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Bitter Cold Showdown 2008 DVD: Online!

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Bitter Cold Showdown 2008 DVD

The 8th annual Bitter Cold Showdown was undoubtedly the best year in the events history.

Franky Morales, Brian Shima, Chris Haffey, Jeff Stockwell and Alex Broskow battled to the very end for the title of Bitter Cold Showdown champion.

The 2008 DVD features every exciting trick from the contest along with commentary from some of the best rollerblader’s in the world.

In addition to the contest, Kevin Dowling takes you through the Official Industry Tradeshow to give you an inside look at what’s going on with some of your favorite rollerblading brands.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience the Bitter Cold Showdown first hand or are one of the hundreds of attendees eager to see everything you missed, pick up the Bitter Cold Showdown 2008 DVD and enjoy every moment of one of the world’s biggest rollerblading events.

Part 2 & 3:

Bittercold Showdown 2008: Life+ Edit

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

life plus

No, you’re not dreaming, Life+ edit!

You have already seen all the big tricks elsewhere, but where are you gonna see exclusive JPetty and BCam footy? Right here duh!

This is a quick edit of the mayhem that is the BCSD 2008.

Bittercold Showdown 2008: Edits

Friday, March 7th, 2008

inline warehouse

Inline Warehouse BCSD 2008 Edits:
Check the Part1 / Part2 online.

Revolution BCSD 2008

Revolution BCSD 2008 Edit
Shot & edited by Jon Jenkins


Bittercold Showdown 2008

BCSD 2008 – Brotherly Love Edit:

Bitter Cold was so fun this year. Everyone got so loose and thanks to all who showed up..

Most of the footy in this edit is the stuff that you didn’t get to see, leave it to us to capture that Smile Thanks to PZA for the titles, all of the sponsors who support, and Daniel Kinney. Enjoy. See you next year.

Streaming video + Download:

BCSD 08: R. Warehouse vids & Iowa Connection Report

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

bittercold showdown 2008
Photo: Iowa Connection – B.J. Bales

Check a Bittercold Showdown 2008 Report + Photos on Iowa Connection. Link

Rollerwarehouse BCSD 2008 – pt.1:

Rollerwarehouse BCSD 2008 – pt.2:

One: Bittercold Showdown 2008 Photos

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

bittercold showdown 2008

One: Bittercold Showdown 2008 Photos. Link

bittercold showdown 2008

Bittercold Showdown 2008 by Ivan Narez

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Bittercold Showdown 2008

Ivan Narez edit for the Bittercold Showdown 2008 rollerblading contest. Via.

Download: / Mirror.

Bittercold Showdown 2008

BCSD08: Rollerblade Team Edit by Richard Williams

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

bcsd - rollerblade team

The Rollerblade Team 2008 at Bittercold Showdown. Skating from Rob G, Richie Velasquez and David Sizemore.

Edit by Richard Williams.

BCSD 2008: Razors edit by Hawke Trackler & Heat Pics

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

bittercold shodown
up: A few of the boys, and a sneaky Cameron Card. Photo: Heat

Experience the BCSD 2008 through Hawke Trackler‘s eyes.
Via Knowrollerblading.

Check some BCSD 2008 photos by Heat + a clip of Alex Broskow Huge 540. Link

bittercold shodown
up: Alex Broskow / Food at the Waffle House. God Bless it! Photo: Heat

bittercold shodown
up: Airport Perverts. Brandon Campbell, and Josh Petty. Photo: Heat

BCSD 2008 by Nate Wiese (video) & Mardynn (Photos)

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

bittercold shodown 2008
Photos: Mardynn.

Check more photos of the BCSD 2008 here.

up: BCSD 2008 by Nate Wiese.

bittercold shodown 2008

bittercold shodown 2008
Photos: Mardynn.

BCSD 08. Chris Haffey, Alex Broskow: sequences

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

alex broskow
up: Alex Broskow.

Inlines247 posted some photos, sequences of the Bittercold Showdown 2008, featuring Chris Haffey, Alex Broskow & more! Link

Photography by Andrew Nemiroski aka NEMI.

alex broskow
up: Chris Haffey.

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