hours of footage in all.

But what really appealed to the judges about this film and helped it stand out from the many other Freesports films being considered was the way that an interview with Photographer Jeremy Stephenson was used to give structure and form to the film.

Read the full article | Thanks Starscream !

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