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Bagliq Clique: Paid in Full (2015-2016) by Zach Pavel

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

Bagliq‘s first full length film. All spots on location in Denver, CO.

We shot this video off and on from somewhere around June of 2015 to Oct 2016. Initially it wasn’t supposed to be a video but as the footage kept stacking we decided to make Paid In Full.

Bagliq Clique: Paid in Full (2015-2016) by Zach Pavel

As the deadline was set for Halloween we suddenly became rushed on time that the video wasn’t finished. We ran into many complications and troublesome video making things.

Anyways the video wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a solid crew and the Denver blade scene. Jimmy Kobryn for skating hard as fuck, backing up the entire project, ramping clips, capturing clips, filming a shit load of clips and everything else in between.

Geoff Phillip for capturing and filming clips, having a helping hand, technical computer bs, inspiration, and monitoring the project. Luke Bender for making the premiere legit!

The BLC boys for believing and stunting for a project that seemed as just a highly unorganized arrangement of clips, redoing tricks, and being the homies!! This is a project we came together to make and we had a hell of a time doing it.

@0:00 Intro – @0:52 Jarrod Banning – @2:44 Isaac Parks – @5:08 Montage – @6:05 Jimmy Kobryn Leftover – @8:37 Denver Montage – @12:15 Geoff Phillip – @14:44 Clique Broll – @17:41 Hunter Grimm – @20:52 BLC Montage – @ 27:13 Jimmy Kobryn’s Midnight Special – @30:19 Outro. Donations accepted via PayPal at

Bagliq Clique @ Fise Denver (2016) by Hunter Grimm

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

Bagliq Clique: BLC @ Fise 2016

The Crew shredding the FISE park in Denver. Featuring Isaac Parks, Josh Hayes, Zach Pavel, Jarrod Banning, and James Kobryn. Big thanks and shout out to Coco Sanchez for making it all happen!

Hunter Grimm: Bagliq Clique | BLC Edit (2016)

Friday, September 16th, 2016

Hunter Grimm:  Bagliq Clique | BLC Edit (2016)

Today our boy Hunter Grimm underwent surgery on his knee, in honor of him we present to you what he was working on before he went under the knife.

We hope you enjoy this short but sweet piece we have created. Hunter is doing everything in his power to make this a strong, healthy recovery to bring you more content on the blades. In the meantime enjoy this! – Sincerely, The BAGLIQ Family.

Zach Pavel: Blasted (2016) Bagliq Clique Edit

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

Zach Pavel: Bagliq Clique (2016)

Zach Pavel skates the training facility for the solo Blasted. One session, one homie. Stay tuned for more!

James Kobryn: Bagliq Clique | BLC (2016)

Sunday, August 28th, 2016

James Kobryn:  Bagliq Clique | BLC (2016)

James Kobryn’s leftover clips from this past year’s adventures put together to Cents by Ty Segall. More fire BLC content coming to you soon!

Mile High Battle 2015: Bagliq Clique Edit

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

Mile High Battle 2015 (Denver, Colorado) – September 26.

Mile High Battle 2015

Jimmy and Zach got drunk and filmed the Mile High Battle 2015, good times were had. Visit

Winner: Nolan Wojciechowski. Best Trick: Jarrod Banning (full results).
Mile High Battle 2015: After Party Photo Booth on Facebook.